A Wonderpurr Carnival – Day 1

Welcome pals to my Wonderpurr Carnival.

It’s Day One of Wonderpurr Fun, so get your tickets — they’re free — and then go enjoy the rides.

There are also nom booths available–again for free.

If you want to join us, please email  your full body clear photo to Wonderpurr . Life @ gmail.com. Note the dot between Wonderpurr and Life.

Okay pals! Off we go!


Who showed up for Day One Carnival Fun:

Fursibs to Belle @Frankencat1 – Elle, Dora, Neil and Slash

@Tweeting Truman


Leia, sister to @ThatStripeyCat


@ChazzTheDog1 and his roomie Viggo

Barley @OneInThere

Sadie @3Phibotticelli

Daffy @NoCryBabyDogs and her little sister Mitzi

The Wonderpurr Gang: Me, Herman, Dori, Opie, Frank, Peaches, Jack, Gidget, Chauncie Marie and Candy.

Dora, Neil, Elle and Slash – fursibs to Belle #Frankencat1 line up for tickets.

Peaches, Candy, Gidget and Dora enjoy the balloon ride while Herman and Elle wait their turn.

Opie, Frank, Herman, Dori and Chauncie Marie love the Big Slide.

Hungry already. ChazztheDog joins Jack, Herman, Elle and Tweeting Truman for noms.

Daffy and her little sisfur Mitzi have arrived, along with Dori’s Prince Honeysmoochies, HRMeownessWills.

What a bunch of dare devils! in top car Herman and Leia, ThatStripeyCat’s sister. In second car Chazz with his roomie Viggo and best pal Barley @OneinThere. In bottom car Candy with Sadie and Mitzi.

Leia, Candy,Daffy, Mitzi, Sundance join Truman on the Runaway Dragon.

Viggo,Chazz, Barley and Dori have worked up an appetite.

Truman joins Elle, Neil, Slash and Dora on the Big Slide.

Who wants to win a big prize? Truman lines up with Dori, Herman, Neil and Gidget, along with Herman’s pal Darla the raccoon.

Having fun on the Runaway Dragon – Chazz, Opie, Barley, Slash and Herman

Be sure to come back on Wednesday to see more photos of my Carnival.

If you want to play with us, please email me your full body clear photos to Wonderpurr.Life@gmail.com.



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