Helping Dad Read the Sunday Mewspaper

Hi everyone! It’s me, Dori. *wavy paws* Today is Sunday, and my daddy likes to read his mewspaper while lying on my floor. So of course I want to be a part of his reading experience.

This is me, Dori, and my bestest sisfur, Candy, watching our daddy read his mewspaper.

Nothing beats the taste of nomming on fwesh mewsprint.

But then…my pleasure was diswrupted by my newest little sisfur, Elly. Everyone here thinks Elly is wonderpurr…except me and Gidget. We think she’s a thweat to our positions in the family.

Elly and Daddy have a connection. He doesn’t seem to mind her patootie on his mewspaper.

“Hiss off, Elly,” I tell her. “I was here first!”

Elly: La La La! I’m cuuuuute! I’m sweeeet! I’m ev-furry-buddy’s favorite.

I’ve purrfected a squinty-eyed glare that should destroy Elly’s confidence and make her run.

This is so upsetting. I should be enjoying my mewsprint tent, but Elly isn’t getting the hint to leave.

Elly: La La La! I’m so cuuuute! I’m so purrrfect! Ev-furry-buddy looooves me!

Go away, Elly. I hear Opie calling yoo.

Sigh! Daddy isn’t going to shoo Elly away. In fact, it looks like he’s going to teach her how to read.

Elly: Read to me Daddy! Read to me the Garfield comics.

Guess I’ll go take a nap… I hope yoo are having a better Sunday than I am.

Purrs, Dori!


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  • Ah Dori, we is sorry you have some competition in the cuteness area. Why don’t you play Elly’s game and learn to read with your daddy quicker than her and you can be sure of being the cutest in the world? Of course you already are but don’t let her catch up to you.
    Mwah and wavy paws back at ya!

    • Hi Patzy! My twin sisfur’s name was Patzy. She moved out. I miss her. Maybe yoo can be my twin sisfur instead, okay? Anyway! I am definitely the cutest at my house. Elly is just going to have to deal with it.

      Mwah! Purrs! Wavy paws!

  • A lady and Princess needs to keep abreast of the latest news views and sports articles and of course the camping section too. Maybe what Elly needs is to have her own newspaper to play with? As boss around your Palace you need to remind them who wears the purple underpants around the place. Maybe even have words with your peeps too, and restrict cuddle time if they don’t….
    Toodle pip and purrs

    • Most wonderpurr idea, Erin. Next Sunday I will send Elly off to buy her own mewspaper…and then lock the door behind her. *giggles behind paws*

  • Oh Dori, your daddy luvs you very much. Ya’ know what? You’re not gonna lose your place. Your pawrents have enuff room in their hearts fur all of you. big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

    • Hi Dezi! Hi Raena! *throws paws around her girlfurends* Thank you for making me feel better. You’re wonderpurr!

  • My best friend, who lives out in the country has six rescue cats who were dumped during winter weather there. I was always a “dog” person until I met them. It’s been a joy.

    Thanks for the smiles.

    Abby T. Lab’s Mom

    • Me and Hwermie, and everyone else at my house are all ex-strays. When my pawrents lived in Kentucky they took in one stray per each winter they were there. Seven in all. Your bestie is a wonderpurr purrrson. And I’m so glad you now appreciate kitties too.

    • Yes, I agree. I think maybe I might help my meowmy pay the bills. I think she needs all the help she can get.

    • Well…our Daddy has az-ma, but Mom sez he was a German Shepherd in a past life and still likes to lie on da floors. So of course we like to keep him company. Ahhh-CHOO!

  • Our dad is not as patient as your dad he goes nuts if the cats try to help!

    We are catching up on the Sunday Selfies REALLY LATE (you know we are late because we have been running an auction for Austin Pets Alive).

    Marjorie and the Dash Kitten Crew

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