Behind The Scenes of Sherlock Herms Purranormal Mysteries

Happy Mew Year, Everyone. It’s me, Dori! *wavy paws!*

I hope yoo had a Wonderpurr Christmas and Santa Claws was very good to yoo…even if yoo spent 2016 being more Naughty than Nice.

I didn’t have to worry cuz I got an inside Tip about Santa and I used it against him to rake in some great pawsents.

I got a magical tunnel that lights up, and a paw scratchy thing. I also got a box of Smittens that I plan to not share. But what I wanted most and GOT was a camera!

Actually I asked for a Hasselblad, but Santa El Cheapo brung me this:

I know you’re excited about Season Two of Sherlock Herms Purranormal Mysteries, set to debute on January 27th. Me too! I have no idea what’s in store (cuz Mom and Hwermie been having sekret meetings). I hate to be left out. I’m not called Miss Nosey Posey for nuffin’. So I thought maybe yoo would like to see Behind The Scenes pikchures of what’s going on around here as we cross off the days to January 27th. Hope you Enjoy!

And speaking of food…


Hope yoo enjoyed my pikchures! More to come next Friday! Until then…

Have a Wonderpurr Week!

Love, Dori!



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  • Oh, Dori, you’re a heart melter. I think it was the first post I read on the blog where you caught Hermie’s piggy bank for him and held it out to him to put back where it belongs … for some reason, the picture is burned in my memory as one of the sweetest things ever. You always look so sweet, but I bet there’s more than meets the eye … especially when Smittens are involved 😉

    • Oh Momma Kat… Yoo remembered me! I am memorable it’s true, but yoo saying so makes me purr. Thank yoo. But … nobody…NOBODY…gets between me and my Smittens. Purrs! Dori!

  • guyz….theeze bee hind seenz R awesum……N we think yur mom N de food servizz gurl may haz gone two de same class oh cookin stuffz !~!!~!~!~!~ we iz lookin for werd ta see in ya bak thiz way later on ~~~~~~
    heerz two an atlantic silverside kinda week oh end ~~~~~ ♥♥♥

    • Hi Tabbies *wavy paws!* See, the thing is…my mom usta be in da restaurant biz. She owned 3…and did da cooking. *shudders* Clearly she has lost her touch. That comes with old age, I hear. Purrs! Dori!

  • Weze furgotted to wish your mom a happy purthday. we missed da email notyficayshun bout that. We hopes you all had a wonderpurr Christmas and Mew Year too! looking furward to the mew storee. Me lets you know ifs I finds ghosts around heres …

    Dats camera looks likie the kinds that pops instant photos out. They still make those things?

    -Katie Kitty too.

    • Hi Katies! Mom sez thank you for birfday wishes. We had a wonderpurr Christmas and Mew Year. Hope yoo did too. Please call me if yoo find ghosts at yoor house. I’m really good at finding them ghosties. Yes, my camera spits out da photos. I wanted a Hasselblad but Santa El Cheapo brung me da Polaroid. Purrs! — Dori

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