December 2017

Sherlock Herms Master Detective – Conclusion
Sherlock Herms Master Detective Part 9

Sherlock Herms Master Detective – Conclusion

Previously on Sherlock Herms: The Making of a Master Detective-Part 9

“What’s the box for?” I asked Dori.

“Wemember when I asked if yoo knew where babies come from? Yoo said storks. But I knew better. Yes, storks are involved, but they deliver babies that come from”

“But what does a Chewy box have to do with getting me home?”

Dori assembled the cardboard into it’s box shape. “Simple, Hwermie. Yoo get into the box, and I bwing yoo home.”

“But Mosey moves away when I approach him.”

Dori gestured to the box. “Get in.”

I tried to hop inside, but the damp, soggy English weather had seeped into my old bones and I struggled. Finally Dori tipped the box on its side, I walked in, and she flipped the lid closed. I heard her ask Mrs. Gray for help. I felt the box leave the floor, but then I was jiggled around as Mrs. Gray chased after Mosey.

She finally placed the box on the floor and I rolled out. “It’s not going to work, Dori.”

Instead of tears I saw determination on my little sisfur’s pretty face. “It’s going to work, Hwermie. I’m gonna get yoo home. Or I’m staying here with yoo. Yoor my brofur and bestest furend. I’m never gonna leave yoo.”

And now…

The Conclusion.

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Sherlock Herms Master Detective Part 9

Hi pals! I’m back from Thanksgiving hiatus. I hope everyone in Ameowica had a delicious Turkey Nom Day. To bring you up to date on my current adventure, I took Mosey back in time to meet my hero, Sherlock Holmes in order to get him to teach me how to be a master detective like he is. At first I couldn’t find 221B Baker Street. But then I got directions to where some guy named Doyle lived who knew Holmes. Turns out my hero isn’t flesh and blood. Rather he’s a fictional character in a mystery series written by Arthur Conan Doyle who killed him off right before I arrived in 1894. I know, I’m as shocked as you are.

I then met the real brains behind Sherlock Holmes: Doyle’s muse Fergus, a Bedlington Whippet cross who agreed to teach me how to solve mysteries like Holmes did. Unfortunately, Mosey and Fergus got into a fight and Mosey fled, not only the house, but the century, leaving me stuck in 1894. I wasn’t too worried at first, figuring he’d come back for me, but then my mom came to me while I was sleeping and told me Opie and Jack were having a hard time reconnecting me to Mosey. It looked pretty bad for me. I could be stuck in 1894 forever!

I’d made a very bad mistake. I should have never taken Mosey back to find my hero alone, without Dori. I told Fergus about my last case, called Welcome Home.  How my family blamed me for Patty Kiss setting our home on fire.  I didn’t want to be a purranormal detective anymore. I wanted to go home. I wanted my old life back. And I told Fergus about how that actually happened. I woke up back in my office in our old home, and thought everything I’d been through had been a dream. I also told him that I was suspicious of Dori and the others trying to make it seem like I was back to where I’d been before my first case, waiting for the phone to ring. Like I’d dreamed everything.

Fergus said, “You got what you wished for. You were returned to your old life, before you received your first purranormal case. So why did you time travel here? Especially if you wanted your old life back?”

I opened my mouth to reply, but then had to think about it. “I… I guess I got caught up in the idea of having a second chance to be successful. I didn’t like that I’d failed. Was a failure as a detective. I wanted to find Sherlock Holmes and have him teach me his secrets so I could start over and this time be a success.”

“Do you have any opinions on how you were able to have your old life back?”

“I’m thinking Charley, my Guardian Angel, had something to do with it. He always wanted me to be a success. But he also knew I was struggling. Maybe he got purrrmission to send me back to the beginning. Before I started to fail.”

“It would require a lot of energy to send—not only you, but your entire family back to the beginning.”



“Oh, there was a lot of emotion going on that last night. Seeing your home on fire, and fearing for someone to die will do that to you.” Read More

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