February 6, 2018

Tuesdays With Dori: How to Foil A Faker

Tuesdays With Dori: How to Foil A Faker

Hi Furends! This is Dori *wavy paws* welcoming yoo to the first post in my new column: Tuesdays with Dori. I’m very excited to have this oppawtunity to share with yoo my world views, and my tips on evfurryday living. I might even intermew someone. Yoo never know. The world is my oyster!

The other day I was shredding an old AARP magazine when I spied an article about how 85% of hoomons are confident they can spot an imposter, but the majority flunk an Imposter IQ quiz. Fwankly, I’m worried.

These hoomons are responsible for keeping us in the luxury of which we are accustomed to. If they get swindled by con artists, they will have less to spend on us.

I consider it my pawblic doody to inform yoo of nefarious ways these fakers are taking advantage of our doddering hoomons, so yoo can be on the look out and stop the fakers before they steal the treats right out of your moufs!

Here are ways AARP says our hoomons are being fooled by fakers. (I’ve shredded the magazine so I’m pawraphrazing here.)

Jury Doody

Official Sounding Faker: “This is Judge Judy Wapner calling from the county courthouse. You’ve missed jury doody. Either pay $300 now, or go to prison.”

Our Doddering Hoomon: “Gosh! I don’t want to go to prison. Here’s my credit card, my Social Security Number and the password to my online bank account.” Read More

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