Kringle Chapter 8 Part 1

With Christmas fast approaching, I thought why not ease you all into the spirit of the holiday with ten chapters from my novel, KRINGLE. Yes! Ten free chapters for you to enjoy running Monday through Thursday until November 16th. Hope you enjoy!

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Perched atop Petra Lundegaard’s desk in Elfin Resources, Joost drummed an old-school rap pattern. Each beat increased the tension knotting every fiber in Kris’s being. He had come to think of Joost as Scrooge thought of Marley’s ghost: ‘an undigested bit of beef, blot of mustard, crumb of cheese, or fragment of an underdone potato.’ Nauseated by the penny-lemon coating his tongue, Kris shouted, “I’m Santa Claus, dammit. I know things. He’s guilty. Off with his head!”

Petra laughed. “Your accusation is idiotic. You chose Brannoc to replace Scotchie when he retires.”

Kris struggled to appear sane. “I haven’t made my final decision.”

She produced Brannoc’s promotion form with Kris’s signature. “I can’t imagine why you’re out to ruin him, unless it has to do with Candy’s engagement.” Holly hired Petra because she wasn’t besotted by the Kringle legend. He knew the moment he left, she would call his wife.

“Distract her with small talk,” Joost suggested.

Good idea. “I passed the Baked Goods department on my way here. Smells bad.”

Petra shrugged. “Holly’s Ban has Valda in a snit. The sugar substitutes aren’t to her liking.”

“I can understand why. The lemon is bad.”

“How do you know?”

“Val left a sugarless figgy pudding on my desk.”

Petra checked her day planner. “I didn’t receive notice you’re back on OTT.”

“It’s sugarless.” He saw Joost slice a finger across his throat.

“Until I have it in writing, you cannot be an Official Taste Tester,” Petra told him.

“Fine. Made me nauseous anyway. Too much lemon. Killed my sugar cravings, though. Along with my taste buds. I can’t feel my tongue.”

“Pouring acid on your tongue is the only way to kill your sugar cravings.”

He stepped back. She looked like she might actually do it. “Sugar is hard to resist.”

“The more sugar you eat, the more you crave. It’s like cocaine. I eat fruit when I want a sweet. I’m sugar-free.”

“That’s right. Noak said you were abnormal.” He grinned.

Petra’s expression turned scary. “Sugar ruined my life. Our parents fed Noak and me copious amounts as children. I couldn’t concentrate, my grades were deplorable. I was forty pounds overweight with dreadful skin and no boyfriend. My hands shook from craving sugar.”

Kris shoved his palsied fists into his pockets. “How’d ya get unhooked?” Aside from scary, he thought Petra looked peculiar.

“I went to PolaRehab.” Her neck stretched a foot long. “I missed classes, dating, prom and graduation, but it was worth it. I’ll never be addicted to sugar again.” Her eyes morphed huge and bubbly, like a Twisted Whiskers cat. “Now I have to save Noak from you.”

“I didn’t shove cannolis down his throat.”

“You’re his enabler,” she screamed.

“Melt her with familial concern,” Joost urged.

“How’s my pal doing? I plan to visit him later.” Behind Petra, the walls began to bleed.

“He’s tied to a bed in the throes of sugar withdrawal. I met with Holly and Mary-Jane Giften at PolaRehab. We’ve made you Noak’s Level 5 counselor.”

Kris froze along with the bleeding walls. Level 5 counselors were borderline addicts themselves.

“Expect a call from Mary-Jane.” Petra shoved him out of her office.

With the figgy pudding’s penny-lemon aftertaste refusing to dissolve, Kris checked his secret pocket for a chocolate Smooch. Instead he found two aspirins and a note:

No sugar, Kringle. I mean it!

~ Holly

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Holly Kringle has a very full plate. She is Highest Mayor of Polartown and President of Kringle Enterprises–the company that puts the ‘Merry’ in Christmas and the ‘Happy’ in Holidays. She is also the mother of teenagers and wife to Kris Kringle–the World’s Biggest Kid. When the reindeer are poisoned three days before Eve Launch, Holly adds amateur detective to her resume. With just about everyone in Polartown under suspicion, she doesn’t have time to dwell on employee problems, personal family issues, her 50th birthday, or investigate her husband’s highly suspicious behavior. If Dancer dies, her soulmate Dasher won’t want to live without her. And like a pod of whales beaching on the shore, the remaining Famous Eight will surely follow.

10 KRINGLE chapters will post Monday through Thursday until November 16th. Naturally there is my hope that you will be caught up in the story to want to buy the book, either paperback or ebook, and to make it so much more enticing to you, I’ve dropped the prices. Plus every penny of profit will benefit cats from a local colony. All of my fur babies, except for Herman, came from that colony. While I cannot afford to adopt another cat — when I took in Candy, Elly and Chevy over the past 12 months with Els and Chev being FIV+, that brought the Wonderpurr Gang up to 13 — I would never turn away a hungry animal who wanders into my yard, especially in winter.

Hope that sounds enticing to you Christmas novel readers. And if it does, I have created three ways for you to purchase KRINGLE, if you so desire.

KINDLE eBooks – If you enjoy ebooks, KRINGLE is available on Kindle for $3.99 with a generous royalty profit of $2.73 for the kitties. – You can purchase the paperback for $7.95 where the royalty is .54 (grrr) and shipping is about $4.59.

CREATESPACE – I’ve set up a Createspace store specifically for KRINGLE readers. There the book is priced at $7.95 with a royalty of $2.13 and standard shipping is about $3.59.

I hope you enjoy the ten free chapters. And if you do, please tell your friends. Better yet…buy a book, either as a gift for yourself, or for someone on your gift list who enjoys campy, funny, holiday mysteries.

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