October 3, 2017

Review – Arm & Hammer SLIDE Cat Litter
Kringle Chapter 4 Part 2

Review – Arm & Hammer SLIDE Cat Litter

I mentioned on Twitter that I was tired of chiseling Herman’s cement-like pee from his litter box and was looking for something that wouldn’t stick to the bottom. I’ve been using Tidy Cat clumping litter because it’s 99.9% dust free. Plus the Glade scent isn’t obnoxious.

Anyway, I purchased Arm & Hammer SLIDE cat litter. It was on sale! Now I know why. This stuff is dangerous. My first impression was that it looked like it would damage Herman’s sight if he got it in his eyes. It’s a gray, baby-fine powder comparable to silt. I used it sparingly in his box and yes, it slid right out. However I saw Dori using the box and she came out coughing violently. She must have coughed for five minutes straight. Clearly she’d inhaled it.

So this morning the Arm & Hammer SLIDE slid into the trash, and I bought Arm & Hammer Naturals on the recommendation of a guy in the cat food asile at Target. He was buying two bags. Said it didn’t stick to the bottom of the litter boxes. But … gads! It’s got a powerful scent.

Here’s a tip, Arm & Hammer. Go easy on the purrrr-fume. If I’m gagging on the scent, my cats will likely pass out.


Kringle Chapter 4 Part 2

With Christmas fast approaching, I thought why not ease you all into the spirit of the holiday with ten chapters from my novel, KRINGLE. Yes! Ten free chapters for you to enjoy running Monday through Thursday until November 16th. Hope you enjoy!

To catch up on the story I’ve added the Links to the end of this post.


Scotchie slid into him. “Where’s your missus, Cap’n? I ken what made the reindeer all peelie-wallie, but that åsna torka threw me out o’ the Complex.”

Wilde bristled. “Don’t you call Doctor Thorne names, you old man.”

“Weal, if it’s no’ the son of the ass wipe.”

Cookie stepped between them. “You’re being rude, Scotchie.”

Kris added, “If you act like a pest, you’ll delay the cure.”

Scotchie wrapped his cane around his boss’s neck and pulled him down to his level. “I’m not being a pest, you sugar-brained divit. Thorne is daft. He’ll destroy the reindeer as sure as a lady lifts her petticoat ta piss.”

Cookie frowned. “Nice language.”

“Your war with Thorne has to stop,” Kris scolded. “You’re retiring. It’s time you think about life after Polartown.”

Scotchie shoved his boss back a step. “Where’s your maw?” he asked Cookie. When she pointed across the Square, he waved a rude finger at Wilde then hobbled toward Holly, his shrunken leg surprisingly agile.

Kris watched as Scotchie ranted with wild gestures to Holly. From her concerned expression one would think it was the first time she had heard his theory on why Thorne should be fired.

“I’m sorry,” Cookie told Wilde. “He’s jealous of your dad.”

“Scotchie needs to leave Doctor Thorne alone. It makes him mad. He smacks me around when he’s mad.”

“Oh, Wilde.” Cookie touched his sleeve. “Dad. Talk to Dr. Thorne.”

Wilde’s face contorted. “No! Don’t. If Doctor Thorne knew I talked about our private life, he’d destroy my drums—then me.” He watched Candy posing for photographers. “She still likes pink roses, eh?”

Cookie scowled. “She’s engaged, you know.” As Wilde returned to work, she said to her father, “He needs to get over her. He needs someone who appreciates him. I had no idea he has such a horrid relationship with his father.”

Neither did Kris, but he wasn’t surprised. Thorne’s status as physician to the Famous Eight underscored his mordant insensitivity. He humiliated others to showcase his own greatness, and lacked tolerance for those he considered beneath him. Would his home life be any different? Read More

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