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At my house, everyone is gaining weight…except me, but that’s another story. Since joining our home this summer, Candy has gained 3-4 pounds. Mom says whenever a stray is adopted they will over-eat for the first year, and gain weight. She says that has to do with fear of going hungry again. They are storing up fats. Except once you’re adopted at my house…you’re in for Life.

With that said, if your fur kid is over weight, you may not be feeding them the right food. As you know, there are twelve of us at my house. Some are outside cats, but most of us are indoor kitties. Only Frank is an indoor/outdoor cat, and for the past few months he’s developed a habit of coming in from yard patrol and heading right for the kitchen where he yells to be fed. Mom has been distracted with stuff and has been giving in to him. Except…

Except when Frank eats, the opening of the kibble container is like the ringing of the dinner bell. Everyone comes running for a snack. Candy used to prefer only canned food. She rejected kibble. But now she sits with her head deep inside the kibble container and as a result she’s stretching the limits of her cat suit.

Mom worries about what to feed all of us. If she could afford to, she would feed us the Number 1 Best Ever Selling Cat Food in the Universe. But that ain’t gonna happen. So she’s always interested in learning more about how to feed us and keep us fit and trim, and above all–HEALTHY!

Recently Mom was contacted by with an Infographic Guide on cat food ingredients. They also provided a link to their research process. I think you’ll find it inpurresting. They said they analyzed 1,759 cat food formulas and found only 152 that were produced by a trustworthy brand with high-quality, risk-free ingredients. Gosh! If you’re interested in reading that, click this link to read:

Below is Infographic – A Quick Guide to Cat Food Ingredients. Go forth and learn!

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  • I love this! Thank you for sharing. I remember the look on Bear’s face when I first set him in front of a full food bowl (he was homeless up to that point) … total disbelief. It’s like he thought I was going to take it back from him. Ten years later, I hope he doesn’t remember a time when he was hungry 🙂

    • That’s so touching, but very true. When animals have known starvation, the fear of going hungry lingers with them for a long time, possibly years. Right now we are dealing with Candy gaining weight because after she finishes her meal, she gobbles up what the others have left. I’ve had this happen with all of my cats as they are all former strays. It takes them about a year to settle down and eat normally.

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