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Whale Watching with Captain Herman TattleCat
No One Eats Until…
Belle ~ Forever in Our Hearts
How to Pet a Cat
Last Day at Wonderpurr Carnival
A Wonderpurr Carnival – Day 1
Invitation to a Wonderpurr Carnival
Sherlock Herms in…Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire
Sherlock Herms in…Feral Informants
Celebrating 4th BelleHerm Anniversary

Whale Watching with Captain Herman TattleCat

Ahoy there, Anipals! This is your captain, Herman TattleCat, welcoming you aboard the St. Herman whale watching vessel.

For today’s trip we venture into the cold icy waters of Southeast Alaska’s Inside Passage where humpback whales are known to hang out in the summer months.

A couple years ago my pawrents took an Alaskan cruise where they enjoyed whale watching. They also got to witness a bubble net, although Mom’s camera was set to photographs and not video at the moment one happened right in front of their eyes. *shakes head in disgust*

So! Without further delay, board the St. Herman and prepare for a wonderpurr afternoon of whale watching. Read More

Belle ~ Forever in Our Hearts

One year ago today, my lovely bride Belle @Frankencat1, unexpectedly went Over the Rainbow Bridge. Belle had a mind of her own, and didn’t share with her parents or fur sibs, or even me her husband, about her plans. She just went. That’s the way she wanted to go.

A year later we continue to think of her, and mourn our loss.

Her daddy, David Brothers, is a talented jewelry designer and created a zipper pull in her memory.

You can have a Forever In Our Hearts pull for you own for $10 by clicking the photo that will take you to Four Paws Lifeline’s shop. All proceeds benefit Four Paws Lifeline, a 501(c)3 charity.

Four Paws Lifeline is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. Our goal is to provide financial assistance to those pet owners who are not able to afford critical care or emergency veterinary care for their furry loved ones. We are here to offer hope in your pet’s darkest hour. We feel that their life should not depend on your ability to pay. Rushing a beloved pet to the emergency vet is stressful and full of fear. To delay treatment because of an inability to afford the treatment only prolongs the pet’s suffering. Often animals are surrendered or euthanized as a result of not being able to afford treatment, we are working towards a future where decisions about companion animal medical care need never be made on the basis of cost. Four Paws Lifeline was started to assist and to take the worry about money out of the equation.

David Brothers has an amazing selection of Handmade Gemstone Chakra charms that he sells to raise funds for Four Paws Lifeline. Please keep Four Paws Lifeline in mind for your next gift.

Our Wedding Day, June 23, 2013.

How to Pet a Cat

As Jack is a Chronic Touch Me Not with Illusions of Feral Grandeur (even though he’s Peaches’ son and Jesse’s brother and has never been feral) Jack has been Voluntold to demonstrate how to pet a cat…from a cat’s purrr-spective!

Last Day at Wonderpurr Carnival

Hi Pals! Welcome back to the final day at our Wonderpurr Carnival. Dori and I appreciate everyone who participated in the fun.

Who’s here for today’s Carnival?


@Frankencat1 – Belle and her fursibs Elle, Dora, Neil and Slash

@ChazzTheDog1 and his roomie Viggo


@OneInThere – Barley

@NoCryBabyDogs Daffy and her little sisfur Mitzi

@ThatStripeyCat’s sisfur Leia

@HRMeownessWills and his little sisfurs Katie and Abby



@3Phibotticelli Sadie and Angel Phi

@MHMelbourne Greyson and Penny Lane

@ClingyCat – Jazz the Tort and Captain Worm-Sparrow the calico

@RoniTheBrat’s sister Bisi

Me Herman @TattleCat and @Adorapurr and our brother Opie

Let the Fun Begin!

Wheeeee! The Turbo is definitely a before-lunch-noms ride. Here’s Jazz, Barley, Sadie, Sundance, Daffy and me, Herman!!!

Truman and Mitzi try to run down Wills and Dori in the bumper cars. Look there’s Barley and Sadie in the background.

Dori dressed in her watermelon dress to ride with Wills and Chazz, her bestest furends.

Read More

A Wonderpurr Carnival – Day 1

Welcome pals to my Wonderpurr Carnival.

It’s Day One of Wonderpurr Fun, so get your tickets — they’re free — and then go enjoy the rides.

There are also nom booths available–again for free.

If you want to join us, please email  your full body clear photo to Wonderpurr . Life @ gmail.com. Note the dot between Wonderpurr and Life.

Okay pals! Off we go!


Who showed up for Day One Carnival Fun:

Fursibs to Belle @Frankencat1 – Elle, Dora, Neil and Slash

@Tweeting Truman


Leia, sister to @ThatStripeyCat


@ChazzTheDog1 and his roomie Viggo

Barley @OneInThere

Sadie @3Phibotticelli

Daffy @NoCryBabyDogs and her little sister Mitzi

The Wonderpurr Gang: Me, Herman, Dori, Opie, Frank, Peaches, Jack, Gidget, Chauncie Marie and Candy.

Dora, Neil, Elle and Slash – fursibs to Belle #Frankencat1 line up for tickets.

Peaches, Candy, Gidget and Dora enjoy the balloon ride while Herman and Elle wait their turn.

Opie, Frank, Herman, Dori and Chauncie Marie love the Big Slide.

Read More

Invitation to a Wonderpurr Carnival

Hi Pals! Summertime is here and that means fun every single day. Whether its a backyard barbie-cue, a cool pool or spending time at the beach, summertime is the time to get outside and smell the fresh air.

Now take a deep breath. Deeper. Deeeepurrr. Can you smell the corn dogs? The popcorn? The candy apples and the fried funnel cakes? Yep! Nothing like grease in the air to make your mouth water.

It’s carnival time, and we would like to invite everyone reading this post to participate in the fun.

If you would please send a clear, full body photo of yourself, we will see to it you get to enjoy our Wonderpurr carnival. Send your photos to Wonderpurr.Life @ gmail.com no later than Sunday night, July 9th. Note the dot in between Wonderpurr and Life.

Sorry, this carnival is for animals only.

Sherlock Herms in…Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire

Previously on Sherlock Herms in Feral Informants.

Mom sighed as she disconnected her phone. “This ghost hunting career of yours has turned dangerous,” she said to me. “And I’m mad at myself that I’ve been too distracted setting up this bed and breakfast to notice what’s been happening right under my roof.”

“I’m getting out of the purranormal biz. At least I hope to,” I reassured as I led her downstairs and out the front door where Dori sat on the porch steps. “What did you find?”

Dori swiped a paw across her weepy eyes. “Nacho led me to Violet’s grave. He said Dottie is buried there, too.”

Mom abruptly went back inside. I wondered if she was nervous about what I’d asked her to do and needed to pee, or was backing out of our plan to trap Dottie’s killer in a confession. But then she returned with scissors and a large shopping tote that smelled like bread. As she snipped several yellow Julia Child roses from the nearby bushes she said, “Crawl inside the tote, under the bread loaves. Patty Kiss claims to be allergic to cats. She won’t allow me inside her home if she sees you.”

I pushed aside the crusty loaves to settle at the bottom of the tote. Dori climbed in beside me. As Mom carried us to the house next door, I whispered the plan to Dori. She seemed uncharacteristically subdued. “Hoomons can be so dissy-pointing.” I couldn’t agree more.

I heard Mom whisper, “It’s show time!” and ring the doorbell. A moment passed before the door opened and I heard Patty Kiss say to Mom, “What a surprise.”

“I was on my way home from the store,” Mom told her, “but when I saw how pretty my roses were, I cut a few for your home.”

“Thank you,” Patty said. “My grandmother planted those bushes years ago. But she never shared them with me.”

“Cuz yoo is a bad lady,” Dori whispered inside the tote, and I told her to Shhh. Read More

Sherlock Herms in…Feral Informants

Previous episode: Sherlock Herms in…A Meatball Lunch with a Side Order of Clues.

As I zoomed for the cat colony behind my house, my whiskers sizzled with suspicion. I’d had my A-Ha moment when our nonagenarian neighbor, Fjarskarfinn Skredskarvig—aka Finn—mentioned Patty Kiss may have been upset when her grandmother, Violet, left her multi-million dollar estate to Dottie.

Upset enough to murder her sister? Maybe not, but it was a good clue.

I had plans to chat with Patty Kiss, who was the realtor who sold us our home, but I needed more than a meatball-making old lady’s suggestion that she had motive. Finn said Dottie would never leave town with a strange man. She loved her cats too much, especially the homeless kitties in the colony. Yet that’s was what Patty Kiss told everyone. Dottie ran off with a strange boyfriend.

Amazing how one little suggestion had started to fill in the missing pieces to the puzzle of how Dottie got dead.

Dottie’s colony lived in the woodland park behind our home. I didn’t have to search long to find them. Dottie had built shelters among the thick brush by the pond. At a glance I saw ten cats, but my strong sense of smell told me there were more. My heart hurt for them, not having a home. No longer having Dottie to care for them. Did they hunt? Or did kind hoomons bring them noms and fresh water? Read More

Celebrating 4th BelleHerm Anniversary

Today, June 22nd, Belle @Frankencat1 and I, Herman @TattleCat celebrate our 4th anniversary. Thanks to the phenomenally talented @DanaPixie, we had the wedding of our dreams at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, Michigan–complete with a Cast of Thousands,

Seriously. Thousands. We refused to leave any of our bestest pals out of the wedding pawty. It holds the record for the largest wedding @DanaPixie ever created. Thank you, Dana, so much for the memories.

Join me in looking back on that truly Wonderpurr day on June 22, 2013 when I made my beautiful Belle my bride.

Gidget, Fussy, Bennie, Lou, Gromek and Fancy.

Our ceremony was Officiated by @DanaPixie & @FatherTazo

As Belle and I exchanged meows, JeffMusk presented our rings.

Belle’s pawrents, David and Karen, Belle, Me Herman, and my pawrents Kim and Ray.

Belle and I with our entire wedding pawty.

If you would like to see the entire wedding album, you are invited to click the invitation below that will take you to the album. When you get there, click on the first photo–it will enlarge–and then use the right arrow on the side of the photo to flip through our wedding album. Hope you enjoy!

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