It’s Wonderpurr to be a #Blogpaws Finalist

Herman: Dori! What the Friskies are you doing?

Dori: I’m pwacticing to accept my reward for Bestest Pet Hoomor Blog at the Blogpaws Nose-to-Nose awards banquet in May. Yoo like my dwess?

Herman:You look like a baby Cruella DeVille. And it’s award, not reward. The entire Wonderpurr Gang is among the finalists.

Dori: But I’m the bweak out star. Everybody says so.

Herman: You don’t know anybody. You’re an indoor cat and hide under the sofa when the doorbell rings.

Dori: I have more costume changes. Owl bee bach. *zooms off*

Herman: While Dori is gone, I’d like to thank everyone who nominated for a Nose-to-Nose award, and I’d like to thank Blogpaws for choosing us as a Finalist for the Best Pet Humor Blog. It’s a true honor as is only a year and a half old. We didn’t start Sherlock Herms Purranormal Mysteries until May 22, 2016 which is not only Sherlock Holmes Day, but also the birthdate of Sir Arthur Conan Doyal.

It’s been a Wonderpurr experience connecting with our readers. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been bamboozied over how to solve a mystery and the comments helped steer the story.

Here’s a Fun Fact: I write the mysteries off the top of my head the week the story get published, which makes for some real drama when Reality rears it’s ugly head and bites me in the floofy tail. So reader interaction is very appreciated.

Dori: *enters twirling* Yoo like my dwess?

Herman: Yes. It’s very you.

Dori: I’m known for my pweferance for pink, but purrhaps I’m in a rut. Stay put. Owl bee bach. *zooms off*

Herman: As I was saying, Readers mean a lot to me. More than they realize. Me and my mom are authors. We wrote a few books. It’s in our blood to entertain–even for free, although my financial wiz Dad can’t wrap his brain around that idea.

Dori: *enters twirling* What do yoo think of this dwess?

Herman: It’s nice, but you do look pretty in pink.

Dori: Owl bee–

Herman: Wait! I’ve noticed you are practicing acceptance speeches. Does that mean you are planning to go to Blogpaws?

Dori: GO to Blogpaws? Explain pleeze.

Herman: The Blogpaws conference is being held at the Sheraton Myrtle Beach Convention Center hotel in May.

Dori: Is that down the stweet from our house?

Herman: No. It’s…*checks app on pawPhone* 728 miles away.

Dori: Is that far?

Herman: Well…it’s eleven hours in the car.

Dori: Eleven!

Herman: Except Mom stops a lot for purrsonal litter box breaks. So more like fourteen hours.

Dori: In the car! I can’t even go eight minutes when Mom drags  me to the Vet.

Herman: I drove to Nashville. And I flew to Las Vegas…in a plane.

Dori: A plane! I need to sit down.

Herman: Blogpaws is a lot of fun. I met a lot of nice hoomons like Miz Chloe and Miz Robbi. And I’m pals with Kate Benjamin. She let me play on the huge cat tree in her Cat Lounge.

Herman: And then I got to walk the Red Carpet:

Herman: I also got my puss on the big screen:

Dori: Oh Hwermie, what am I gonna do? I am afwaid of cars. I don’t like stwangers. I might get so scared, I’d widdle on my award banquet dwess.

Herman: Don’t worry, honey. You can stay home. I’ll attend the conference for you.

Dori: Weally? Thank yoo, Hwermie. Yoo are the bestest big brofur I ever had.

Herman: And thank you, everyone, for your friendship and support. Whether we win or lose, it is an honor to be a part of such a Wonderpurr community.


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  • Oh my, Dori,I have to agree with Herman, that pink dress is beautiful and what every Princess should have! I do declare that Herman is the best for offering to go and support not just you, but the entire WAD team, he is quite a guy, the hard boiled detective with a heart of gold. Purrs, ERin

    PS Meryl Streep, who’s she?

    • Hi Erin *wavy paws!* I appweciate yoor suppawt on my dwess choice. Let’s plan a day when we can go shopping and pick out my accessories. Even if I don’t plan to actually travel ELEVEN to FOURTEEN hours in a CAR…I still want to look my best. And I agwee. My Hwermie definitely gotz a heart of gold! Um…Meryl Stweep is some lady who acts in mewvees. I’m told she looks just like me!

  • my stars dori while your brother is out and about you can stop by my place and we can shop online 25/8/366 or however long it takes him and your mom to get there and back home again safely of course and we can look up accessories and dresses and put large amounts of cash on the plastic and while I’m not sure how far your house is from mine I do know it’s not 728 miles so hugs from dai$y queen of the run on sentence and we all say congratulations to you and herms and your whole family and your dad and mom and maybe even that girl in dots and oh dont forget charlie but not ghost guy ♥♥♥ =^..*=

  • Hi Dori, Hermie and Kimberley. Congratulations on your nomination!
    Dori, lots of times actresses or Divas don’t actually attend the award show and they are presented with the award virtually via satellite link up. You could do satellite linkup on moms phone and people could see you in your pink dress – see we solved it for you 😀 Hope you get the award! Love from Callie, Barney and Debbie’

    • I kinda fweaked out my pawrents who had no idea I would walk on a leash, much less strut my stuff on the red carpet in front of everyone, including dogs. I like to keep my hoomons guessing. Ya know what I mean?

  • Oh, I think you have a wonderfurl chance of winning! You so witty all of you! You are good at bringing out the smiles in everypawdy! Herman, I hope you have a grand time at the confurr-ence & strut your stuff! Paw high five!

    • Hi Valentine. Well, thank you for your confidence, but I haz some really great competition. I’m just happy to be a Finalist!!! I’m taking Mosey, my Gen7Pets stroller so I plan to zoom instead of strut this year. High paws!

  • Congratulations to all of you! Dori, you are one of a kind and you tug at our hearts with that sweet look and your love of Smittens! I went to the conference last year … at first when I saw the pictures, I was disappointed because I didn’t find you last year, Hermie … then I saw you went the two previous years. I hope to go this year 🙂

    • Hi Momma Kat and Bear! *wavy paws!* Hwermie and my pawrents had rezervations for last year’s Blogpaws but then Hwermie got sick and they had to cancel. Very disappointed. I’m sowry to disappoint mew, but I don’t think Blogpaws is in my purrsonal future. I kinda fweak out in cars. I hope you go this year. Hwermie and Mom would love to meet yoo. Purrrs!

  • We are late cstching up. We apologise, because we are so very proud of you and your Mum.

    WELL DONE. Stand tall and wave that tale. YOU MADE THE FINAL!!!!!

    Mum is so proud she is close to tears as we write. Well done you.

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