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The Scary Boot Chronicles
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The Scary Boot Chronicles

053If you’ve not been among the handful who knew I took three bad falls in January and February of 2015, consider yourself blessed. As Ray works, and my cats frankly don’t give a damn if I’m crippled unless it means meals are delayed…I tend to be alone too much, which gives me time to build up the need to talk about being in Pain! for over a year. So before I begin, thank you to Linda, Kim aka Darrell, Janeson, Karen, Heidi, Barbara, Carolyn, Julie and Janice who have all had to listen to my whining over my foot and back issues far too long.

Last Saturday I put my back out when I bent over. Sounds so dull. Deep Dark Confession: That Monday I had wiggle-walked an old heavy! wooden desk from the garage into my office. I should have waited for Ray to help me, but Ray will talk me out of doing things. Or make me wait. I’m not keen on not getting what I want when I want it—thus, I did the wiggle-walk thing. My old desk looks great in my office now. The glass one that I bought to replace the old wood one freaked me out—something along the lines of Feng Shui energy creating the feeling of being rushed. So not good when the writer is A.D.D.

Anyway! It took a week, but then I bent over and pop! My back went out. I was at my friend Kim’s yard sale when it happened, and I barely made it home before I crashed. I spent the next few days thinking my foot problem had healed because my back pain was enough to override all else. I made it to the chiropractor on Monday, and the adjustment was enough to get me moving again by Friday when my foot surgery was scheduled.

I had been treated for A.D.D. with Adderall for about two years when my doctor took a medical leave—no one blamed me of wearing him out, but still I wondered—and was replaced with a therapist who upped my dosage. When that didn’t work, she added something else…and when that something else kept making me dizzy—and falling—she added something else which gave me an eye twitch. I didn’t have to mention the eye twitch since she plainly saw I was twitching…so she wrote out another prescription.

Kimski's pills

I threw everything into the trash, and walked away from the drug-crazed bitch, and have been feeling much better ever since. I still can’t complete a full thought without zig-zagging into a completely off-topic discussion, but at least I’m not careening down a hill after throwing peanuts to my raccoons. I did that three times, and by the third (and worst) fall, I swear Huck, Becky and Darla looked especially worried for the future of their free eats. Read More

#FourPawsLifeline Interview on The Pet Radio Show

Four Paws LifelineKaren Brothers, founder of FourPaws Lifeline, was a guest on BlogTalkRadio’s  Pet Radio show to speak about her organization’s intent to provide financial assistance to pet owners who are not be able to afford critical and emergency vet care. The interview starts at 14:12.

To learn more about Four Paws Lifeline, please click on their logo to visit their website.

Four Paws Lifeline is a 501(c)3 organization.

My Visit with Sara McClure

Herman on the roadThis past weekend my pawrents chauffeured me to Chattanooga to visit with @DylCat1’s mom, Sara McClure.

You may already know Miz Sara has been going through some pretty traumatic stuff, and though she’s doing really good now, she’s still got a ways to go before she can permanently return home to Dylan and his fursibs . Please keep Sara in your thoughts and prayers. And her mom, Nancy, too, who has been learning how to tweet in order to keep the Anipal community informed of Sara’s progress.

Here are a few photos taken by my personal pawpawrazzi during my visit with Sara.


For now Miz Sara is unable to see me, so I did my best to stay still while she petted me.


Miz Sara has been confused about telling right from left, so me and Mom gave her a bracelet with tiny elephants to wear on her right wrist. Elephants never forget, you know. We also gave her a bottle of La vie est belle body lotion to rub on her wrist so the pretty scent reminds her, along with the elephants, of where ‘Right’ can be found.

Herman with Dylan toys

Many of Miz Sara’s Anipal besties bought her stuffed Dylan kitties to hug on while she’s in the hospital. She misses the real Dylan something fierce, but he isn’t wired to leave his house to visit his mom in the hospital. So these two adorable stuffed Dylan’s have taken his place…for now. Sara really loves her stuff Dylan’s, and sends her love to everyone who bought them for her.

Herman with Aunt Sarah

This is me with Sara’s aunt who is the sister of Nancy, Sara’s mom. It was really nice to smell her. She loves kitties!

Herman on his carrier

While the hoomon’s all chatted, I took a moment to meditate. It was an overnight drive from my house where I live outside Memphis, and I was kinda tired. The hotel where we stayed had scary carpeting, and because I had to pee a lot but didn’t want to walk on the carpet, I would call to Mom to come get me, which meant neither of us got much sleep. My dad, however, slept through the night. *envy ears*

Herman with Sara-3

Here I am telling Miz Sara a joke.

Herman with Sara-2

I forgot da punchline, but she laughed anyway.

Sara wanted to tell you all in person how much she appreciates you keeping her in your thoughts and prayers while she gets better. So, without further delay, here is a video of me and @DylCat1 ‘s mom:

Quiche – It’s What’s for Dinner

As some of you know, I was once a restaurateur in Jacksonville, Florida back in the 80’s. Yes, while the majority of my age group was out enjoying movies like Fast Times at Ridgemont High and going to see Pat Benetar in concert, my husband Ray and I were spending our wild and crazy youth in business. You have to be wild and crazy and young to own a restaurant cuz the hours are horrific. We were up to 90+ hours when we came to our senses and returned to the real world.

The first, called Sasparilla’s, served ice cream and sandwiches. We deliberately spelled it phonetically because Sarsaparilla’s would have giving us nightmares explaining to our customers how to pronounce the name. Our second business, Nanny’s of Windsor, started out as a dessert place, but soon morphed into lunch, and the third restaurant–also named Nanny’s of Windsor–launched as a full-blown eatery from breakfast through dinner.

I still have my recipe book, an old-fashioned photo album where I’d stuck handwritten meal ideas behind the sticky film. One of the popular items we served at Nanny’s of Windsor was quiche. Back then quiche wasn’t mainstream, but as our place targeted the Ladies who Lunched at the nearby country club, a wedge of quiche with a side salad “did it” for most of them, as well as a few guys who owned shops at the Grande Boulevard Mall where we were located.

Before I share with you one of my recipes, I’d first like to take you on a quick trip down Memory Lane with photos of our third–and thank god, final–restaurant, Nanny’s of Windsor:


A week before grand opening Ray and I burned the name Nanny’s of Windsor into the glass door, along with a decorative flower border. I guess maybe we should have asked the mall management about doing that first… oh well! A decorator friend of ours, John Miller, used our restaurant as a showcase for his furniture store, supplying just about everything you see completely free. He even showed us how to do fancy wallpapering.


John took me to a private supply house where we picked up about 300 baskets and loaded them with silk plants, flowers and ribbons to hang from the ceiling, painted black to give the room depth. John also donated the breakfront cabinet and the china inside, and all the oil paintings on the walls.


Nanny’s of Windsor was originally located upstairs in the Mall, but a larger restaurant wanted our space, so the mall managers asked us to move. They transferred us downstairs to the opposite end of the mall…under an elevator! We had a bright yellow canopy lit from the inside and the canopy along with the aroma of our fabulous brand of coffee became like a beacon for hungry shoppers. We were able to place pink-clothed tables outside the shop to line the planters under the elevator. Everyone loved the new Nanny’s.


The view from the main dining area to a more secluded area behind a half-partition.


Photo quality isn’t the best, sorry, but I was too busy cooking to take decent photos. The clock was ours, and the cats on the mantle were gifts from my mom-in-law, who also spent a gracious amount of her time renovating the antique fireplace. We purchased it from a wrecker, and she spent a couple of weeks on our townhouse balcony in the Florida heat scraping old paint from it and then staining it. Mom — you are the best!

Check out counter

Ray managed the front service with the help of the fabulous Jennifer Fields, a high school phenom whom we leaned on pretty heavily, while I ran the kitchen, sometimes accompanied by Jen’s sister, Lynda. To the left of Ray is the single remaining ice cream cabinet from our Sasparilla’s days. To the right of Ray you see a tiny window leading into the kitchen. This was my lair.

No, I didn’t crawl through the tiny window to enter my lair…but there were times when Ray and Jennifer would quickly throw order receipts through the window and run. I wasn’t a temperamental cook…unless we were slammed and I ran out of quiche and chicken salad inside forty-five minutes of opening. That would put me into a tailspin every time. But it was difficult to gauge the need for certain items on a daily basis. Everything was made fresh, and we didn’t have room for leftovers. We didn’t have a freezer, other than the ice cream chest.


Not only did I cook, but I was also in charge of Atmosphere! See the tiny tape player above my workstation? We usually played classical British music to fit the theme, but during Christmas I played Bing Crosby and Perry Como. We didn’t own many tapes, so if you stayed over an hour, you would probably hear the same song at least twice. Plus the machine shut off with a huge SNAP! I cringe now, but its a good memory.

Okay, thank you for tripping along with me through the ghosts from my past. Now, as promised, here is a quiche recipe I think you will enjoy:


You will need the following:

  1. 1 pie shell – unbaked
  2. Gouda cheese – a small wedge
  3. Tyson frozen grilled chicken
  4. 1/2 a package of frozen spinach, thawed
  5. 1/2 onion, chopped
  6. 1/4 red bell pepper, chopped
  7. Minced garlic to taste
  8. Pat of butter
  9. 4 eggs, beaten within an inch of their lives!

Heat oven at 400 degrees.

  1. Cook onion, bell pepper and garlic in butter.
  2. Microwave spinach and pat dry
  3. Microwave chicken and chop into pieces.
  4. Add to onion mixture and heat through.
  5. Slice the Gouda, and placed several pieces on the bottom of the raw crust.
  6. Add the meat and veggie mixture to the crust.
  7. Arrange additional slices of Gouda over the mixture.
  8. Pour the beaten eggs over the mixture.

Place on a baking sheet, and bake for 30 minutes, or until done. Slide a knife into the center and if it comes out clean, it’s done.

I hope you enjoy. Please feel free to leave a comment.



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