Ain’t We A-Doll-able?

There I was…nomming my lunch…when suddenly I realized I wasn’t alone.

What the Friskies!!! Was I dreaming?

“Excuse me,” I sez to the dood. “Do I know you?” He looked kinda familar.

But he didn’t smell familiar.

Still he was kinda handsome…in that strong silent kind of way.

Dori: Hwermie! Yoo got cloned!

Herman: Cloned! Yowwww!

Dori: Oh look! I haz a dolly too. Isn’t she cuuuute?

Herman: What do you mean, doll?

Dori: Mom sent our pictures to Judy Nunn at Felt 2 Rescue and she made us into dolls.

Herman: Wow! I look really good as a doll.

Dori: I know just the pikchure Mom sent to Miz Judy to use for making your dolly.

Herman: I love my dolly’s floofy tail.

Dori: Look. Yoor dolly even has yoor cute lil pink toes!

Dori: My dolly looks so much like the photo Mom sent to Miz Judy.

Judy Nunn has made one of a kind wool sculpted creations for years. On January 1, 2015 she began selling them with all of the profits donated to animal welfare. She has a list of charities she prefers to donate to. We picked Blind Cat Rescue.

For more information about Judy’s wonderpurr works of art…and to order your own (be patient, there is a long line ahead of you) go to Facebook Or, if you don’t have a Facebook account, contact me and I will give you Judy’s phone number.

Thank you Miz Judy for making our dolls. Our mom will cherish them Furever!


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