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Holistic Medicine for your Furry Loved Ones
Beware Holiday Decor Pet Poisons
Your Pet Stories Benefit Four Paws Lifeline
Phi’s 2nd Angelversary
For the Love of…The Little Black Ball
Opie’s Story
Happiness is a Roll of Paper Toweling – Starring Adorapurr
The Revenge of Bode

Holistic Medicine for your Furry Loved Ones

Four Paws LifelineHave you ever considered using holistic medicine for your furry loved ones? Specifically gemstones.

Now I know that most people have some skepticism about this, but science has shown that some gemstones have piezoelectric charges and vibrate at certain frequencies. Also, studies show that the electromagnetic fields are living things. In holistic medicine we call that Auras.

People that study and become Reiki masters learn to manipulate this field and re-adjust the chakra points. And YES animals have chakra points, too. These chakra points can be used to stimulate the body’s energy into healing or help ailments in our pets. I could go into great detail and elaborate on each of the 8 points, but anyone can Google them and get a detailed description. The point I want to discuss is the use of gemstones to stimulate these 8 chakra points in our furry children.

Many gemstones have the ability to activate the healing potential in the chakra points. Some of the most commonly used ones are:

  • Amethyst for digestive, heart and teeth issues.
  • Carnelian for a vast number of symptoms from degenerative body issues to abuse.
  • Lapis helps cancer pain.
  • Labradorite for stress and anxiety.
  • Red Jasper has numerous healing abilities.
  • Smoky Quartz for nervous system, muscle pain and heart.

2ef76c07-4dc7-4158-b561-4c4a9555ee91These are just a few available out there. With some practice you could use them on your companion. Or just go to Four Paws Lifeline’s website ( and click on the store tab. There you will find numerous collar charms for all ailments and custom ones can be made specifically for your companion’s issues. Be sure to include a note explaining the problem and for a small mark up on the regular price – one will be made specifically for your furry buddy’s problems.

Below Herman shows off his custom-made charms designed to address his problems with high blood pressure, heart and fire pee (his term for chronic urinary tract infections.)

My collar charms were made by Four Paws Lifeline.

My collar charms were made by Four Paws Lifeline to address my heart, blood pressure and fire pee.

Beware Holiday Decor Pet Poisons

Four Paws LifelineOnce more we move into the depths of the holiday frenzy. With all the relatives, cooking, baking, decorating etc., we sometimes forget about our 4 legged children.

Now most of you know that poinsettia is poison to cats and dogs, but do you realize there are 19 other plants commonly used in holiday decoration/arrangements that are also poisononous?0db68f8a-424f-41dc-83c0-e8de93d3eb00

The most common are as follows:

  • Baby’s breath: vomiting and diarrhea.
  • Carnations: intestinal and digestive problems.
  • Chrysanthemum: vomiting, diarrhea and hyper-salivation.
  • Daffodils: vomiting, convulsions and cardiac arrhythmias.
  • Ivy: vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea.
  • Lilies: kidney failure in cats.
  • Other plants are apple seeds, Bird-of-Paradise, Christmas rose, Holly, Mistletoe and Amaryllis.

Please be aware of what you use this holiday season. Use artificial Holly and Ivy in wreaths. Ask your florist about what plants are toxic to pets and be sure to throw away all seed & pits so dogs and cats can’t find them.

A few precautions can make all the difference in whether you spend your holidays with family or with the emergency vet. But if you do end up at the emergency vet and are short funds, Four Paws Lifeline ( may be able to help with paying the bill.

Your Pet Stories Benefit Four Paws Lifeline

My collar charms were made by Four Paws Lifeline.

Hi, this is Herman!!! You may know me as TattleCat on Twitter. I’m the star of the children’s book, Finding Mya. I’m also known for traveling with my parents in both cars and planes, and having a tricked out Ride that I roll around in at Blogpaws conferences.

What you might not know about me is, before I found my Forever Home, I was a rambunctious kit who didn’t know any better and ran away from my first home. There are theories on how I became lost during my first year, but the gist is I spent a long time wandering Kentucky woodlands along I-75 before I was rescued during a blizzard. I was a mess. My fur had hardened like a turtle’s shell around my body, and I had to be shaved nekked. So embarrassing!

Anyway, that was many many years ago and I’ve enjoyed a long happy life. But my first year could have been my last year if it wasn’t for my family finding me in those woods and taking me home. They made sure my story had a Happily Ever After.

Do you have a special story about your pet that you’d like to share? A funny story? An adventure story? A rescue story with a Happily Ever After ending? If so, I am accepting submissions for a collection of pet-themed stories to be compiled into a book. One hundred percent (100%) of the profits will benefit Four Paws Lifeline, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization whose goal is to provide financial assistance to those pet owners who are not able to afford critical care or emergency veterinary care for their furry loved ones.

Four Paws Lifeline

Click photo to visit Four Paws Lifeline

In case you aren’t aware, the parents of my wife Belle ~ @Frankencat1  on Twitter ~ started Four Paws Lifeline when Belle’s sister Dora had to have emergency surgery. You can read Dora’s story here. I want to support their much-needed organization and thought collecting stories might be one way to help raise money.

Story submission requirements are as follows:

  1. Told either from your human viewpoint or from the viewpoint of your non-human kid, i.e. cats, dogs, bunnies, birds, ferrets, hamsters, mouses, turtles…etc.
  2. True! No made up stuff.
  3. Written in plain English. No LOL or Anipal-speak please.
  4. Stories must be Uplifting. Inspiring! No sad stories. No stories of abuse.
  5. 1000 words max.
  6. Spell check and spiff up your grammar. No pressure to be perfect, but show you care by writing a clean copy.
  7. Submit up to four photos for consideration to be included with your story.
  8. State in your submission: “I understand I will not receive monetary compensation for this story. I am donating my story to benefit Four Paws Lifeline.”

If your story is selected, you will receive one free copy of this book.

Submission Deadline is February 1, 2016.

Please submit your story to me, Herman the Edipurr at wonderpurr (dot) life (at)

Put FOUR PAWS LIFELINE SUBMISSION in subject line, and follow my eight submission requirements. My team of judges will notify you if your story has been selected by March 1, 2016.

I appreciate everyone wanting to help raise money to support Four Paws Lifeline. If you haven’t visited their website, please do. It’s a very worthy cause.

My collar charms were made by Four Paws Lifeline.

My collar charms were made by Four Paws Lifeline. The stones benefit my heart, my blood pressure & chronic fire pee. Want one made for you or for your pet? Click my photo.


Phi’s 2nd Angelversary

Phi ~ @#phibotticelli ~ became an angel two years ago today. It seems like yesterday when she decided to chase that ball over the Rainbow Bridge, and kept going because it was so beautiful over there, she didn’t want to come back.  Just wanted to take a moment to reflect on our friendship, and remember her gorgeous face with smiles instead of tears.



If you would like to share a special memory of Phi, please leave a comment.



For the Love of…The Little Black Ball



On November 15th, an all black cat in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, celebrated her birthday. Her 22nd birthday!

Yes, reaching a ripe old 22 is amazing, but for this particular senior, it’s more than amazing. It’s miraculous!

I became friends with Little Black Ball — yes, that’s her name — earlier this year when I saw her tweet about turning 22 in November. The number 22 caught my attention as my older brofur Buddy lived to see 22 years, despite being diabetic for ten years. Anyway, I couldn’t let Little Black Ball’s birthday pass without a little celebrating.

This is her story:


“I used to live with another family. I was bought as a present for their child’s birthday.

I loved that little girl. I was pushed around in her doll’s pram. I slept on her bed at night. I sat in the sink when she had a bath.

But then the little girl grew up and moved away.

Nobody loved me any more.

CQc_pIAWUAAIqUiMy humans put me outside after my little girl moved away, and they left me there even in the wintertime. I was so cold and getting skinnier by the day.  I would walk to the next house to warm myself on their porch, but the man who would one day become my new daddy wasn’t really that keen on me. But then!

CT7e8NZWEAATrx5Then the lady who would become my new mummy appeared. She loved me from the first moment she saw me. I know this because she’s told me this over and over.

At first I was timid with her. After all, I had loved another human but she abandoned me. How could I ever trust another?

Yet, she persisted. She would put a box with warm blankets on the porch for me, and she would tempt me inside with bits of fish.CTwpqfeWEAA1OmE


When my old humans saw her doing this for me, they said she was mad/crazy. After all, I was nothing but a cat. But my new mummy didn’t care. It took six months before I agreed to stay inside my new mummy and daddy’s house all night. But I’m so glad I did. I felt loved again. This time, I felt real love.

And I never went back to my old home again.


My new daddy told me he didn’t realize how skinny or unloved I was until he stroked my skinny back. He promised to take care of me and love me forever. And to prove it, he now gets up with me every night when I wake him to go outside to wee. I do have a litter tray inside my Forever Home, but after being left outside for so many years, I feel more comfortable weeing in the garden.


In my sun puddle. Walk in front of it at your peril!


Never too old to learn a new hobby. Look! I’m an artist!COK7k4uWsAAQd1H

A few months ago I brought daddy a mouse. It was dead and I was proud.

He freaked and flushed it.

I look for that mouse every day.

(Gotta come up for air sometime!)


My favorite pasttime is watching the telly with my daddy, holding paws. I feel special. I feel loved.


So that’s my story. Today I have everything I need: shelter, food, brushing, medicine. And everything I’ve ever wanted: a Forever Home with a Forever Family. And Love.

Most of all, Love!

The Little Black Ball

Hi, this is Herman!!! I hope you enjoyed reading about Little Black Ball. Do you have a special story you’d like to share? If so, I am accepting submissions for a collection of pet-themed stories to be compiled into a book. One hundred percent of the book’s profits will benefit Four Paws Lifeline, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization whose goal is to provide financial assistance to those pet owners who are not able to afford critical care or emergency veterinary care for their furry loved ones. For more information, click here.

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