Learn to Speak Southern by Adorapurr

Hi everyone! It’s me, Dori. *wavy paws*

Like my purrrty dwess? *twirls*

Today I’d like to teach ya’ll how to speak Southern.

I was borned in Mississippi. That makes me a natural born Southern belle.

Here in the South we say things like:

Fixin’ to – when you are about to do something

Be back directly – Shortly, pretty soon, before long; adequate description of living on Southern time

Sit a spell – come sit down for a little while

Over yonder – over there

Precious – describing something cute…sometimes describing something pathetic

Bless her heart – phrase used by Southern women to excuse themselves for speaking ill of someone else. i.e “She’s so dumb, she could throw herself on the ground and miss… Bless her heart!”

Well, I’ll be – An exclamation of surprise.

ya’ll – A contraction best illustrated in this picture:

Anyway! I thought it might be fun for those of you not borned in the South to transcribe the following:

M R ducks

M R not ducks


C M wangs


M R ducks

Now I will shake my paw at you if you hurry up and peek at my video translation before you make a worthy attempt to transcribe my Lesson on how to Speak Southern.

After you’ve given it an honest attempt…then you may view my video.

Thanks so much for playing along, pals!

Love ya’ll! Dori



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  • Fanks for the lesson Dori Wiz fix’n to eatz now! Tee Hee *paw waves*

    • Miz Karen, I have heard so much about yoo. I’m so excited to meet yoo too. I hope you know Slow Blinky Eyes. Ask Miz Janeson for details.
      Love and Hugs!

  • We furries – not Jan – are all Southern born and could have translated everything except the part in the video. We would never have guessed. Thanks for translating.

  • Bless your heart, Dori, you’re the epitome of the southern belle. Stripey’s papa kitty had a Toyota MR2 that he named “Ducks” – as in MR Ducks, MR Not…. So happy to find out that you’ve heard that, too! Now a question for you: “If a cat had kittens in the oven, you wouldn’t call ’em biscuits, would you?” * slow blinky eyes *

    • Oh Miz Janeson, yoo is so funny! I love that Stripey’s papa had an MR Ducks car. Mama says she’s heard about them oven biscuit kittens too.
      *mesmerized by slow blinky eyes*
      Love yoo, Dori

  • Howdy, my Darling Honeybunches Dori. You are beautiful in your Southern Belle dress. Y’all have the best site, ever!

    • Oh Pwince Honeysmoochies! Yoo are so biased. I think that word means yoo are sooo smart!
      Love and Purrs!
      Yoor Pwincess Honeysmoochies

  • Thank you for the lesson, Dori. Here in the English Westcountry we also say “Over yonder”. We also say “Be back dreckly” and “I’ll do it dreckly” meaning “I’ll do it soon” or “I’ll be back soon.”

    • Hi Angels Eric and Flynn. So nice of yoo to stop by. Mom says she heard about yonder and dreckly too. English language is so confoozing!
      Love and Hugs!

  • Had me in FITS!! Dori you are the cutest and nwithout you there is no way could I understand those folks, they have THE most amazing accents.

    • That’s okay, Miz Marjorie. I live here…and was even borned here…and I still don’t unnerstand them Southern folks.
      Love mew!

  • Hi Dori, seems like my gremlins been confoundin’ my computer things and ye didnae get my message.. dae ye ken? Oh well I didnt either. MOL
    Anyways that gown is a delight, and quite what I expect a Southern Belle should have. I love your lingo, and it definitely had me getting peep to play the vid-e-o-gram thing.
    Thanks for the lesson, but I think it will be easier if I just get the butler to do it for me.

    • Oh no! Should I call Sherlock Hwermie to get rid of yoor gwemlins? Oh wait. He’s on hi-ate-us. Purrsonally I think hi-ate-us sounds scary.

  • Boy, Dori, your southern puzzle challenge sure was a toughie. It stumped me. But it has me wondering if you are a Uni-ver-city of O-R-E-gon Ducks fan?! May I place a kiss on your paw, Madame?

    • Oh! Da Mighty Ducks! Sure, I will root for them duckies! *holds out paw, giggling* Enjoy!
      Love, Dori

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