September 6, 2017

Early Christmas Gift to my Readers
Happy Read A Book Day

Early Christmas Gift to my Readers

With Christmas only sixteen weeks away, as of this date, I anticipate that most of you will soon feel as though you are trapped inside a giant snow globe being shook by a sugared-up six-year-old while trying to get the wrappings and trappings of this celebrated holiday put together for your family.

I know from experience that once the Thanksgiving turkey has been eaten, we then naturally throw ourselves into the Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Christmas Rush, and we don’t allow our heartbeats to settle back to normal until well after the New Year’s baby has pooped his first diaper.

With that lovely image now planted in your heads, I thought this year I would give my readers an early gift. Let’s face it, the Hallmark channel churns out some pretty sweet Christmas movies, but we are all too busy writing lists, signing Christmas cards, and running around like crazy people to watch them, much less read a holiday book. I’m right in there with you.

So! I thought why not ease you all into Christmas with ten chapters from my novel, KRINGLE? Yes! Ten free chapters for you to enjoy starting Monday, September 11th, and running daily Monday through Thursday, up to Thursday, November 16th. Read More

Happy Read A Book Day

Hi pals! It’s me, Dori. *wavy paws* Today we celebrate Weed a Book Day.

Herman: *ahem* It’s… Read a Book Day.

Dori: That’s what I said. Weed a Book Day. *rolls eyes* Pals, I’m hoping to inspire yoo to put down yoor phones and teevee remotes, and instead pick up a book. Papurr-back, hawd cover…even an e-book. It’s not mandatory for yoo to weed the whole fweakin story…just a chapter or two. Stimulating yoor bwain can go a long way toward making yoo smart. Inpurresting! And not a dwag on society cuz yoo only know stuff about them Kawdashy-ann bwroads wif da big booties.

Herman: Dori! That’s rude!

Dori: I’m not rood. I’m being troof-ful. They have big butts…and I cannot lie!

Herman: *paws over eyes* What is seen cannot be unseen.

Dori: I’m thinking our sisfur Candy is a Kawdashy-ann. She has a big bootie.

Herman:  Big booties have nothing to do with Read A Book Day. Can we get back on topic?

Dori: Ohhh-kay. *blink blink* I got nuffin. What do you want me to say? Read More

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