October 31, 2017

A Wonderpurr Supawstars Spotlight Award
Kringle Chapter 8 Part 2

A Wonderpurr Supawstars Spotlight Award

What a Wonderpurr surprise! Miz Elise and Avery at KittyClysm awarded us with their Supawstars Spotlight Award. It is always an honor to have our work recognized, especially by those we admire. This award kinda makes me dressing up like a fweakin peacock worthwhile…almost.

Thank you so much KittyClysm. You’ve made our day!

Miz Elise wrote:

You can tell from the title of this blog it’s wonderful, can’t you? I wish I had more time this past month to stop by and browse through cat blogs I love because I would’ve commented on so many of Kim’s wonderful cat stories. She is an amazing storyteller, but honestly, I think she deserves an award for her pet photography alone! It’s all about those perfect moments she manages to capture on her camera. I mean look at this cute grumpiness – how the heck did she shoot those pictures so perfectly? And this perfection is not just a one off folks! She delivers on the crazy perfect pictures pretty much every time. Wonderpurr blogging right there, from start to finish!

Click to read post that won his award by KittyClysm

Kringle Chapter 8 Part 2

With Christmas fast approaching, I thought why not ease you all into the spirit of the holiday with ten chapters from my novel, KRINGLE. Yes! Ten free chapters for you to enjoy running Monday through Thursday until November 16th. Hope you enjoy!

To catch up on the story I’ve added the Links to the end of this post.


Hauling a triple-tiered coffee caddy, I hurried through Kringle Enterprises’ colossal atrium with its hundred-foot glass walls and ceiling. Amid potted evergreens and thousands of poinsettias, this year’s Adornment Committee exhibited dioramas of Hispanic Christmas celebrations. I would have liked to admire their efforts, but the doll workers were waiting.

“And you’re okay with your mother’s malarkey?” Despite his ill health, Dad was in fine voice this morning. Uncaring how far his outrage traveled. He shouted, “I knew you were behind her divorce nonsense.” That’s the gist of his character. If you disagree with him, you’re at fault.

I entered the hall of elevators, gleaming silver and gold. “Call me Switzerland. I’m staying neutral.” The doors opened to a crowded carriage. They squeezed to make room for me.

“Switzerland!” With no room for him, Dad hollered, “How can you stay neutral when your mother has destroyed our family? She’s fuc—” The doors shut.

“Sorry ’bout that,” I told my employees. “Dad’s having a bad day.”

“That’s understandable,” said Martee-Kay, “since your mom’s having a great day.”

I looked at my Wreath Supervisor. “She is?”

They all chorused, “Ohhh yahhh.”

It had been fifty minutes since I’d left Mom with red lipstick, wolf coat and a free latte. How great a day could she be having? Before I could get details, the doors opened. Read More

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