Herman’s Vacation in the Mountains


My Vacation in the Mountains

by Herman TattleCat


The mountains were big.

The bears were dangerous.

I slept a lot.

The End


There is something about fresh mountain air that makes me sleepy. Well. I’m a cat, so I do sleep up to 18 hours a day no matter where I am… But, mountain air has that special sumthin’ that pulls every ounce of energy out of me.

For this vacation Mom had a special surprise for me: my furend, @ThatStripeyCat’s mom, Janeson Keeley, joined us! Our mom’s have been pals for a long time, and Ms. Janeson even built my website!

We moved into a huge cabin with lots of windows and a gorgeous mountain view. The sun puddles those windows made will have me purring with good memories for a long time.

You know how hoomons are. They like to run around a lot. So while Ms Janeson and my pawrents were running around… Well. Here’s the week in pictures:


A Mew with a View! The air smelled fresh n clean! We weren’t allowed to leave any food outside cuz bears have really good sniffers and will come visit if they smell chicken n stuff. I made sure to eat all my noms so some bear wouldn’t want to eat them…and me! Dad even removed an apple from the car…just in case.


I unpacked faster than the hoomons, and so I was the first to explore the cabin.


The kitchen had lots of room to scamper and zoom.


But the bedroom was very comfortapurr.

Once everyone got settled, that’s when the running around started.

While my pawrents and Ms. Janeson were busy getting queasy on the twisty windy Roaring Fork Trail where there are slippurry rocks in wet water…


Don’t Mom and Ms. Janeson look like they could be sistas from different mistas?


I was back at the cabin, enjoying a sun puddle or three…



They even had sun puddles on stairs!


While they were at Dollywood, riding the Rampage and getting their butts soaks–literally!


I was enjoying the spa with a mountain view:


While Mom and Miz Janeson were giving Dad a long leash to be silly:



I was being silly too!


I was also busy catching up on my cat naps.


They had the best chair evv-ver! In fact I told Dad to get out so I could sit down…and he did!


But really, the best part of my Smoky Mountain vacation was the wonderpurr ear scritches from Ms. Janeson! She even named the not really real kitty we gave her Hermione after me!


Thank you for coming along on my Smoky Mountain Vacation. If you’d like to read Ms. Janeson’s blog about her Wonderpurr vacation, please click here.

As always, I hope you have a Wonderpurr Day!

Purrs! Herman!!!





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Herman TattleCat


  • Oooooooh Herman, dat looks like sooooooo much fun. And dat cabin? OMC Da kitchen looks as big as our whole ‘pawrtment. we so wanna live there. Bears and all. MOL Big hugs.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

    • The kitchen was big enough to zoom, Dezi and Raena. You two could play smack da ball and get under your mom’s foots while she cooks. Lots of fun. I didn’t smell any bears, darn it! Maybe next time. Purrs! Herman!!!

  • Oh Herman, thanks so much for taking us on your wonderful vacation. What great views you saw and to meet our special friend is so wonderful. You are one lucky kitty, and a good traveler too. Yes, your mom and Janeson look like they could be sisters for sure. Maybe they really are!!!

    • I wish all of my furends could come on vacation with me. We would have such a great time…exploring sun puddles. That’s what my mom said about Aunt Janeson. They are long lost sisters! Purrs! Herman!!!

  • dood!! how total lee kewl iz thiz. yur mountinz vacation iz awesum
    thanx for sharin it. N whoa. glad thoz bass terd salmon steelin barez
    left yur food a lone; they R on R ewe noe what soundz like spit list
    for nabbin R catch last month. yea~~~~~~. ❤️❤️❤️

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