July 12, 2017

Carnival Fun at Wonderpurr.com

Carnival Fun at Wonderpurr.com

Hi Pals! It’s me, Dori *wavy paws* welcoming yoo to another beautiful day at our Wonderpurr Carnival. Can you smell the popcorn, corn dogs and fwied mouse noms dipped in cream (a request from Pwincess Erin.)

What do yoo love about Carnivals? I love the noms, of course, but I also love hanging out with my pals and having a wonderpurr time.

So who’s here for today’s Carnival?


@Frankencat1 – Belle & her fursibs Elle, Dora, Neil and Slash

@ChazzTheDog1 and his roomie Viggo


@OneInThere – Barley

@NoCryBabyDogs Daffy and her little sisfur Mitzi

@ThatStripeyCat’s sisfur Leia

@HRMeownessWills and his little sisfur Katie



@3Phibotticelli Sadie and Angel Phi

@MHMelbourne Greyson and Penny Lane

And the Wonderpurr Gang Herman @TattleCat, me @Adorapurr and Peaches, Opie and Candy.

Let the Fun Begin!

Bionic Basil, Princess Erin, Greyson and Penny Lane line up to get tickets. Uh oh…looks like HRMeownessWills is missing his little sisfur Katie who is napping inside the ticket booth.


Penny Lane and Greyson enjoy the Critter Go Round. Looks like Penny’s snail is faster than Greyson’s frog.

Everyone loves the Big Slide. Here’s Leia, Daffy, Basil and Erin. Uh oh, look out Basil. Daffy is coming down fast!

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