Last Day at Wonderpurr Carnival

Hi Pals! Welcome back to the final day at our Wonderpurr Carnival. Dori and I appreciate everyone who participated in the fun.

Who’s here for today’s Carnival?


@Frankencat1 – Belle and her fursibs Elle, Dora, Neil and Slash

@ChazzTheDog1 and his roomie Viggo


@OneInThere – Barley

@NoCryBabyDogs Daffy and her little sisfur Mitzi

@ThatStripeyCat’s sisfur Leia

@HRMeownessWills and his little sisfurs Katie and Abby



@3Phibotticelli Sadie and Angel Phi

@MHMelbourne Greyson and Penny Lane

@ClingyCat – Jazz the Tort and Captain Worm-Sparrow the calico

@RoniTheBrat’s sister Bisi

Me Herman @TattleCat and @Adorapurr and our brother Opie

Let the Fun Begin!

Wheeeee! The Turbo is definitely a before-lunch-noms ride. Here’s Jazz, Barley, Sadie, Sundance, Daffy and me, Herman!!!

Truman and Mitzi try to run down Wills and Dori in the bumper cars. Look there’s Barley and Sadie in the background.

Dori dressed in her watermelon dress to ride with Wills and Chazz, her bestest furends.

The Meowy-Go-Round is the favorite of everyone. Here’s Daffy, Penny Lane, Truman, Barley, Jazz, Captain Worm-Sparrow, Mitzi, Bisi, Basil, Chazz, Viggo and in the back I see Leia and Sundance.

It’s time for Funnel Cakes and Elephant Ears! I see Greyson and Penny Lane, Viggo, Chazz, Dora, Dori, Wills, Abby, Erin, Phi, Elle and Herman.

Let’s see if its a good idea to ride the swirly cars after eating lunch. I see Jazz and Captain Worm-Sparrow, Bisi with Sadie, and Leia and Herman. So far no barfies.

What is it with the swirly rides? Here are swirly cups with lots of pals. Look for Herman with Abby and Penny Lane, Belle with Neil, Dora and Slash, Daffy riding with Mitzi, Leia and Dori, and Erin with Elle and Basil.

What cool fun–sliding down the doggy tongue. Look, there’s Sundance at the top, with Bisi and Viggo bouncing on the doggy’s nose. I see Penny Lane inside the mouth, with Greyson about to join her, and Erin and Basil discussing whether to ride again.

Lunch Break! Lunch Break! Everyone gathers for Burgers, Corn Dogs, Philly Steaks and Sausage noms.

Sadie requested to ride the Dragon with her best pals. I see Jazz and Captain Worm-Sparrow. Phi and Herman and Belle, Sadie with Wills and Dori, Daffy and Mitzi, and Abby and Katie.

Yep–every one who came to my carnival is taking the plunge! Thank you all for joining us. Have a Wonderpurr Summer!

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Herman TattleCat


  • Squeeeeee swaying from the swirly cars. Yum, lunch was divine and the dragon ride! Wheee, Oh Herman, what a joy it was to be at the carnival. Thanks for having us and providing such glee in our lives. We wuv u! Hugs, Sadie and AngelPhi

  • Totally awesome way to start summer. I loved that Elephant ear stand, and the Philly Mouse Steak noms afterwards. Now that dogs mouth slide was one cool ride. And the closest I want to be to a dogs mouth. MOL
    I’m just so glad I remembered to keep my claws in!
    Thank you Herman and Dori, that sure was the best ever outing.

  • This ChazztheDog, s mom he and Viggo had the best time. It was their first catnival. Thank d for inviting them
    The noms were xtra y u mmy. Fanx pals for beein such good furriends summer c spring, fall, or winter. Yay!!!!

  • We had the best time. Thank you for inviting us to Wonderpurr Carnival. Wills, Katie and Abby

  • Oh darn, I missed the deadline to send in a photo to “purr-ti-cipate!” Your carnival looks like so much fun, too! What a splendid idea to invite your furr-iends for some summertime pawtying on the rides and slides! Hugs!

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