A Poem for Belle on her Birthday

My beautiful wife, Belle @Frankencat1, and I were meowied on June 22, 2013. We enjoyed a wonderpurr three years together before she went Over the Rainbow Bridge unexpectedly on August 1, 2016. Today would have been Belle’s birthday. I know she still visits me as an angel, but I miss her still, and I wrote a poem for her.

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Herman TattleCat


  • Herman! What a beautiful tribute to your special Belle! I’m sure she’s with you on her special day. ❤️

  • Happy Birthday Angel Belle. You were so gorgeous, and we all miss you so much
    Herman – That is a beautiful tribute to such a wonderful girl. You rock pal!

  • Love to Angel Belle and to you, Herman. Belle was such a support to us on #cammiesporch. I know that Belle and Cammie send love and * twinkles * to their loved ones, Herman!!! and Pepe-Cat. <3

  • IT was a unsettling surprise, Belle going ORB so suddenly. I do thank all her friends on Twitter for helping me thru it and for welcoming her ORB, where she carries on with her mission to help pals transition to their wings.

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