February 11, 2018

#SundaySelfie Celebrates Chauncie Marie

#SundaySelfie Celebrates Chauncie Marie

This week’s Sunday Selfie honors Chauncie Marie who celebrates her 11th Gotcha Day with our family.

Chauncie Marie was called Chauncey by our neighbors until she gave birth. Then they realized she was a girl. Quickly realizing she wasn’t cut out for motherhood, Chauncey decided to move across the street to our house. There she discovered she was French and her name was changed to Chauncie Marie. That was in 2007. When a vacancy came up, Chauncie Marie moved indoors and has been happily a member of the Wonderpurr Gang ever since.

Chauncie Marie is shy, but affectionate. She loves being brushed by our Groom Genie. She enjoys her bed atop the kitchen cupboards. She’s also a shoe aficionado — has never met a shoe she doesn’t enjoy smelling!

We love you Chauncie Marie! Happy Gotcha Day!

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