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A Wonderpurr Weekend
Sherlock Herms Purranormal Mysteries – Now on Amazon.com
A Poem for Belle on her Birthday
Stupidity or Devolution?
It’s Wonderpurr to be a #Blogpaws Finalist
Mousebreath Magazine Intermew
Have I Forgotten Anyone?
Emergency Care for Holiday Pet Toxins
Best Cat Food Reviews
A Wonderpurr Year 2016: A Video Newsletter

A Wonderpurr Weekend

Friends ask me all the time…what does the Wonderpurr Gang do on weekends. So, to answer that question…here are a few photos from this past Caturday.

Frank and our new sister, Elly.

This is Chevy. He’s claimed our yard for his own.

Dad’s best cat Cookie went OTRB in 2012.

Elly has applied for the job opening.

Huck was born in 2011. He’s blind in one eye. He’s a good dad.

Frank used to sleep in the woods. Now he sleeps in our pawrent’s bed.

Me and Dori enjoy a good snooze in a favorite sun puddle.

Hope you enjoy a Wonderpurr Week!


Sherlock Herms Purranormal Mysteries – Now on Amazon.com

My name is Sherlock Herms. It is my business to know what others don’t know. At least that’s what I hoped for once I got my paws wet as a private investigator. It was my first day on the job. The Wonderpurr Detective Agency had been open for business all of twenty minutes, but my phone hadn’t rung once. I flicked my floofy tail with impatience. How long would I have to wait before someone hired me to solve a caper?

It all began when my author mom and I watched a documentary on famous detectives. She had decided to write mysteries. That made me nervous. I’m her mews, you see. I inspire her when she writes novels. But how could I inspire her when I know nothing about solving mysteries? If I fell down on the job, she might ask my arch-nemesis to be her mews. He’s a chunky orange tabby named Opie. He’s also my brother.

With that in mind I paid close attention to the documentary. My favorites were Spade and Marlowe for their hardboiled detective lingo, and Sherlock Holmes for his use of logical reason to solve cases. Plus I liked his hat. Mom had just published two books in one year and was taking a much-needed break to grow more brain cells. I needed experience solving capers. Now. Before she started plotting her first mystery. But what if no one hired me? Ever! I’d be a washed-up has-been before the sun set on my first day as a hardboiled detective. I’d also be out of a job as a professional mews.

I heard a knock. A thrill skittered through me. My first client had arrived! I opened the door to see my little sister. “What do you want, Dori?” “Mommy said I can play detective, too.” The fur bristled under my collar. “I’m not playing detective. I’m a hardboiled private investigator with grit in my blood. And no. You can’t play— I mean, be a detective, too.” I watched her eyes narrow. I’d seen that look before—right before I got a headache. She claims she can give migraines just by thinking one into your head and I believe her. But then her eyes filled with tears. Oh no. I’d rather have a migraine. “Mommy,” she yowled. “Hwermie won’t let me play detective.” “Let her play, Herms,” Mom called from her desk. “Please? I’m plotting.” Plotting! Oh no! Had she started mystery-writing without me?

Meet Herman, a wise old floofy-tailed Turkish Angora, and his quirky tabby-kitten sister, Dori. When their first client hires them to solve a mystery in another town, they aren’t allowed to leave the backyard. No problem. Using a kitty play tunnel as a magical portal, Herman and Dori travel out of their yard—and out of this century—to take on their first big caper.


A Poem for Belle on her Birthday

My beautiful wife, Belle @Frankencat1, and I were meowied on June 22, 2013. We enjoyed a wonderpurr three years together before she went Over the Rainbow Bridge unexpectedly on August 1, 2016. Today would have been Belle’s birthday. I know she still visits me as an angel, but I miss her still, and I wrote a poem for her.

Stupidity or Devolution?

You’re zooming through an alternative realm, not only of sight and sound, but also of smells as Frank just finished using the litter box. An excursion into a Wonderpurr place where fences are high enough to reach the roof, and the stars have the pawsibility of being swatted from the sky. Get ready to mark your territory—your next stop is…

Wikipedia says Devolution or backward evolution is the notion that species can revert into more primitive forms over time. Purrsonally I think it means when a hoomom’s mind goes numb with no reason when she should know better. Kinda like Mariah Carey saying, “Whenever I watch TV and see those poor, starving kids all over the world, I can’t help but cry. I mean I’d love to be skinny like that, but not with all those flies and death and stuff.”

But I’m not talking about Mariah Carey. I’m referring to my own hoomom. Read More

It’s Wonderpurr to be a #Blogpaws Finalist

Herman: Dori! What the Friskies are you doing?

Dori: I’m pwacticing to accept my reward for Bestest Pet Hoomor Blog at the Blogpaws Nose-to-Nose awards banquet in May. Yoo like my dwess?

Herman:You look like a baby Cruella DeVille. And it’s award, not reward. The entire Wonderpurr Gang is among the finalists.

Dori: But I’m the bweak out star. Everybody says so.

Herman: You don’t know anybody. You’re an indoor cat and hide under the sofa when the doorbell rings.

Dori: I have more costume changes. Owl bee bach. *zooms off*

Herman: While Dori is gone, I’d like to thank everyone who nominated Wonderpurr.com for a Nose-to-Nose award, and I’d like to thank Blogpaws for choosing us as a Finalist for the Best Pet Humor Blog. It’s a true honor as Wonderpurr.com is only a year and a half old. We didn’t start Sherlock Herms Purranormal Mysteries until May 22, 2016 which is not only Sherlock Holmes Day, but also the birthdate of Sir Arthur Conan Doyal.

It’s been a Wonderpurr experience connecting with our readers. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been bamboozied over how to solve a mystery and the comments helped steer the story.

Here’s a Fun Fact: I write the mysteries off the top of my head the week the story get published, which makes for some real drama when Reality rears it’s ugly head and bites me in the floofy tail. So reader interaction is very appreciated.

Dori: *enters twirling* Yoo like my dwess?

Herman: Yes. It’s very you.

Dori: I’m known for my pweferance for pink, but purrhaps I’m in a rut. Stay put. Owl bee bach. *zooms off*

Herman: As I was saying, Readers mean a lot to me. More than they realize. Me and my mom are authors. We wrote a few books. It’s in our blood to entertain–even for free, although my financial wiz Dad can’t wrap his brain around that idea.

Dori: *enters twirling* What do yoo think of this dwess?

Herman: It’s nice, but you do look pretty in pink.

Dori: Owl bee–

Herman: Wait! I’ve noticed you are practicing acceptance speeches. Does that mean you are planning to go to Blogpaws? Read More

Mousebreath Magazine Intermew

There we were, Dori and me, just doing what we do…when suddenly Miz Jan from Mousebreath Magazine asked us to do an intermew. Actually she asked me and my little sisfur kinda horned in on the intermew…but its all good.

Please click on the above photo to read our wonderpurr intermew. And be sure to comment to let us know what you think.

Purrs! Herman!!!


Best Cat Food Reviews

At my house, everyone is gaining weight…except me, but that’s another story. Since joining our home this summer, Candy has gained 3-4 pounds. Mom says whenever a stray is adopted they will over-eat for the first year, and gain weight. She says that has to do with fear of going hungry again. They are storing up fats. Except once you’re adopted at my house…you’re in for Life.

With that said, if your fur kid is over weight, you may not be feeding them the right food. As you know, there are twelve of us at my house. Some are outside cats, but most of us are indoor kitties. Only Frank is an indoor/outdoor cat, and for the past few months he’s developed a habit of coming in from yard patrol and heading right for the kitchen where he yells to be fed. Mom has been distracted with stuff and has been giving in to him. Except…

Except when Frank eats, the opening of the kibble container is like the ringing of the dinner bell. Everyone comes running for a snack. Candy used to prefer only canned food. She rejected kibble. But now she sits with her head deep inside the kibble container and as a result she’s stretching the limits of her cat suit.

Mom worries about what to feed all of us. If she could afford to, she would feed us the Number 1 Best Ever Selling Cat Food in the Universe. But that ain’t gonna happen. So she’s always interested in learning more about how to feed us and keep us fit and trim, and above all–HEALTHY!

Recently Mom was contacted by Reviews.com with an Infographic Guide on cat food ingredients. They also provided a link to their research process. I think you’ll find it inpurresting. They said they analyzed 1,759 cat food formulas and found only 152 that were produced by a trustworthy brand with high-quality, risk-free ingredients. Gosh! If you’re interested in reading that, click this link to read:  http://www.reviews.com/cat-food/

Below is Reviews.com Infographic – A Quick Guide to Cat Food Ingredients. Go forth and learn!

Wonderpurrly Yours,


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