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Wonderpurr Garage Band Music
#SundaySelfie with Elly
#SundaySelfie with Opie
Happy Birthday Dori!
A Birthday Sunday Selfie with Dori
#SundaySelfie with Candy
#RememberMeThursday – Frank
#SundaySelfie with Chevy
#SundaySelfie with Herman
Remember Me Thursday is September 28, 2017

Wonderpurr Garage Band Music

I have the World’s Greatest Pet Sitter and when she mentions a change, I jump on it right away. So when she told me she thought Jesse, Nikolas and Chevy, whom she calls the Garage Band, needed music to fill the silence, I went looking for a radio.

No one carries radios anymore. Seriously, I went everywhere and found nothing. I even made the mistake of revealing my age when I asked someone if they carried transistor radios. He looked at me like I’d asked if they carried plutonium. I didn’t want to spend a lot. The Garage Band mostly sleeps when I’m out of town, and ordering on line didn’t appeal to me.

But! Just when I thought Michelle would have to hum Sound of Silence while feeding them, I found my Dad’s old stereo. He passed in 2009 and it ended up in a closet, unplayed for 8 years. Plus the speakers were missing. But after I dusted it off and I plugged a pair of computer speakers into the earphone slot, music poured out.

Right now my cats are listening to NPR. A classical symphony is playing. Michelle suggested Classic Rock, but I don’t think the boys would appreciate Steppenwolf, Steely Dan or The Who.


#SundaySelfie with Elly

Wonderpurr Gang membership was closed. I wasn’t in the market to feed another stray cat, much less adopt one. I’d maxed out past my usual ten. Ten seems to be my number. It fluxuates between 8 and 10, but whenever there is a vacancy…there is always someone on my porch ready to fill the opening.

Noah brought Elly to me this past spring. I didn’t realize she would be his last gift to me. He’d already brought me Candy the spring before. Noah had feline leukemia and passed shortly after.

Sad to say, Elly is FIV+. However I took her to my new vet who said she was sweet and wouldn’t pass the virus through fighting. After being vaccinated and spayed, I took her home where she was caged until healed. Meanwhile she had a reunion with Candy. Clearly they knew each other! And my other cats seemed interested in her, in a good way.

I did put Elly outside, and watched her run to the tree where I used to feed her along side Noah. But Noah wasn’t there…and she eventually returned to the door to come inside.

She’s been inside ever since.

Elly is gorgeous. She’s friendly. Best friends with Candy, and wants to be friends with Dori who is jealous that she has competition with HER BFF Candy.

#SundaySelfie with Opie

I’ve always wanted an orange tabby. But since I never buy cats, I had to wait until one found me. That was January 2008 when I spied a tiny orange kitten hanging out in my backyard, nomming dog food with the raccoons. When I saw him eating beside a mother fox and her kit, I pulled out the live trap.

He wasn’t feral. But he was severely undernourished. He looked much younger than the three months he was due to a diet of grass and leaves. For the first week after we adopted Opie, he insisted on eating my plants. He even stole broccoli off my plate! It took watching the other cats eating their canned cat food to get Opie to try meat. As he’s now a big boy, clearly he’s finished being a vegan.


A Birthday Sunday Selfie with Dori

Please join me in wishing Dori a Happy Birthday this week on Octopurr 10th. How time flies. It seems like it was only yesterday when she was clumsily climbing a shelf and knocked everything off.

Oh wait. It was only yesterday. *sighs*

She’s grown into such a gorgeous young lady! Here are photos of Dori as a baby fresh from her spaying, and as she looks today!

Happy Birthday, Adorapurr!


#SundaySelfie with Candy

Candy is about 2 years old, and has been with us since June 2016. She is another refugee from the neighborhood cat colony. I’m so blessed that Noah, a handsome black cat who sadly went OTRB this past spring, brought her to me. It breaks my heart that so many are in need of a Forever Home. I’m now absolutely maxed out at adopting as I now care for 13. But I wouldn’t turn away anyone who is hungry or needs medical care.

Candy is our Social Director. She is friendly to all, and as you can see…she is a beautiful accent to any decor!

#RememberMeThursday – Frank

Amazing what love and the promise of never giving up on someone can do to turn a life around.  Meet Frank, my five-year-old tough-tabby-turned-soft-hearted-sweetiepie.

Frank showed up in early spring 2014, acting tough, showing off his man pride with tail held high. I’ve never met a stray like Frank, which is why of all the 70+ strays I’ve rescued throughout my adult lifetime, I’ve picked Frank to feature on Remember Me Thursday.

When Frank first arrived in my yard he was determined to destroy Joshua, a sickly ginger stray who later passed from feline leukemia. Frank was Angry! And he was determined to kick someone’s tail, mine included. Three years later I still have a vivid memory of battling Frank back with a broom to keep him from ripping into Joshua. I kept sweeping Frank back while poor Josh cowered behind me. Finally Frank turned on me, but again I swept him back until finally…with a huge sigh…he slumped to the ground. I asked if he wanted lunch–he did–and trotted dog-like beside me up to the house.

First bed in garage. Catnip mouse gift from NerissaTheCat.

Garage bed and kitchenette.

Frank’s history is a mystery, but clearly he’s never had a home. I’m certain he’s come close a few times, as he took to Rescued Life with such relief that IT had finally happened. But it was touch and go for a time, never knowing when he would go from gentle to feral. My Garage Band, Nikolas and Jesse, never really liked each other, but they bonded in mutual dislike of Frank. For the first year I hovered over him to make sure he wouldn’t fight and injure my other cats. Frank was big and strong…and could do some serious damage. Read More

#SundaySelfie with Chevy

Meet Chevy, the last refugee from a nearby cat colony to join the Wonderpurr Gang this past spring. He’s about 2 years old, and unfortunately FIV+.

Clearly Chevy has never had a home. He’s rather clueless about certain behavior protocols…like grabbing my ankles to stop me from leaving. But he’s learning. Not only is his fellow garage cats, Nikolas and Jesse, teaching Chevy about the proper way to behave, but Mr. Squirt Bottle has also been an effective teacher.

Remember Me Thursday is September 28, 2017

Join the Remember Me Thursday® Awareness Movement

in memory of a cat

Remember Me Thursday® is a global awareness campaign uniting individuals and pet adoption organizations around the world as an unstoppable, integrated voice for orphan pets to live in forever homes, not die waiting for them.

On September 28, 2017, the entire world will share the importance of pet adoption and shine a light on all orphan pets waiting in shelters and rescues. In 2016, people using #RememberTheRescue and #RememberMeThursday reached nearly 340 million people on social media.

Can we get even more people sharing the importance of pet adoption in 2017? It’s up to you to spread the word.

Click the below photo for the link to for more information.

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