Dori Reviews #PioneerPet Raindrop Fountain for Frank

Hi everyone! It’s me, Dori. *wavy paws*

As yoo may have heard, my brofur Fwank almost died this past month from a blocked bladder. It was horrible! Something my Mom never wants to go through again with any of us. So she bought us a new fountain. I asked to review it before she gave it to Fwank cuz he’s a copycat and he likes most of the stuff I like.

Grab a bag of tweats and pull up a chair. This is my review:

Mom Kim: I purchased the Pioneer Pet Raindrop Fountain from because I liked the design.  Two cats can drink at the same time. The fountain part is made of stainless steel. It has a charcoal filter and was easy to assemble with a 60oz water capacity. Since I’m refilling the fountain every day, clearly The Wonderpurr Gang is using the fountain…including Frank. Since has wonderpurr prices, I plan to buy a couple more of these fountains.

As mentioned, I purchased this fountain. I am not being paid for this review.

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    • Drinking water is so important, as you know. Not only does it help with blockage problems, but I understand it also helps to plump the whiskers!

  • Hi Dori, Hi Kim, that is a great review, thank you. I am always looking for new fountains to try to date however peep’s bath is the only one I really like. I shall give this one a try. GREAT to see Frank up and about and drinking so well too.
    Purrs, Erin

    • Hi Erin! Thank yoo for the compliment on my review for Frank’s fountain. Everyone in the Wonderpurr Gang likes it. Mom has to refill it at least once a day. Frank is doing great! Purrrs! Dori

  • I had one like that but I still preferred drinking from the bath tub spout so my mom bought the Drinkwell Fountain from Chewy. It is more like a waterfall. It Is plastic but has a filter too. I love it because it is more like drinking from a faucet. Chewy has great products. I’m glad you are drinking more water. It is good for everyone, including pets and peoples.

    • Hi Izzy! Always nice to see you. We had that waterfall fountain too–for years! Loved it, but then my sister got chin dermatitus from the plastic. Her bottom lip ballooned too. Not at all attractive. I agree, has the bestest pet presents! Drink up!

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