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Dori for #JDRFOneWalk
Dori’s Command Performance: Purrple Underpants
Dori Before Adoption
A Wonderpurr Year 2016: A Video Newsletter
At The Mew-vees Presents Raccoon with Ice Cream Cone
My Walk wif Frank
Opie’s Story
Happiness is a Roll of Paper Toweling – Starring Adorapurr
The Revenge of Bode

Dori for #JDRFOneWalk

Dori filmed this video in September 2016 to invite donations for Herman participating in JDRFOneWalk under the sponsorship of International Paper Memphis.

Mark your calendars as The Wonderpurr Gang will be participating in JDRFOneWalk 2017 this September. See you then!

Dori’s Command Performance: Purrple Underpants

Let me entertain mew…. Let me make you smile.

Hi everyone, it’s me Dori! *wavy paws* I’ve been mobbed with requests to sing my hit song, Purrple Underpants for those who have never heard the song before. So, without further delay…

Dori Before Adoption

From the Video Vaults of Wonderpurr Life Studios…a long lost video of Dori before she was adopted. That’s her mom, Annie, in front, and Dori with her twin sister, Patsy, in the back along with brother, Kepurr.

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