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About Kim and the Wonderpurr Gang

Kimberley Koz is an award-winning humor author who shares her life with enough cats that CBS wants to borrow her home for a feline spin-off of Big Brother, called Big Brofur.

Her famous cat, Herman @TattleCat, has 11,000+ followers, and is one of 36 Top Cats on Twitter. Wonderpurr.com was named as a Finalist for Best Pet Humor Blog in 2017.

Kim has published 6 books, one specifically to raise funds for FourPawsLifeline.org.

Her hit blog serial, Sherlock Herms Purranormal Mysteries, stars Herman and his little sister @Adorapurr as ghost hunters with featured products used to help them with paranormal investigations. Herman’s Gen7Pets stroller is a time machine, and the CritterZone Air Naturalizer helped Herman rid ghosts contaminating a home.

Kim is a lifelong cat magnet with the current Wonderpurr Gang membership hovering at 13. She has never met a tabby she didn’t love, and considers black cats to be lucky.


And Last but Never Least…

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