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A Raccoon #Thanksgiving
I Knew It Was Going to Happen, but I Did It Anyway

A Raccoon #Thanksgiving

At my house we indulge our inner child by providing a Thanksgiving meal for our wild life. I had hoped for a Normal Rockwell type photo shoot with our raccoons Huck and the sisters Becky, Darla and Franny with late-comer Junior, even Handsome our possum gathered around the “table” nomming on Old Yeller, peanuts, chopped bagels and whatever else we had on hand…but methinks the board kinda freaked them out, so my Rockwell plans went south. However, a few did take pity on me as I stood on the porch with my long lens and a hopeful look in my eyes. So, without further delay…here are my photos from the Koz Wildlife Thanksgiving:


A feast fit for raccoons, possums and fox…all of which visit our yard every night.


Junior (on the right) was born late so he’s undersized compared to the other 2015 babies. However, he’s making up for it by packing on the pounds in preparation for the coming winter. Here he is with his mom, Franny.


With food scarce during winter, we make sure our wildlife has enough to eat so they can hibernate with full tummies


Generations of Franny’s family have been coming to my yard since 2007. As raccoons keep snakes away, we think its adequate compensation to provide them with a thank you meal.


Junior and his pal, Handsome the possum, enjoy porch provisions, especially when its raining hard. I hope you enjoyed my wildlife Thanksgiving photo shoot.


I Knew It Was Going to Happen, but I Did It Anyway

Some call me brave, while others call me an idiot behind my back when I mention I usually take more than one cat at a time to the vet. Typically two, sometimes three. That way I don’t get charged for two separate office visits. Every dime helps when it comes to providing medical care for eleventy-billion cats like I do.

On Saturday I noticed Jesse’s nose looked puffy, just like this time last year when it ballooned overnight to the size of Karl Malden’s (or Adrien Brody’s if you’re under thirty and never saw The Streets of San Francisco, or remember the television commercials for American Express Travelers Checks in the 1970s and 1980s when he told us, “Don’t leave home without them.”)

By Monday Jesse’s nose had doubled in size with both cracking and bleeding. Clearly there is something nasty in our local air that is hurting my cat, so I have my calendar marked for next year to get him a Depomedrol injection before allergens wreak havoc on his poor snooter.

Jesse aka Karl Malden

Jesse does his impersonation of Karl Malden

After I made Jesse an appointment, I checked my cat records to see who else I could take in for ‘something’ and realized Frank was overdue for his annual vaccinations.

Frank! Oh ffffudge.

It couldn’t be sweet, shy little Dori or cool as a kitty cucumber Peaches. No. It had to be Frank. Read More

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