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Hi Pals! It’s me, Dori *wavy paws* welcoming yoo to another beautiful day at our Wonderpurr Carnival. Can you smell the popcorn, corn dogs and fwied mouse noms dipped in cream (a request from Pwincess Erin.)

What do yoo love about Carnivals? I love the noms, of course, but I also love hanging out with my pals and having a wonderpurr time.

So who’s here for today’s Carnival?


@Frankencat1 – Belle & her fursibs Elle, Dora, Neil and Slash

@ChazzTheDog1 and his roomie Viggo


@OneInThere – Barley

@NoCryBabyDogs Daffy and her little sisfur Mitzi

@ThatStripeyCat’s sisfur Leia

@HRMeownessWills and his little sisfur Katie



@3Phibotticelli Sadie and Angel Phi

@MHMelbourne Greyson and Penny Lane

And the Wonderpurr Gang Herman @TattleCat, me @Adorapurr and Peaches, Opie and Candy.

Let the Fun Begin!

Bionic Basil, Princess Erin, Greyson and Penny Lane line up to get tickets. Uh oh…looks like HRMeownessWills is missing his little sisfur Katie who is napping inside the ticket booth.


Penny Lane and Greyson enjoy the Critter Go Round. Looks like Penny’s snail is faster than Greyson’s frog.

Everyone loves the Big Slide. Here’s Leia, Daffy, Basil and Erin. Uh oh, look out Basil. Daffy is coming down fast!

The Scariest of Scary Rides — The Big Dropper! Here’s a few brave pals taking the risk of losing their lunch noms. Sadie with Erin, and Daffy, Mitzi and Sundance.


The Runaway Dragon brings out the wildcat in pals. Here’s Sundance, Chazz, Viggo, Barley, Basil, Erin and Opie bracing themselves for a wild ride.


Who wants to win a Big Prize? Sadie does. So does Basil, Mitzi, Dora, Penny Lane and Greyson. Um…it looks like Sundance and Viggo have front row seats. Watch out pals! Don’t get bopped by a ball.

Some of the pals gotz the haungries. Our very own Candy lines up for Candy Apples, along with Elle, Leia, Sadie and her booteeful angel sisfur Phi.

Everyone loves the Little Wheel. There’s Candy waaaay at the top. And then sisfurs Phi and Sadie…with my brofur Hwermie and his lovely bride Belle. And finally my Pwince Honeysmoochies Will with his little sisfur Katie.

Balloons can be fun as long as they don’t go BOOM! Here I am with my bestest doggy boyfriend Chazz, and behind us is Sundance and Truman. Uh oh. Chazz, you better tell Viggo to go behind the safety fence.

I just love the Big Slide, and so do all my pals. Hwermie, Belle, Wills, Katie, me, Phi, Leia, Penny Lane and Greyson work the slide, while Chazz and Viggo and Daffy and Mitzi wait their turn. Oh look who is spying on us from the ferris wheel — it’s Sadie and Barley!


The Dwagon is scawy, but I am snuggled with my Pwince Honeysmoochies. Viggo rides up front, with Belle and Hwermie, Daffy, Mitzi and Truman beind us.

Here are some brave riders of the Big Dropper. Chazz, Leia, Barley, Truman, Neil and Slash. Simmer down there Barley, you aren’t off the ground yet.

Well that’s it for today’s Carnival. Pals, if you want to play, please send me your full body photo to – note the dot between Wonderpurr and Life. Deadline is like…now. The Carnival will end on Friday. So hustle your tails!

See you Friday!


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  • Woo, that big drop was so fun and the slide! What a bootiful carnival., Dori and Herman. Thanks for having us and we loved riding the rides and chasing the game balls woof woof. Cotton candy, please.

  • Oh this is fantastic! I just loved That Big Slide, think of the fun me and half dozen mice could have on that! I definitely wasn’t too sure about the Big Dropper, I think maybe I had had too many cream fried mice by that point. MOL Next stop the Runaway Dragon….. boy that has to be the way to fly, and frighten the mice at the same time!
    Thanks for a wonderful day out, Dori, and those mice were most excellent !

    • Princess Erin, be sure not to eat many fried mousies with cream before you ride the Dragon.

  • Moo would love to be at the Carnival. We love funnel cakes, I bought a home kit to make them. Moo loves ice cream too. Don’t let her get on the Tilt-A-Whirl until she’s digested lunch and snacks. It could get messy from motion sickness.

  • Wiz had fun at the carnival. Lots of rides and plenty of noms. Thanks for the invite Dori! Wiz want to come back.
    – Lobs Greyson and Penny Lane

    • Hey guys! I see you’re at the final day of the carnival. Thank you so much for joining us.

  • I had to MOL when I saw the pic of the ‘Critter Go Round’ snail, ’cause Mom is always picking snails out of her garden. They love to munch on her iris! But the ride snail looks like a kind, non devouring sort. Ooh- if I were there I would fur sure want slide down the red stripe! Maybe Sherlock Herms future case will involve a carnival?

    • Hi Valentine. Hm. Mystery at the Carnival sounds like a good title of a case. Something to investigate. *puts on deerstalker hat*

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