Happy Read A Book Day

Hi pals! It’s me, Dori. *wavy paws* Today we celebrate Weed a Book Day.

Herman: *ahem* It’s… Read a Book Day.

Dori: That’s what I said. Weed a Book Day. *rolls eyes* Pals, I’m hoping to inspire yoo to put down yoor phones and teevee remotes, and instead pick up a book. Papurr-back, hawd cover…even an e-book. It’s not mandatory for yoo to weed the whole fweakin story…just a chapter or two. Stimulating yoor bwain can go a long way toward making yoo smart. Inpurresting! And not a dwag on society cuz yoo only know stuff about them Kawdashy-ann bwroads wif da big booties.

Herman: Dori! That’s rude!

Dori: I’m not rood. I’m being troof-ful. They have big butts…and I cannot lie!

Herman: *paws over eyes* What is seen cannot be unseen.

Dori: I’m thinking our sisfur Candy is a Kawdashy-ann. She has a big bootie.

Herman:  Big booties have nothing to do with Read A Book Day. Can we get back on topic?

Dori: Ohhh-kay. *blink blink* I got nuffin. What do you want me to say?

Herman: Nevermind! Pals, as many of you know, I’m my author mom’s writer mews. I inspired her to write books. In fact, she wrote a book called FINDING MYA starring me, with pictures drawn by @ItsMeDeaner’s furless, Mya. It’s a wonderpurr story with rave reviews on Amazon.com.

And here’s a fun fact about my mom’s books: I appear in every single one of them. Yup! I had the lead role in FINDING MYA, and in SHERLOCK HERMS: THE CASE OF THE DANCING GHOSTS. But I’m also in her romantical comedy, A MAD FLING, and in KRINGLE, her Christmas humor mystery about the real Santa Claus family. And of course, I’m in FOUR PAWS AND 31 TAILS, a book co-written by some wonderpurr Anipals to benefit FourPawsLifeline.org.

But I don’t want to push my mom’s books. I want to urge you to take time to escape the stress in your lives. Reading stories gives your brains a chance to simmer down. Cool off. Have fun! We can’t all physically escape the everyday stressors of life, but we can escape into another world through books.

Being a writer these days is challenging. Book sales have spiraled because Hoomons prefer to watch a 20 minute teevee show–fast forwarding through the commercials–or a 30 second Facebook video rather than turn off the teevee and spend the evening swept away by a good story. I feel sad because Life is only going to continue to pick up speed. And I bet someday even Facebook videos will be too slow to entertain hoomons.

Lately my Mom has been investigating Mindfulness, with the goal to slow down and return to the days before Social Media sunk its claws into her. And one of her goals is to…not only go back to writing novels again, but also to reading them. Just yesterday she downloaded several novels by Cathrine Garnell, @BionicBasil’s meowmy.

If you don’t know already, pals… Reading is Wonderpurr. With my mom’s books, you can laugh your troubles away.

Dori: Are yoo done yet? It’s almost time for Keeping Up with the Kawdashy-anns.

Herman: Please, ignore my little sisfur. Pals, if you want a good book to read, may I suggest the following novels. Thank you, and have a Wonderpurr Day!




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  • After we finish dancing to da big butt song, we will read book number 70 for the year, including Sherlock Hwermie book from your Mom, woot woot. Hope the pals get their library book cards out, join a wait list for items they want the local branch to buy, and get reading. Thanks Dori, hug, we love to read with you.

    • 70 books! Wow! Mom usta weed lotsa books too. Then Hwermie and me wanted to join the Anipals and blog…and her spare time flew away. Our books are at our local library and they are usually off the shelves. Thanks Sadie, I love to weed with yoo too!

  • MOL we agree with Dori, reading is furry impawtant and we should defo being doing more of it, and yep social media rots brain cells #Official and really who cares about the size of someones derriere, like seriously WHO CARES????? There’s far more impawtant things in life, like nomming, snoozing, going on great adventures, saving the wurld etc…

    And FYI we’ve got your fab novel Finding Mya being reviewed by Amber in October when she returns with her Wordy on Wednesday posts.

    Supurr big hugs to all my besties

    Basil & CO xox

    • Hi Basil! Please tell Ampurrrr that we appreciate her reviewing Finding Mya. Just in time to celebrate it’s annipurrsary!

  • Hi Dori and Hermie, our mum stopped reading books and said ‘ I shall hav a Kindle with all my books on it ‘ but she didn’t read nuffink much on it cept trashy stuff. She’s now got a Kindle that needs charge and still doesn’t read it BUT has got some real books from da charity shop and is reading real books again!

    • Hi Callie and Barney. Our meowmy got one of them Kindles too…and she’s trying to enjoy reading on it, but sez there’s nuffin like reading a real book. Thanks so very much for stopping by! Purrrs!

  • Hi Herman and Dori! You know I cannot see your “wavy paws” Dori without doing a “wavy paws” right back at ya! Every time. “wavy paws” to you all. I have always been an avarid reader. But the last few years I end up listening to audiobooks a lot. I feel that this is way better than videos and tv, but what is happening to me is that I cannot spell as well as I used to. I was an A+ speller when I read all of the time, but now that I have a long commute to work I don’t have as much time to read. Technology and our fast lifestyles are certainly hurting our intelligence or at least our literacy some. Thanks for reminding me to read! Not just listen. Juliea

    • Miss Juliea (yoo have a purrty name) my meowmy says her penmanship has tanked since she started using a computer with email. She cannot even weed her grocery scribbles anymore! Hmmm… audio books.

  • Yay, it’s about time we all read more, and it is such fun too. I love to have the diet time to read, I just tuck the peep back into bed, extra strong ropes and have a nice mystery to settle into….
    Toodle pip and purrs

    • Dori here… *wavy paws* Hwermie is inspiring to my meowmy. But I am too! She says I inspire her to put bweakables on a very high shelf.

  • Weedin’ is impor…

    I mean, READING is important.

    Of course, weedin’ is important, too, ESPECIALLY if weeds are takin’ over your nip garden. Someone wanna tell that to my peep ’cause I’m wonderin’ if there might be a little weed… I mean, NIP, in amongst those weeds. MOUSES!

    • Oh Seville…my mom leaves the garden weeding to my daddy to keep him bizzy and outta her hair. I send him to yoor house.
      Mmmm! Nip among the weeds…

  • Mom purrfurs real books. She loves the smell of paper and ink. She use to go ever other Thursday to the Library and get a new book. She hopes to pick it back up since she has finished classes for a while. She has also got kitty mystery books at that million store. “Wills, tell them ‘Books are our friends!'” Ok mom, Books are our friends, and good to nap on! -Wills

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