Herman @TattleCat’s #Blogpaws Diary Day Two

Hi Pals! Thanks so much for reading my Day One diary. I wanted to post something yesterday, but then Mom got her back in trouble and we kinda unraveled from there.

We had a long drive on Monday, so we stayed at a hotel in Augusta. Then on Tuesday it was supposed to be an easy-peasy four hour drive…except we got caught in some awful road construction, and then wackiness ensued when we decided to take the back roads and since we didn’t have a paper map, just GPS, we had to drive way out of range cuz the GPS kept steering us back to the backed up highway. So we struggled to get to Myrtle Beach for most of the day. When we finally arrived it was around 4pm, and Mom and Dad were hot and sweatty.

But not me! Here’s a what we did on Tuesday and also on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, while I slept in, Mom and Dad got together for breakfast with @BionicBasil’s mom, Cathrine, and her mom, Jane, and @ErintheCat1’s dad, Mark. They must have been really hungry cuz they were there all morning. Then Mom went to get her back problem adjusted cuz she was a hurtin’ puppy.

Later Cathrine and Jane came to meet me, and they all went out to a place called BrookGreen Gardens for the day. I guess they like to sweat and look at giant statues and trees and stuff.

This is the statue of Pegasus. It took my pawrents a long time to find it, so they stood around looking at it for awhile before leaving.

While they were out looking at trees and statues and stuff, I was back at the hotel working on my tan lines.

Tomorrow is Thursday and that’s when Blogpaws really starts. I will try to take pictures so you can see what’s going on. Until tomorrow!

Have a Wonderpurr Day!


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  • Oh Herman, you are the most well-traveled cat (who actually enjoys it) ever. we so envy you. M would love to get to Blog Paws, but it will never happen cuz her back is a mess too. M says there is nothing like the feel of a good ole fashioned map in your hand as you travel. They are getting harder and harder to find.

  • dood…..thanx for sharin day 224, we R N joyin theeze postz…. sorree ya had ta drivez 900 milez outta de way N ya ended up in ND bee fore ya getted bak ta SC…..N can ya pleez tell Basils mum N gram N ERin’s dad we all R wavin frum de land oh trout !!! N joy de confrunce N lurn lotz ore sleep lotz 🙂 ♥♥

  • You look like you’ve been snoozing happily, Herman. You travel very well. I’m imppurressed! I’m at home going over my instructions with the petsitter, so he understands my needs while Mom is away!

  • I hope your Mom’s back is feeling better. It’s nice that you allow your people out to sight see.

  • Oh Herman we’re sorry it took ya’ll so long to get there. We sure wish we were there with ya’. Your pawrents look like they were havin’ a pawsum time. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  • Wow, that was some set of statues, mark was really sad to have missed seeing these. Me though I like the idea of catching some rays and chillin’ in the air con, I mean a star has to look just right for the audience and the big days ahead!
    Purrs, ERin

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