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Case #1: The Case of the Dancing Ghosts

Sherlock Herms and his sister Dori time travel to the 1940’s to solve their 1st mystery.

Exclusive: Valentine @NoirKittyMews Reviews The Case of the Dancing Ghosts — The Book!


Waiting for the Phone to Ring

The phone isn’t ringing. Is Sherlock Herms an out-of-work has-been before he’s even wet behind the ears?

Case#2: Mrs. Shallowford’s Ghost

Sherlock Herms travels back in time again…to his own home!

Lessons With Charley

Ghost detective Charley Feeble teaches Sherlock Herms everything he knows about the hardboiled detective business.

Case#3: Heaven Can Wait

When Charley goes missing, Dori calls in Ghost Guy, a TV ghost hunter to find him, but it’s Sherlock Herms who risks his life to rescue his ghost friend.

Dori the Pawpawrazzi

Case #4 Welcome Home Sherlock Herms

After Demongate, Sherlock Herms, Detective Dori, and the Wonderpurr Gang move to a new town.

Case #5 Sherlock Herms in The Making of a Master Detective

Sherlock Herms is back, kicking tails and taking names. He’s done with Dori leading him around by the whiskers, and is taking charge by taking Mosey to London to meet Sherlock Holmes with hope his hero will teach him how to be a Master Detective.

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