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The Scary Boot Chronicles
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Who Goes First? You Decide #WorldsBestCatLitter

IMG_8580Hi everyone! Kim here, the much-abused guardian, caretaker and custodian of The Wonderpurr Gang. As you may know, Herman and I occasionally review pet products for Recently we were asked to review World’s Best Cat Litter.

I’ve heard a lot of good things about this cat litter. It’s Quick Clumping, and it’s made with naturally absorbent whole-kernel corn that creates Outstanding Odor Control. However, what really matters to me is it’s reputation to be 99% DUST-FREE.

I have allergies. My husband has allergies. A few of my cats have allergies. But beyond that…frankly, I hate to dust. And we all know that a lot of cat litters on the market could compete with a haboob. In fact, I’m pretty sure the litters I’ve used in the past have created my very own haboob in my cat apartment. So I’m anxious to see just how Dust-Free this brand of cat litter really is.

You’d think doing a review for cat litter would be pretty simple for me. However, this is where the problem starts. There are ten members of The Wonderpurr Gang. and we have umpteen litter boxes, something Chewy didn’t take into consideration when they sent me a 7 lb bag.

My cats all line up behind Ray and I when we clean the litter boxes, jockeying for position to be the FIRST to use a fresh box.

We all love a fresh box, right?

I hate to set up just one box of World’s Best Cat Litter and then let them duke it out for first dibs. <— This truthfully translates to: I don’t wanna be the bad guy, giving the cool new litter to Herman, or Dori, or Opie or… That would be akin to saying to the world: This is my FAVORITE CAT.

Like any good mother, they are ALL my favorites.

Every damn one of them.

What to do…what to do?

Well. I finally decided to take the heat off of me and put it on to you. Yep!


Below each member of The Wonderpurr Gang has written a brief statement on why they should GO FIRST. After you have read their statements, you can vote–just once–by leaving a comment.

Voting will start NOW and ends Wednesday, April 27th.

The winner of who gets to GO FIRST will be announced with a pictorial review on Friday April 29th.

So  let the pleading begin!


IMG_8616Hi, I’m Opie and I have issues. I’m the second oldest of The Wonderpurr Gang, and would like to be THE FAVORITE, but we all know Herman is Mom’s favorite. He gets everything new: cat carrier, stroller, beds, toys…while I get his leftovers. Makes me cranky. Makes me jealous. Makes me want to spray something…like Mom’s new couch. Just once I’d like to be first, even if its to use nice, fresh, never used litter. So, VOTE FOR OPIE!


IMG_8605Hi! *wavy paws* Dori here. I’m the baby of the family and Life is Wonderpurr for me. But I was one of four kittens, and then I moved into my Forever Home and have to share wif my ten fursibs. It would be nice to have the potty box all to myself, just once. So, VOTE FOR DORI!

IMG_8614My name is Chauncie Marie. I was born in the woods, and lived the first five years of my life in backyards, eating whatever noms came my way. I had a nice bed and food in the yard of my future Forever Home, but I had to wait for an opening until I was allowed to move indoors. I’m very happy now being an indoor cat. I don’t ask for anything. I don’t want to make trouble and risk getting put back outside, so I’m very low-key. You don’t have to vote for me. I am happy to use a used litter box. But if you feel inclined, then VOTE FOR CHAUNCIE MARIE!

IMG_8606Hi Furends! Herman here! Thanks for stopping by and voting. I’m the star of FINDING MYA . I’m also the oldest of The Wonderpurr Gang. I’ve had to share a box my whole life, waiting in line, pawing aside used litter… Disgusting! Okay, so I get a box to myself when I travel to Grammy’s house, or to Blogpaws. But I can’t help that. I’m the only kitty who likes to travel. Anyway, I’d enjoy being the first to use this new cat litter, so VOTE FOR HERMAN!!!

IMG_8608Meow! I’m Peaches, the Alpha Queen of The Wonderpurr Gang. I gave birth under a deck when I was a year old, but then the deck was closed up and I had to move my kittens to a new safe place. That was the porch of my future Forever Home. My two kittens, Jack and Jesse, were also adopted. I’m so thankful to have a nice safe home, and to still have my two kittens with me. But…dammit, just once I’d like to use a fresh litter box without having to hold my nose cuz someone else used it first. So, please vote for me, PEACHES!

IMG_8607Hello! It’s me, Gidget! I’m known for hanging out in the kitchen, helping my Mom cook. We make some pawsome dishes together, but you know how it is. Food goes in one end and comes out… Well. You know. Since I’m responsible for much of the cuisine in this house, I think everyone would agree that I should be given first priority when it comes to using the litter box. So, VOTE FOR GIDGET!

IMG_8611Jack here. I’m the strong silent type. I suffered an accident when I was about a year old. I haven’t shared the full story with anyone, even my Mom or human pawrents. But I was gone for 3 weeks, and when I came back, I was walking in circles, unable to balance. I spent a long time at the vet, and when I finally came home, I had had enough of people pawing me. I decided to be feral, and never let anyone touch me again. That was six years ago, and I’m still a total touch me not. But I love hanging out with my fursibs, and within the last year I’ve decided my human mom isn’t so bad, and I let her pet me while I eat. So for that reason alone, I think I should get first dibs on using this new cat litter. VOTE FOR JACK!

IMG_8609Hey! Hi! I’m Jesse, Jack’s litter mate, and son to Peaches. I’m a laid-back kind of guy who shares a garage apartment with Nikolas. We have a couple of comfortapurr cushy chairs, a nice cat tree, heat lamps during winter, and the best of both worlds: freedom with safety, plus our very own litter box. Yeah, it’s just the two of us sharing one box, so maybe that doesn’t sound dire to you. But let me reassure you, even small things, like being first in a fresh box is important. So, VOTE FOR JESSE!

IMG_8613I’m Nikolas, Dori’s cat daddy. I am also Jesse’s garage roommate. Life is good for me. I get to patrol my yard, sit on the fence and sing to the moon, and cuddle under a heat lamp on a fuzzy blanket with a comfy chair during thunderstorms. I have to share a litter box with Jesse, but that’s a small price to pay in order to have a great Forever Home. I guess I should be just thankful that I am happy, well-fed and adopted, but getting a fresh litter box to myself, just once, would be more than pawsome. It would be wonderpurr! So, VOTE FOR NIKOLAS!

IMG_8612Yo! I’m Frank. Last to be adopted. Last to present my case for getting first crack at dis new litter stuff. That’s okay, I’m thankful to just have a nice home and my own bed. I’m a well-padded tabby with claws, and a chip outta my ear from a long-forgotten fight. I was born on the streets, and had lots of Cattitude cuz…had to in order to survive. The fights left me with hip dysplasia, and hurting made me extra cranky, so I fought even more. But then I met my human pawrents, and even though I was angry, aggressive and bit rough around the edges. they said they loved me just the way I wuz. They even invited me to sleep in bed with them. Almost made me cry, except tuff guys aren’t supposed to cry. Ahem! *wipes tear* So, if you want to  vote for me to use dis new litter first, that’s okay. And if not, then that’s okay too. Fresh litter is a luxury among ten cats, but I’m very thankful to be one of them. VOTE FOR FRANK!

Kim here – Okay so now you’ve read everyone’s plea to win your vote. You vote by LEAVING A COMMENT. One vote per purrson. Thank you all for taking the time to read this and to vote. Be sure to check back on Friday, April 29th to read the Winner’s Review of the World’s Best Cat Litter.


Disclaimer: We have received this above product for free in exchange for our honest review. No compensation other than the product was given. Any claims we make about the products we review are truthful as we see it. Please refer to the link directing you to the product for further information.

The Scary Boot Chronicles – Part 2

053The Scary Boot has worn out its welcome.

Feels like a ball and chain.

Not accustomed to being inactive.

Daytime television sucks.

Seriously cranky over this.

I never realized how much I use my feet until I no longer had feet.

I now have Foot.

I was told to lie down with my foot elevated in order to keep it from swelling. Frankly, after spending five days (as I write this) on my back, I don’t think a little swelling is all that dire.

I can’t accomplish anything!

From my perspective, lying down means sleeping—not writing a story or editing a book. My eyes automatically close when I lie down—like a Chatty Cathy doll from the 1960s.

Plus Peaches and Herman are making me nuts as I can’t lie down without either or both jockeying for position on top of me.



There is nothing that starts a hot flash faster than warm-bodied cats.

I have crutches, but using both seemed a little melodramatic for me, so I use just one. I’ve learned to slide on my sock foot and put my weight on the crutch. Sometimes I forget where I left my crutch (I’m A.D.D.), so I’ve perfected a hobble-skip that gets me where I need to go.

Since I’m not supposed to go anywhere, i.e. stay on my back with foot elevated, I keep a tub of disinfectant wipes by the back door in order to wipe off the yard debris when I sneak out there to feed Candy and Noah, my strays, and the raccoons when Ray isn’t home.

Speaking of Ray…he’s been a real trooper throughout this ordeal. Shopping, cooking, cleaning, feeding my cats, and catering to the needs of my strays and raccoons. But on Monday I swear I heard him scream “Yippie!” as he drove off to work.

I have an appointment on Thursday for a checkup. Hope to hear I can remove the boot and get part of my life back.

If not, brace yourself to hear more whining.

P.S. Dori has overcome her fear of the Scary Boot.


The Scary Boot Chronicles

053If you’ve not been among the handful who knew I took three bad falls in January and February of 2015, consider yourself blessed. As Ray works, and my cats frankly don’t give a damn if I’m crippled unless it means meals are delayed…I tend to be alone too much, which gives me time to build up the need to talk about being in Pain! for over a year. So before I begin, thank you to Linda, Kim aka Darrell, Janeson, Karen, Heidi, Barbara, Carolyn, Julie and Janice who have all had to listen to my whining over my foot and back issues far too long.

Last Saturday I put my back out when I bent over. Sounds so dull. Deep Dark Confession: That Monday I had wiggle-walked an old heavy! wooden desk from the garage into my office. I should have waited for Ray to help me, but Ray will talk me out of doing things. Or make me wait. I’m not keen on not getting what I want when I want it—thus, I did the wiggle-walk thing. My old desk looks great in my office now. The glass one that I bought to replace the old wood one freaked me out—something along the lines of Feng Shui energy creating the feeling of being rushed. So not good when the writer is A.D.D.

Anyway! It took a week, but then I bent over and pop! My back went out. I was at my friend Kim’s yard sale when it happened, and I barely made it home before I crashed. I spent the next few days thinking my foot problem had healed because my back pain was enough to override all else. I made it to the chiropractor on Monday, and the adjustment was enough to get me moving again by Friday when my foot surgery was scheduled.

I had been treated for A.D.D. with Adderall for about two years when my doctor took a medical leave—no one blamed me of wearing him out, but still I wondered—and was replaced with a therapist who upped my dosage. When that didn’t work, she added something else…and when that something else kept making me dizzy—and falling—she added something else which gave me an eye twitch. I didn’t have to mention the eye twitch since she plainly saw I was twitching…so she wrote out another prescription.

Kimski's pills

I threw everything into the trash, and walked away from the drug-crazed bitch, and have been feeling much better ever since. I still can’t complete a full thought without zig-zagging into a completely off-topic discussion, but at least I’m not careening down a hill after throwing peanuts to my raccoons. I did that three times, and by the third (and worst) fall, I swear Huck, Becky and Darla looked especially worried for the future of their free eats. Read More

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