October 24, 2017

Ain’t We A-Doll-able?
Kringle Chapter 7 Part 2

Ain’t We A-Doll-able?

There I was…nomming my lunch…when suddenly I realized I wasn’t alone.

What the Friskies!!! Was I dreaming?

“Excuse me,” I sez to the dood. “Do I know you?” He looked kinda familar.

But he didn’t smell familiar.

Still he was kinda handsome…in that strong silent kind of way.

Dori: Hwermie! Yoo got cloned!

Herman: Cloned! Yowwww!

Dori: Oh look! I haz a dolly too. Isn’t she cuuuute?

Herman: What do you mean, doll?

Dori: Mom sent our pictures to Judy Nunn at Felt 2 Rescue and she made us into dolls.

Herman: Wow! I look really good as a doll.

Dori: I know just the pikchure Mom sent to Miz Judy to use for making your dolly.

Herman: I love my dolly’s floofy tail.

Dori: Look. Yoor dolly even has yoor cute lil pink toes!

Dori: My dolly looks so much like the photo Mom sent to Miz Judy.

Judy Nunn has made one of a kind wool sculpted creations for years. On January 1, 2015 she began selling them with all of the profits donated to animal welfare. She has a list of charities she prefers to donate to. We picked Blind Cat Rescue.

For more information about Judy’s wonderpurr works of art…and to order your own (be patient, there is a long line ahead of you) go to Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Felt2Rescue. Or, if you don’t have a Facebook account, contact me and I will give you Judy’s phone number.

Thank you Miz Judy for making our dolls. Our mom will cherish them Furever!


Kringle Chapter 7 Part 2

I am posting ten free chapters from my novel, KRINGLE through November 16th to ease you into the holidays. To catch up on the story I’ve added the Links to the end of this post.


“You don’t look so good.” Perched on Dova’s shoulder was an apple-red monkey with purple-grape eyes. Kris frowned. She should not have brought Joost to work. His monkey farts were stinking up the joint. “Want to lie down?” she asked.

“I’m fine. Uh, Erik, this morning Sukka discovered…” An odd tap underscored his words. “Discovered the stockings were destroyed with holes. Considering the reindeer oats have been poisoned, the stock—” The tapping had rhythm. He looked at Joost, drumming Dova’s head with her sparkly red pencils. “Stop it.”

Dova blinked. “What’d I do?”

“Not you.” He pointed at Joost. “Him.”

Dova and Joost turned to look behind them. “Him who?”

“Could you take dictation the regular way? I can’t think with him drumming.”

“What drumming?”

“Are you deaf?” Read More

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