Happy Gotcha Day to Dori & Nikolas

Congratulations to Dori and her daddy, Nikolas, on another year with the Wonderpurr Gang! They arrived along with mom, Annie, Dori’s twin sister, Patsy, and panfur brothers Kepurr and Kopea. All found homes, but only Nik and Dori stayed with us. Below are a couple of Then and Now photos, as well as a look back on Dori and Nik’s family, 2013.

From the start I had a feeling Annie wasn’t motherly material. While Nikolas played with the kittens, Annie camped in her tall cat tree and watched, as though disinterested. She was friendly, and yet aloof.

Sisters! Sisters! Both were afraid, but Dori sensed we meant her no harm, while Patsy was ready to shed some blood. Any guesses on which kitten is Dori?

Dori had a calming effect on her wild brothers. Oh look! There’s Patsy peeking at you.

Kopea was a bit more wary of human kindness, but he too eventually simmered down.

Brothers will be brothers…even as they are walking out the door to their Forever Home.

From the beginning, Nikolas was a great daddy. He played with his kittens, and could be equally as kittenish himself. One of his favorite games was for me to pull him around on a long carpet, like he was Aladdin. He even got Dori to ride with him.

Patsy started out as a feisty little girl who had me and the Elmore veterinarian staff jumping back to avoid being scratched. But then something happened. She got it. She got that no one was trying to harm her, and she settled down into a sweetheart with a charming personality. Below is my favorite Patsy video:

And finally…Farewell!

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  • Happy Gotcha Day to you both. What a lovely family set of photos you have and what a wonder purr family you came to. I don’t have any pictures of my parents or early life, or in deed my own kittens which got adopted out of the shelter I was sent to. Still, I have made up for that with my blog, which is celebrating it’s second blogoversary today… a sort of double, (or is it treble?) anniversary today. Have a great day and see you all soon. purrs ERin

  • Happy Gotcha Day Guys – Woo Hoo!

    Love all the pictures of The Wonderpurr Gang today, totally fabulous!

    Looking forward to Friday and The Return of Sherlock Herms, Dude we’ve so missed your adventures.

    Sweetest purrs

    Basil & Co xox

  • dori & nik….sendin best fishez, happee day wishez & mice creem dishez fora most happee gotcha day~~~~~heerz two another 85…we hope yur day total lee rocked; hope ya getted 9 perch pizza piez…each…N heerz two a yeer a head filled with happee nezz & health ~~ ♥♥♥♥♥

    • *Gasp!* We cudda gotten a perch pizza piez? Oh My Cod! I got a smidgen of special canned food, but I had to share with my fur sibs. So not fair! Mom! I want a do-over on my Gotcha Day! Thank yoo for the special wishes.

  • What adorapurr photos! It’s amazing that tabbies and black cats were in the same litter. Dori looks so much like Stripey (except for being a bit more slender) that I always have to do a double-take – especially when she has her front legs stretched out long. That was such a Stripey thing. I’m glad all found their furever homes.

    • Hi Ms Janeson. I think Dori and her twin Patsy were cute lil kitties. I didn’t get to meet her brofurs because they were pretty wild, but simmered down after they were adopted. We have a lot of tabbies at my house. (whispurrs) But I think Dori is the prettiest. Hugs on losing Stripey. I know it hurts lots. Hopefully Princess Leia can help ease your pain. Purrs.

    • Hi Ms J *wavy paws* Thank you for the compliment on me looking like Stripey. Especially the part where I look more slender. Mom sez my appetite is gonna stretch my cat suit. *stretches front paws out around Ms J’s neck.* A hug from Angel Stripey. Purrs!

  • Here we are you gawjus creatures, late to da pawrty. All we can say is dat mommy’s had a lot on her plate, and we don’t mean food. Anyways, we wanted to wish ya’ll da bestest Gotchaday ever. We know it was purrfect, cuz ya’ll are and you got gotted by a wonderful furmily. We’re so glad we became furiends. Big hugs to all.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

    • Hi Dezi and Raena! *wavy paws* Thank yoo for the wonderpurr Gotchaday wishes. We are so lucky to have found a great home. Just like yoo!

      Thank yoo for being our furends! Wuv yoo! Dori

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