Happy 1st Day of Autumn

We did it! We suffered through Summertime 2017 and we survived! Not without a lot of growling and hissing cuz… hoomidity is poo poo. But that’s all behind us now.

To me Autumn means trees changing into their best finery of gold, orange and red. It means waiting for those leaves to fall on the ground so I can jump into them and make leaf angels.

Autumn means the aroma of pumpkins, cider, fresh hot donuts with a sprinkling of cinnamon sugar. The air is turning crisp and kinda peppery. And we get to have the windows open.

Octopurr is my favorite Autumn month. Hay rides. Corn mazes. Singing around a campfire while roasting marshymallows and telling spooky stories. Octopurr ends with the bestest holiday ev-ver… Halloween. So excited. Can’t wait to pick out my costume for this year’s trick or treating.

What does Autumn mean to you?

Happy Fall Ya’ll!


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Herman TattleCat


  • We love the picture, Herman! Autumn to me is leaves falling, burnt orange skylines and nippy air on walkies! Love.

    • Hi Sadie! I gotta wait until late Octopurr for the walks in nippy air. But I get all bundled up in Mosey with blankets and Mom hovers to make sure I no get cold. Bestest day ever!

  • Hi Herman. I think you are truly a cat of all seasons with a coat to match. Me, I think I’m a winter girl and love the long nights. Autumn is cool though, as the leaves add spice to just playing or hunting mice. It also means we get to light the fires and spend longer in bed! Well the peep does but I have to hold the hand, if you know what I mean, kids huh!
    Toodle-oo and purrs

    • Yep, I’m definitely an Autumn boy. We have a fireplace but pawrents no light cuz its gas and makes everyone asthmatic. But I love the idea of curling up by the fireplace.

  • DOOD !!!!

    octoburrz iz R fav o rite oh de hole yeer two !!!!

    like iz that day ja veew ore R we on de wrong trane…any way… we iz total lee waitin for it ta get heer N we wish it wood never leeve; spesh a lee coz bass terd turkee day iz soon ta follow ~~~~~


    πŸ™‚ β™₯β™₯β™₯

    • I agree, Trout Tabbies. If it was Autumn all the time, it would be truly Wonderpurr. And if it was bass terd turkee day all the time, well…that would be icing on the cake.

    • Your mom makes doughnuts all the time? Impressive! But I wish I could pounce on pretty leaves all the time. That would be wonderpurr.

  • We had such a cold and wet summer that I hope autumn will be warmer. If I were a cat I would be curled up in front of the fire with my favourite treats. Yeah well, I think I will be doing that any way.

    • Mmmm. Favorite hoomom treats? *envisions popcorn, caramel apples, marshymallows on graham crackers, apple cider and Friskies Party Mix*

  • Oh Herms, I’m so excited that you love All Hallows Eve as much as I do! Though I don’t get to go outside to pounce in the leaves, I do get to watch them fall in all different colors from the window. I can smell the scents of fall in the air, too. “Octopurr” is one of the BEST months of the year! I love “marshymallows”, too. They are nom nom! I spear them from the bag & eat them! What is your costume for All Hallows Eve going to be? Mew Mew!

  • Autumn here is so dull, it’s really only a relief form summer. I wish I had your autumn Herman! Mwah mwah xoxoxo

    • I wish we had that kind of Autumn at my house too. I’m dreaming of Michigan autumns. The autumns at my house are kinda dull too.

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