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Holistic Medicine for your Furry Loved Ones

Four Paws LifelineHave you ever considered using holistic medicine for your furry loved ones? Specifically gemstones.

Now I know that most people have some skepticism about this, but science has shown that some gemstones have piezoelectric charges and vibrate at certain frequencies. Also, studies show that the electromagnetic fields are living things. In holistic medicine we call that Auras.

People that study and become Reiki masters learn to manipulate this field and re-adjust the chakra points. And YES animals have chakra points, too. These chakra points can be used to stimulate the body’s energy into healing or help ailments in our pets. I could go into great detail and elaborate on each of the 8 points, but anyone can Google them and get a detailed description. The point I want to discuss is the use of gemstones to stimulate these 8 chakra points in our furry children.

Many gemstones have the ability to activate the healing potential in the chakra points. Some of the most commonly used ones are:

  • Amethyst for digestive, heart and teeth issues.
  • Carnelian for a vast number of symptoms from degenerative body issues to abuse.
  • Lapis helps cancer pain.
  • Labradorite for stress and anxiety.
  • Red Jasper has numerous healing abilities.
  • Smoky Quartz for nervous system, muscle pain and heart.

2ef76c07-4dc7-4158-b561-4c4a9555ee91These are just a few available out there. With some practice you could use them on your companion. Or just go to Four Paws Lifeline’s website ( and click on the store tab. There you will find numerous collar charms for all ailments and custom ones can be made specifically for your companion’s issues. Be sure to include a note explaining the problem and for a small mark up on the regular price – one will be made specifically for your furry buddy’s problems.

Below Herman shows off his custom-made charms designed to address his problems with high blood pressure, heart and fire pee (his term for chronic urinary tract infections.)

My collar charms were made by Four Paws Lifeline.

My collar charms were made by Four Paws Lifeline to address my heart, blood pressure and fire pee.

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