Herman @TattleCat’s #Blogpaws Diary Day One

Hi Everyone! It’s Day One of Blogpaws week.

Wonderpurr.com is a Finalist for Best Pet Humor Blog, so naturally I am very excited to be attending this year’s conference in Myrtle Beach. I’ve had friends who aren’t able to attend ask me to keep them posted, so I thought I’d write a diary.

My fur sibs were under the impression that this was an ordindary Monday just like all the other Mondays…until Mom and Dad started pushing stuff out the front door to pack the van. I, of course, supervised. I felt kinda bad for Dori, as she doesn’t like car rides to the vet, and when she saw the pink carrier come out, she disappeared under something and didn’t come out to say Goodbye to Mom and wish me luck on the Nose-to-Nose Award.

I really had hoped Dori would come with me to Blogpaws this year so I could show off my little sister…I’m so proud of her! Plus she’s very pretty. But Mom says Dori needs to learn not to be afraid of cars before she can go to Blogpaws. Good luck with that happening.

Before we could leave, Dad had to clean litter boxes and do a final check on stuff while Mom fed the Wonderpurr Gang and the soon-to-be mommy raccoons that hang out in our yard…like, all the time cuz why wouldn’t they when food is practically served on a silver platter…

Accompanying us on the trip to Myrtle Beach is Bionic Basil’s clone, sent to me to bring to his mom who we will be seeing at Blogpaws. Ms Cathrine told my Mom to take Basil out of the delivery box so he could breathe, and against her better judgment…Mom did.

Anyway! We hit the road around 9 with the back of the van crammed with my personal commode, food dishes, two beds (I’m picky) and of course, Mosey, my beloved Gen7Pets stroller. Plus a bunch of human stuff that my parents find necessary. Dad sez the same thing every time we travel… “Are we bringing the whole house with us?” Ratio-wise, I get the most space for my stuff in the van, except I like to travel on Mom’s lap where I watch for trucks.

I love trucks. Big ones! Mom thinks I might have belonged to a trucker when I was a kitten. I positively vibrate with excitement when we pull into a truck stop. Ah! The smell of gasoline, the rumble of diesel engines, and the sound of air brakes!

After we’d been on the road for awhile, we all needed to stretch our legs, so Dad pulled off the road to a rest stop.

Stay tuned for another entry from my Blogpaws diary!

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  • Dear Herman, Kimberley and Dad, Such excitement. Your wonderful words and photos are really making me feel like I’m right there with you. Wish I could be there to cheer you on but I wish you the best of luck for a win and a very fun safe trip. Happy travels.

  • Herman, I so envy you cuz you get to go to Blog paws. M would love to go and so would I, except I proibably wouldn’d do htat well with big crowds. Congratulaitons on your nose to Nose Award – we’re pulling for you pal., Safe travels and have a litgtle fun for me too please!

  • dood…best fishez two ewe N 984 pawz crozzed……N deer cod in all de seaz on de earth N then sum, yur mom iz WAAAAAAAAY mor trustin N de food servizz gurl …..lettin ewe free roam like that….de food gurl wood be total lee freekin eye wood run off…eye meenin me…..toona ~~~~~ thanx for sharin …!! ♥♥ 🙂

  • OMC Are you sans leash Herman? Mommy would have a heart attack. MOL We sure wish we could be there to meet up with ya’. Maybe next year. We’ll just have to see. We can’t wait fur da next installment. And by da way, dat’s a whole bunch of coons ya’ll have. OMC and we thought da furmily who visits us was big. MOL Sorry Dori didn’t come out to say bye. Mommy couldn’t ever leave anykitty behind, even ifin they didn’t like car rides. We woulda drove too, ifin we coulda gone. Mommy says dat’s da only way to travel. 🙂 Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  • Herman walks without a leash in a strange place? Jan would have a heart attack! Worrying about a loose dog or something scaring whichever of us was loose. Safe travel and have fun!

  • Hi Hermann, nice to meet you on your blog ! We found it thanks to the Dash Kitten crew. Thank you so much for sharing your BlogPaws diary with us ! Claire wishes so much she could come once… Purrs

  • You are quite the travelling dude, Herman, and to have a love of trucks is awesome. Me, I prefer to avoid them big things if I can, but applaud your use of space in your dads car, better to be prepared than not… did you have a sink perchance? I believe, from the size of the cases Mark had, he may have had one!
    Purrs, ERin

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