Invitation to a Wonderpurr Carnival

Hi Pals! Summertime is here and that means fun every single day. Whether its a backyard barbie-cue, a cool pool or spending time at the beach, summertime is the time to get outside and smell the fresh air.

Now take a deep breath. Deeper. Deeeepurrr. Can you smell the corn dogs? The popcorn? The candy apples and the fried funnel cakes? Yep! Nothing like grease in the air to make your mouth water.

It’s carnival time, and we would like to invite everyone reading this post to participate in the fun.

If you would please send a clear, full body photo of yourself, we will see to it you get to enjoy our Wonderpurr carnival. Send your photos to Wonderpurr.Life @ no later than Sunday night, July 9th. Note the dot in between Wonderpurr and Life.

Sorry, this carnival is for animals only.

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