Sherlock Herms in … Under the Couch
Herman asks “Check Meowt”
#Mold Poisoning… It’s Deadly
Sherlock Herms in… Behind the Bookcase
Free Gift with Every Donation to My JDRF One Walk Page
Sherlock Herms in… Monkey Business
Honored to be Among the 36 Top Cats of Twitter
Ghost Detective Supports JDRF One Walk
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Sometimes You’re the Windshield…

Sherlock Herms in … Under the Couch


Previously on Sherlock Herms…Behind the Bookcase.

“I need to show yoo something.” Dori grabbed her favorite cuddle blanket from the living room couch and wrapped it around her before crawling up the stairs to my office.

The minute I opened the door I sensed something was wrong. My Ride was huddled in the corner, whimpering like a scared puppy. When it saw me it ran over my foot with its anxiousness to be comforted. As I rubbed my foot and petted my Ride’s green mint chip dotted hood, my attention zeroed in on my mom’s bookcase in the corner. The shelves are crammed with books about authoring mysteries, books about detecting stuff, and books about ghosts. Behind it is a secret staircase. In 1945 the stairs led down to a yard with a swimmy pool that no longer existed. Seventy some years into the future, the bookcase hid the stairs to nowhere…except now bright light was flowing out from behind it.

Last week I’d been chatting with Charley when the bright light pushed the bookcase away from the stairs to flood my office. Charley had reacted with surprise and defiance. Someone beyond the light had called to him, but he refused to go. “I—I didn’t expect to be summoned so soon,” he’d told me, looking a little shook up. “I thought I had more time.”  Read More

Herman asks “Check Meowt”

Herman TattleCat, one of the Top 36 Cats on Twitter, asks you to “Check Meowt” – He has an important message for you:




Herman for JDRF one walk

#Mold Poisoning… It’s Deadly

In 2012 I lost my beloved cats, Nicholas and Cookie, to severe mold in the air handlers of my home.

Nicholas farewell

Nicholas could not breathe through his nose, only his mouth. His face had swollen due to the severe amount of pus inside his head. He was euthanized on February 20, 2012.


Cookie on November 6, 2012, on his way to the vet to be euthanized.

This is what Nicholas and Cookie looked like twelve months before mold entered our home and took their lives:

Nick and Cookie

In 2012 we had a duct cleaning company scour our air handlers and ducts, and they released live bacteria that was to eat the mold. It didn’t occur to me to have it rechecked until, in the summer of 2015, when Dori and Peaches both came down with “colds from hell.”  I too was suffering from the effect of mold. Turns out I’m highly allergic to it. In 2012 I was continually foggy-brained, and aching in every joint. I wanted to sleep all the time.

Mold in air duct

Mold in my ceiling air ducts…in fact, mold was in every single duct in the house.

The foggy-brained part is what kept me from recognizing my symptoms again in 2015. It took Dori giving an eerily familiar cough that reminded me of Cookie that had me running the girls to the vet, and calling in the same company as in 2012 to check my air handlers.Mold in air handler

The mold was back, and this time it was Terminator Mold. But instead of cleaning like they did in 2012, this time the crew was a bit more investigative as to WHY we had mold…and they discovered the duct tape around the mains had softened and pulled apart, allowing attic debris into the blowers (I always wondered why I had so damn much dust). They also found the seams were allowing cold air to seep out, creating dampness.

Mold thrives on Darkness, Warmth, Oxygen, and Moisture.

It appears we had won the Mold Lottery.


Mold on the walls of the air handler.


Mold on the insulation wrapping the mains.



Filters are changed every month. We thought they were dirty. We didn’t realize the dirt was mold.


To destroy the mold, the company we called vacuumed every duct . It took hours — all day in fact — and was horrifically noisy. But it had to be done.


Every duct was also cleaned with a bleach solvent.


Then the mains had to be resealed using duct butter that hardened like plastic.


Despite the hot attic temperature, the duct butter will not melt and allow moisture into the ducts.


We have two air handlers. In each a UV light was installed. Mold cannot grow under UV lighted conditions.

Thankfully, this time there is a Happy Ending. Peaches and Dori were saved.

Peaches and Dori

Don’t think mold can’t happen to you. Mold is more rampant than I ever believed possible. Our home was 7 years old when we had mold in 2012. I read that mold is more prevalent in newer homes due to construction rush. Duct tape isn’t good enough to seal your air handlers. Make sure its duct butter, and before you buy, have your home inspected.

The life you save could be your own.


 For more information, start with Mold Blogger.

So…tell me. Have you ever had mold in your home? Have you ever had your home inspected? Please leave a comment below.

Sherlock Herms in… Behind the Bookcase


Previously on Sherlock Herms… Monkey Business!

Dori asked, “Did yoo know about writing children’s books when Mom wrote Finding Mya?”

I thought about it. “No.”

“Did yoo know about family dysfunction and Christmas folklore when she wrote Kringle?”

I swallowed hard. “No!” Feeling a panic attack coming on, I grabbed my floofy tail for something to hold onto. “Does this mean I haven’t been her mews all along?”

Dori placed her paws on either side of my face. “It means all yoo have to be is you in order to inspire her stowies. That’s all a mews does.”

“Well said, my little sweetheart.” Charley sat on the sunroom couch, smiling.

I stared at them both. “But… I have inattentional blindness! And you’re wrong, Charley. It is a disease. It has 99,500 links listed on Google. It’s a full-blown epidemic. I can never be like Sherlock Holmes if I have a disease!”

Charley sighed. “Herman, only Holmes can be Holmes.”

Dori tugged on my arm. “Yoo don’t need to be another Shewlock Holmes. Yoor Shewlock Hewms. Not the same. Diffewent.”

“I’m not saying you cannot be a most excellent detective,” Charley continued, but I’d tuned him out. Dori too. Clearly the ability to pay attention to one thing at a time applies to listening as well.

With the hum of Charley’s and Dori’s voices shifted to background noise…like the dishwasher running… I turned back to the window to focus on the bird sitting on the birdbath. Then I shifted my attention to Candy’s reflection in the glass.

I saw Candy stretch her legs as she sighed in her sleep.

I saw Dori exchanging opinions with Charley as to why I should give up my dream of being like Sherlock Holmes.

Something caught my attention. Charley looked solid to me. Not ghost-like, as though he was still alive.

I also saw something in the window’s reflection that made the fur on my neck stand up! Read More

Free Gift with Every Donation to My JDRF One Walk Page

I’m Herman @TattleCat – voted one of the Top 36 Cats on Twitter! – and I have an impawtent message for mew:

Herman for JDRF one walk

Thank you… and please…Have a Wonderpurr Day!







Sherlock Herms in… Monkey Business

Monkey Business

Previously on Sherlock Herms… Rejected!

“Herman,” Charley said. “You live in a world hampered by inattentional blindness. So highly distracted by everything—your ability to focus on any one thing at a time is impossible. To clarify what I mean by inattentional blindness… It’s like scrolling through Bookface and not seeing the advertisements on the side of your page. They’re there. You just had your attention focused on the latest Aaron’s Animals video…”

I smiled with sudden joy. “I wuv Aaron’s Animals videos. Didja see the one called Fast & Furryest where…”

Charley’s gaze drifted over my shoulder. As his squinty eyes widened behind his glasses, I turned to see what had distracted him.

In the corner of my office is a bookcase where my mom keeps her research library. The shelves are crammed with books about authoring mysteries, books about detecting stuff, and books about ghosts. During my last case when I met Charley (read my case notes on Mrs. Shallowford’s Ghost by clicking here) I learned there was a secret staircase hidden behind the bookcase. I’d zoomed down that staircase with Dori to escape being seen by the demon known as Loud Lady. Back in 1945 it led into the garden with a swimmy pool and pool house (where Charley died) that no longer existed.

Brilliant light now seeped from behind the bookcase. With wonder I watched as it slowly creaked open to reveal the secret staircase. As it opened the brilliant light burst into my office, blinding me with its…um…brilliance.

Charley with bookcase
A sudden icy chill stabbed my shoulder, making me turn to see Charley had reached out to touch me. His attention was on the staircase. He couldn’t take his eyes off it. I, however, flicked a desperate look at my Ride, quivering in the corner. Had I left my sunglasses in the pocket? I thought about fetching them when Charley suddenly moaned, “No! Not yet. I’m not ready to go.”

What the Friskies! Read More

Honored to be Among the 36 Top Cats of Twitter


I got quite a surprise yesterday when Rascal, Kobe and Cecil – aka @3coolkatz – told me I was included among the 36 Top Cats of Twitter as featured on The Cat Site.

I joined the Anipal community on October 28, 2011, and my life has been wonderpurr ever since. So blessed to be furends with so many amazing pals and their kindhearted humans.

At first I was just like every other wide-eyed newbie, keeping to the fringe of the community, slowly getting to know the other pals, going to NipClub, and to pawties.

I clearly recall the day I got my 100th follower. I was so happy, I meowed my joy to all of my furends. I was overcome that one hundred pals would care what I had to say…which at the time wasn’t much.

But over the past five years my small world has been opened to know some truly amazing pals who aren’t as fortunate as I am. Pals who are homeless. Pals who are gravely ill. Pals who are lonely and in great need of a furend. I’ve made it my purrsonal quest to befurend the newbies and introduce them around. I remember well how it felt to have a handful of followers, and how important it was to me to see my followers grow. To this day I hold dear in my heart several dozen pals who were with me from the start.

I sincerely appreciate and value every one of my followers…the ones who invite me to interact with them, if only to have a little silly fun. I don’t have as much time as I used to to play on Twitter. I’m working hard now to raise awarness and funds to support FourPawsLifeline.org – the amazing foundation started last year by my beloved Belle’s pawrents. And I’m striving to entertain mew with my new series, Sherlock Herms Purranormal Detective, that appears here on my blog every Friday.

I’m also participating in JDRF One Walk® to raise money that will help create a better future for the millions of people living with type 1 diabetes (T1D). I’ll be walking…Rolling! on October 1st in Memphis, TN. If you have a spare dollar you’d like to donate to my walk, I’d truly be grateful. My little sisfur @Adorapurr had made a special mewsic video of her hit song Purrrple Underpants to send as a gift to everyone who donates, no matter what the dollar amount.

Thank you again for being my furend all these years. I mean it from the heart when I say, you all make my heart sing with joy each and every day!

Love you! Purrs! Herman!!!

Herman for JDRF one walk

Ghost Detective Supports JDRF One Walk

Fans of Sherlock Herms: Purranormal MysteriesCharley know Charley Feeble. In life he was an almost-famous private detective, but his extreme, pathological form of shyness made him hide behind a fake name: Maxwell Shallowford.

When success demanded Max Shallowford to meet his public in person, Charley hired an out-of-work actor from Nova Scotia to pretend to be Shallowford.

Unfortunately, the actor got involved with the mob and disappeared, and his demon-like wife scared Charley to death.

Being a ghost doesn’t stop Charley from continuing as a private detective. In fact, he’s passing on tips to his success to Herman–aka Sherlock Herms–who desperately wants to be a hardboiled detective with grit in his blood in order to help his author mom write mysteries.

Another way Charley is helping Herman is by donating to Herman’s pledge for JDRF One Walk.

Click on Charley’s picture for more information and to donate. Just one dollar would help so much!

A Gift from Dori!

Dori for JDRF

To thank you for donating, you will receive by email Dori’s mewsic video of her hit song, Purrrple Underpants, as purrformed in Sherlock Herms: Mrs. Shallowford’s Ghost.

Thank you all so very much for donating to JDRF. Even one dollar will go a long way toward creating a better world for people living with type 1 diabetes.

Herman for JDRF one walk

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