Kringle Chapter 7 Part 3

With Christmas fast approaching, I thought why not ease you all into the spirit of the holiday with ten chapters from my novel, KRINGLE. Yes! Ten free chapters for you to enjoy running Monday through Thursday until November 16th. Hope you enjoy!

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The moment he hit the workshop floor the party disappeared. Instead, the table was filled with doll parts. “How’zit goin’?” he asked, as though he felt sane.

“The dolls were tampered with,” Holly told him. “Lucy’s putty nose is attached to Marilyn’s face.” She used a Jane doll with Obama biceps to gesture to Brannoc peeling Marilyn’s dress from Johnny Depp. “The Carrie body has Harry Potter’s head. Jennifer has Lennon’s glasses.” Lucy, Kris noted, looked like a pirate.

Brannoc nodded for Holly to release his hair. It fell in a feral cloak around his shoulders, snagging the glue-covered Depp doll, along with her bazillion shirt buttons. While she worked them free, Brannoc said, “Last night, the bins were in order. What happened?”

“Sabotage,” someone hissed. They all appeared upset, but Kris and Joost knew looks could be deceiving. When Brannoc touched Holly’s hand to unravel her hair himself, Kris decided he didn’t like the fairy touching his daughter much less manhandling his wife.

“He has the look of love.” Joost gestured to Brannoc gazing at Holly. They watched as he threw her on the table and covered her with passion. With the red fog swirling around them, the elves sorted doll parts. “The fairy humps Mrs. Claus all the time,” Joost explained. “No biggie.”

“Santa?” Kris dragged his attention to Paavo, second in command. “We need another Celebrity Doll. A male. We have too many females.”

“Do you see this?” Kris pointed to Holly and Brannoc, but they were back on their feet.

“You okay?” Paavo asked. “You’re kinda green.”

Kris examined the rash on his hands. Penny-lemon tongue. Red fog. Weird monkey. Was it real or, like his reindeer, had he been poisoned?

“I’m thinking,” said Paavo, “William Shatner dressed as Captain Kirk.”

“Not Kirk. Done before. How about a three identities doll?”

Paavo’s brows knit. “I don’t understand. A three-eyed… What?”

“Three identities. Captain Kirk, T.J. Hooker and Denny Crane Denny Crane.”

“I’m not following. You want William Shatner with three eyes?”

Brannoc clapped for attention. “We’ll resume production in one hour.”

“I’ll have Nerissa bring cappuccinos.” Holly pulled Kris aside. “Let’s meet for lunch. We have issues to discuss.” She wiped his mouth. “What were you eating? Your tongue is green. What’s this weird rash on your neck?”

“Figgy pudding. Sugarless OTT. Nasty stuff.”

“You’re mumbling.” She felt his brow. Kris watched Joost fade. “You’re cold. Do you have a fever?” She caressed his cheek. Joost vanished.

Kris grabbed her hand. What was he thinking? Holly loved him. She would never cheat. He pulled her into his arms. “I love you.”

“You’re hoarse. Drink hot tea with honey.” She broke away to answer her elFone. Kris saw Joost among the doll parts, drumming a super-aggressive, distorted gabba pattern.

“Nerissa’s cat swallowed tinsel.” Holly disconnected, her eyes filled with worry. “She’s rushing him to the vet. Damn that tinsel! We need to outlaw it.” She glanced at her watch, then at the elves. “I’ll go for the coffee.”

Through red fog Kris watched Holly kiss Brannoc with mad passion. It was then his brain began to buzz with dark, un-Santa-like thoughts.

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Holly Kringle has a very full plate. She is Highest Mayor of Polartown and President of Kringle Enterprises–the company that puts the ‘Merry’ in Christmas and the ‘Happy’ in Holidays. She is also the mother of teenagers and wife to Kris Kringle–the World’s Biggest Kid. When the reindeer are poisoned three days before Eve Launch, Holly adds amateur detective to her resume. With just about everyone in Polartown under suspicion, she doesn’t have time to dwell on employee problems, personal family issues, her 50th birthday, or investigate her husband’s highly suspicious behavior. If Dancer dies, her soulmate Dasher won’t want to live without her. And like a pod of whales beaching on the shore, the remaining Famous Eight will surely follow.

10 KRINGLE chapters will post Monday through Thursday until November 16th. Naturally there is my hope that you will be caught up in the story to want to buy the book, either paperback or ebook, and to make it so much more enticing to you, I’ve dropped the prices. Plus every penny of profit will benefit cats from a local colony. All of my fur babies, except for Herman, came from that colony. While I cannot afford to adopt another cat — when I took in Candy, Elly and Chevy over the past 12 months with Els and Chev being FIV+, that brought the Wonderpurr Gang up to 13 — I would never turn away a hungry animal who wanders into my yard, especially in winter.

Hope that sounds enticing to you Christmas novel readers. And if it does, I have created three ways for you to purchase KRINGLE, if you so desire.

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