October 10, 2017

Happy Birthday Dori!
Kringle Chapter 5 Part 2

Kringle Chapter 5 Part 2

With Christmas fast approaching, I thought why not ease you all into the spirit of the holiday with ten chapters from my novel, KRINGLE. Yes! Ten free chapters for you to enjoy running Monday through Thursday until November 16th. Hope you enjoy!

To catch up on the story I’ve added the Links to the end of this post.


He watched her slide out of her jeans. “Rumor has it you now test puddings with your bottom instead of your taste buds.”

She grinned. “You know me. I’m all about The Job.” She finished his schnapps. “We need to talk. But first, let’s make love.”

He hadn’t expected this. For years they’d kept the honeymoon fires simmering, mainly because Holly could go toe-to-toe with him and he found that sexy. He also never knew what she was thinking, and that made her mysterious as well as gorgeous. Then, a couple months ago, instead of affection and snappy banter, they ended their days irritated and not speaking.

Holly used Nature magick to ignite the hearth. “If you want to, that is.”

The uncertainty in her voice buckled his knees. Whatever they had to talk about had to be serious for her to disarm him with sex. Since he couldn’t remember the last time they’d had sex, he decided to sacrifice himself as a pawn for her feminine subterfuge.

Clad in shimmery-pink lingerie, his wife, whom he thought had become exceptionally beautiful over the last twenty years, reached behind her back to unclasp her bra. Read More

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