#Blogpaws Diary – Final Post

Hi Furends! Well, I’m home after a long week in Myrtle Beach, SC, attending the Blogpaws conference. Sorry I didn’t post more stuff while at the conference, but the pace is fast, and my Mom had back trouble that put her in a massage therapist hands for an hour…and I was a bit of a crabby puss cuz… Cat. So writing in my diary every night turned impossible. But I’m here now to do a recap of what went on for those of you not there.

To begin with, me and Mom had a great time hanging out with the pawrents of @BionicBasil, @ErintheCat1, @TheLittle_Dude, @MKandHerBC, @ChirpyCats, @Lola_RescuedCat, @SnotfaceCritter, @NoirKittyMews, and making new friends to see again next year in Kansas City.

I especially had a great time on Thursday night when I wandered the third floor while mom, @ErintheCat1 and @ChirpyCats sat on the floor outside their rooms, chatting like old friends. Mom told me later that’s the best way to get to know people — by obstructing hall traffic.

Here are a few highlights from our week at Blogpaws:

Erin, me and Basil posing with our pawrents.

Before the conference started, mom and dad, and Bionic Basil’s mom, Cathrine and her mom, Jane, headed for BrookGreen Gardens to see lots of sculptures, trees with moss…and sweat a lot. In this photo they pose with one of three sculptures with cats.

Another night they decided they had to have Italian for dinner, so Dad rolled Cathrine’s mom, Jane, to the restaurant. I heard rumors that the walk to the restaurant was an adventure in itself, but details so far haven’t been made public.

There is clearly a story behind this photo…but everyone is keeping mum.

The highlight for Mom was winning the $2,000 check for FourPawsLifeline.org. She was hungry that night and headed out to a restaurant when she heard rumors that food would be served at the reception. Um… good thing she went! Otherwise Chloe would be standing up there with the big check by herself.

Here’s my friend Kate Benjamin @Hauspanther asking Dad just how many cats now live at our house. I think she was interested cuz she gave us a super dooper present at the end of the conference. (And if you’re wondering why I have my face planted in my stroller…you’ll soon see for yourself.)

Here Kate chats with Sebastian @TheLittle_Dude and his dad, Steve. Mom sez Sebastian is super cool, and very soft!

And here is Sebastian’s brother, Leo with their mom, Cori. Mom and Cori have been friends for years, so it was so wonderpurr for them to finally meet in purrson!

I met Jonathon Scott Payne at the Cat Writer’s Association table. He was the only one Mom allowed to pick me up and hug on me.

I also met Dottie the Great Dane. (She likes kitties…obviously!)

There was an Xcon conference being held on the other side of the hotel, so me and my pawrents went over to see the costumes.

Resting up for the Nose to Nose Awards banquet.

Me and Mom chatting with @Lola_RescuedCat mom.

Concatulations to Kerry @NoirCatMews for winning Best Cat Blog Award.

@BionicBasil’s mom, Cathrine, is purrty! But she’s also funny and extremely nice. And so is her mom, Jane! Cathrine and Mom have way too much in common. Cathrine thinks they are long lost sisters…but her mom Jane doesn’t recall giving birth to Kim.

Kim here! I want to thank Mark, Kat, and Cathrine for hanging out with Ray and I, and making Blogpaws 2017 a memorable conference. It didn’t feel like we’d just met…but rather like we were old friends reuniting. I hope to see you all again at future Blogpaws!

Thank you Kate Benjamin @Hauspanther for your warm welcome to The Cat Lounge, and for the super duper KATRIS cat tree. We have it set up in our sunroom and where the lighting is sure to produce dazzling photos for our review.

Stay tuned for future posts featuring the amazing pet products we brought home for the Wonderpurr Gang to review.

Have a Wonderpurr Memorial Day weekend!



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  • Aww, Herman, what a tremendous post! Mark and ERin v0.5 really adored meeting you guys, and yourself in particular, Herman. You are without doubt, a Wonderpurr Gentlecat of the highest calibre.
    Purrs and hugs, Erin

  • What a wonderpurr recap of the conference! It looks like you and your parents had a fabulous time. I loved seeing the pictures of all the humans behind the blogs, too. Hope to meet you at a future conference!

  • I am so happy you were there and accepted the check on behalf of Four Paws Lifeline – there would be no organization without your encouragement.
    Herman is such a handsome mancat and the center of attention.
    Thanks very much Kim

  • dood…what a grate ree cap…we troo lee N joyed thiz post….we wuz wavin two everee one in de footz …hope ewe all saw that 🙂 thanx for sharin yur adventurez N we iz buzzed happee yur charity FourPawsLifeLine will ree ceeve such an awesum gift ~~~~~

    now…but that F werd

    flounder ~~~~~~ ☺☺♥♥

    we iz off line for a few sew heerz two an X ray fish kinda week oh end ~ ♥♥

  • Erin, my pawrents said the highlight of the conference was hanging out with Mark and Erin V0.5 and BionicBasil and his wimmen. You all are wonderpurr!

  • It was so great to meet you and Herman. The conference was so busy this year, and I wish I had more time to spend with you. Hopefully we’ll all be in Kansas City next year. Lola and Lexy were so excited that I met Hermie!

  • Herman, it was such a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for putting up with me petting you – you are a sweetheart. I appreciate you sharing the picture of us – I wanted a copy but hadn’t gotten to asking for it yet. I loved spending time with your parents, Mark, and Cathrine. It felt like a group of life-long friends and not people we’d only just met in person. I’m almost always socially awkward – but your Mom put me at ease and made me feel comfortable. One more thing … you are one-of-a-kind Herman … you aren’t Dori … but she’s not you either. This world takes all kinds of cats – none are better or worse than any other cat – and you are purr-fect just the way you are.

  • Miz Kat, I knew the moment I smelled you that you were a wonderpurr cat purrson. I appreciate you giving me a massage and making friends with me. My parents liked you a lot too. I hope you can go to Kansas City. Dori is jealous that she didn’t get to meet you. And thanks for your kind words. You truly are Wonderpurr!

  • Herman, the mom says she can’t believe she didn’t get to see you this year at BlogPaws. She came late…not until Friday…so that’s probably why. Too much to do and see!

  • Herman! MUAH MUAH MUAH! One of these days before she goes to the Rainbow Bridge, mom and I are gonna come to Blog Paws. Well, not me. I’d have the worst hissy fit ever seen. But she would so love to meet my Twitter and blog buds. And you and your mom whom we luvs.

  • Blogpaws is so overwhelmiong, Island Cats. Honestly, our hoomoms have to plan better to see each other. I hope you can go to Kansas City. Mom plans to bring Dori and Candy.

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