July 1, 2016

Sherlock Herms in Mrs. Shallowford’s Ghost – Part 2

Sherlock Herms in Mrs. Shallowford’s Ghost – Part 2

Previously on Sherlock Herms – The Case of Mrs. Shallowford’s Ghost Mrs Shallowford's Ghost

When Herman’s 1940s black Bakelite phone summons him to his second case, he again climbs inside his Ride – a tricked out Gen7Pets Regal stroller – and is sucked into the kitty play tunnel-slash-trans-portal energy gate to travel back to the 1940s.

Herman expects to arrive at a strange house like he did on his first case, The Case of the Dancing Ghosts. And he does! Except the strange house is his own home, seventy years in the past. It looks nothing like the house he lives in with his mom, dad and eleventy-billion fursibs.

He’s freaked about the changes, but his detective assistant-slash-sisfur, Dori, isn’t. She isn’t even surprised when a loud screechy lady with painted eye brows answers the door and tells them they can find her missing jewelry, but she won’t pay them to find it. Dori is okay with that. She tells Herman it wasn’t Painted Eye Brow Lady who hired them. It was Charley.

Who Charley is Herman has no idea. He also has no idea what’s going on with his sweet little sisfur who is acting like she’s the hardboiled detective with grit in her blood, and he’s her meek little detective assistant.

And now…Part 2.


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