#Weruva Pumpkin Cat Food is Wonderpurr
Herman’s Halloween Costume
#GroomGenie Made Me Like Brushing
Tribute to Nerissa the Cat
I Knew It Was Going to Happen, but I Did It Anyway
Product Review: #Rocco&Roxie Stain & Odor Eliminator
Frank tests #Kong Active Cat Play Mat
Svetlana Petrova and Zarathustra the Cat present #FatCatArt
Herman Gets Help from #NaturVet to Keep Up with Dori
A Beautifully Written Tribute: Purr Prints of the Heart

#Weruva Pumpkin Cat Food is Wonderpurr


Weruva Pumpkin for Cats

Hi! It’s me, Herman!!! When I went to Blogpaws in Las Vegas in 2014, I was on too many medicines and they pretty much stopped me from feeling good in my tummy.

In fact, I missed the first day of the conference because my pawrents had to rush me to PetsMart’s vet clinic for an enema. So embarrassing!

My mom mentioned to the Weruva people who had a booth that I wasn’t feeling well, and they gave her packages of their pumpkin canned food for me to try. I can be a fussy eater sometimes, especially when I’m not feeling well. But I shocked my mom by not only eating the Weruva with pumpkin, but I actually licked the plate and wanted more.

So when Weruva recently asked if I wanted to review their pumpkin selections,  with flavors like Meow Luau (with mackerel and pumpkin), Steak Frites (with beef and pumpkin in gravy), Funky Chunky (chicken soup with pumpkin), and On The Cat Wok (with chicken and beef in pumpkin soup), I couldn’t wait for my order to arrive:

Dori had heard about how great pumpkin is, and she was anxious to try it too:

Dori: My turn to do review!

My mom misunderstood that pumpkin is typically used for cats with constipation issues. But it’s not!

Pumpkin has a very high fiber content, so yes, it gets our gastrointestinal ( just learned big word on my Word for the Day calendar) system moving, but it can also firm stuff up if we are feeling a bit…runny.

Herman: It will also sweep out the hairballs…

Dori: I don’t have hairball issues.

Herman: You would if you took time to groom yourself… And I’m told, pumpkin is great for weight loss, as it helps us to feel full. When I told my mom about the weight loss aspect of eating pumpkin, she started eyeing my Weruva order for herself, but I told her, ‘No! It’s mine!’

Yes, Weruva canned food with pumpkin is human grade, but it’s made for cats. And at my house, 8 out of 10 members of the Wonderpurr Gang loved the yummy choices.


Dori: Sorry Weruva, you can’t win them all. Must be a black cat thing…

Herman: Anyway, the way we tucked into our pumpkin noms convinced Mom to stock up on Weruva with pumpkin puree for cats.

So, for those of you who have the attention span of a squirrel on too much caffeine, here is a recap as to why you should feed your cats Weruva with pumpkin:

Weruva pumpkin puree for cats


Dori: Well, that was fun! Another great review for a great product. I’m hungry! I’m gonna go ask Mom to open that can of Funky Chunky for me.

Herman: Hey! That ‘s mine!

Dori: No, Mom said you can’t have that one because you lick up the funky and leave the chunky.

Herman: *sigh* Well, can I have the one called Funk in the Trunk, if I promised to nom both the funk and the trunk? Dori? Dori! Come back with my pumpkin noms! Moooommmmm!


Disclaimer: We have received the reviewed product free-of-charge. Our claims and/or opinions regarding this product are not in any way influenced by the provider of the product, Chewy.com nor the product manufacturer.

#GroomGenie Made Me Like Brushing

Recently I was asked to review the Groom Genie, a palm-size, paw-shaped bristle brush designed to detangle knots in our fur, as well as sweep away dirt and loose hair.

And now my sisfur, Adorapurr, will demonstrate a use for the Groom Genie other than brushing our fur. Dori, take it away!

Darn! I was just getting into the mewsic too!

Anyway… the Groom Genie is big hit with the Wonderpurr Gang. There wasn’t one of us who didn’t have a good case of elevator butt, or roll over for a tummy grooming.

You see, using the Groom Genie is just like our mom is petting us with a zillion fingernails. Those tiny bristles in the Groom Genie slip past our fur right down to our skin where it sweeps away dirt and loose hairs while giving us what feels like a calming massage.

In fact, after I was groomed, I took a nice long nap. It made me comfortapurr instead of stressed like brushing with slickers and other types of pet brushes have done in the past.

So we are now fans of the Groom Genie at my house. Yay!

To get your own Groom Genie, click here for more details.

Chauncie for Groom Genie

Chauncie for Groom Genie

Disclaimer: We have received the reviewed product free-of-charge. Our claims and/or opinions regarding this product are not in any way influenced by the provider of the product, nor the product manufacturer.

Tribute to Nerissa the Cat

Nerissa and polyanthus

Nerissa and Polyanthus

Today is Nerissa the Cat’s five month Angelversary. Seems like only yesterday when we were hanging out, with Niss going on about politics and the Canadian gov’mint, and expounding on his admiration for Anderson Cooper.

Niss loved adventures, and was always asking me to go on them with Savannah and Dash, but I was too caught up in helping my mom write books, and never got the chance. I always thought we had time. Turns out my best friend was out of time, at least here on earth.

One of the first things I remember about Niss, way back in 2011 when we first started hanging out, was his love of his garden. He often shared photos of his garden with me, and he even sent me giant homemade mouses stuffed with home-grown nip from his garden. I still have them mouses and…MOUSES! The nip continues to work its magic on me and my fur sibs.

Niss back when we first met in 2011.

Niss back when we first met in 2011.

Niss coined the phrase, ‘MOUSES’ and had hopes that by getting all of his friends to use it, someday it would be added to the dictionary. So in honor of Niss, let’s all step it up  by exclaiming MOUSES! Read More

I Knew It Was Going to Happen, but I Did It Anyway

Some call me brave, while others call me an idiot behind my back when I mention I usually take more than one cat at a time to the vet. Typically two, sometimes three. That way I don’t get charged for two separate office visits. Every dime helps when it comes to providing medical care for eleventy-billion cats like I do.

On Saturday I noticed Jesse’s nose looked puffy, just like this time last year when it ballooned overnight to the size of Karl Malden’s (or Adrien Brody’s if you’re under thirty and never saw The Streets of San Francisco, or remember the television commercials for American Express Travelers Checks in the 1970s and 1980s when he told us, “Don’t leave home without them.”)

By Monday Jesse’s nose had doubled in size with both cracking and bleeding. Clearly there is something nasty in our local air that is hurting my cat, so I have my calendar marked for next year to get him a Depomedrol injection before allergens wreak havoc on his poor snooter.

Jesse aka Karl Malden

Jesse does his impersonation of Karl Malden

After I made Jesse an appointment, I checked my cat records to see who else I could take in for ‘something’ and realized Frank was overdue for his annual vaccinations.

Frank! Oh ffffudge.

It couldn’t be sweet, shy little Dori or cool as a kitty cucumber Peaches. No. It had to be Frank. Read More

Product Review: #Rocco&Roxie Stain & Odor Eliminator

Dori, purrfessional pet product reviewer.

Dori, purrfessional pet product reviewer.

Hi, it’s me, Dori, the purrrfessional pet product reviewer for the Wonderpurr Gang. Today I’m going to review Rocco & Roxie Stain & Odor Eliminator.

At our house we have … *counts on claws* four girl cats and six boy cats. That bears repeating. SIX boy cats. That means there are odors galore! Especially when one of them boy cats gets a burr under his tail and whizzes on something to show his displeasure. *Sigh!* You never catch us girl cats doing such disgusting nasties.

So, it goes without saying we’ve tried a lot of odor eliminating products. Some of them worked pretty good for awhile, but then suddenly they stopped. Maybe the moon wasn’t in the seventh house, and Jupiter wasn’t aligning with Mars… I don’t know. But because they stopped working, my parents had to keep buying new products with the hope that one of them worked.

Then Chewy.com offered my mom the opportunity to try  Rocco & Roxie Stain & Odor Eliminator. She figured she had nothing to lose, and accepted the product. And wouldn’t you know, the very day it arrived, she had the opportunity to see if it really worked.

May I present Public Enemy Number One: Read More

Frank tests #Kong Active Cat Play Mat

Frank wanted to help us test a pet product, so we gave him the Kong Active Cat Play Mat provided by Chewy.com. Let’s see how well he tested the product:

click photo to hear mewsic

Another satisfied #Kong customer.

Visit Chewy.com for your own Kong Active Cat Play Mat.

Disclaimer: We have received the reviewed product free-of-charge. Our claims and/or opinions regarding this product are not in any way influenced by the provider of the product, nor the product manufacturer.

Svetlana Petrova and Zarathustra the Cat present #FatCatArt


Fat Cat Art: Famous Masterpieces Improved by a Ginger Cat with Attitude by Svetlana Petrova and Zarathustra the Cat.

At first glance, I knew this was my kind of book. Svetlana Petrova combined my love of cats and my appreciation for whimsy in a unique and memorable way.

Her new book, Fat Cat Art, is being called “a marriage of runaway internet sensation and classical art.” It features her twenty-two pound ginger cat, Zarathustra, superimposed into some of the world’s greatest works of art.

Screen-Shot-2014-06-01-at-3.40.03-PMSvetlana Petrova is an artist in St. Petersburg, Russia, who has been drawing and writing poetry from childhood. She learned much from her mother, who was not a professional, but had the soul of an artist. And cats were always a part of Petrova’s life. Always.

In 2008, her mother’s passing left Svetlana with severe depression. But it was her mother’s cat, Zarathustra, who saved her. And with a friend’s encouragement, Svetlana began creating art featuring Zarathustra as a part of world-renown paintings.

I’ve had a difficult time picking out a few favorites to share with you, as I love just about every photo in the book. Zarathustra’s chunky body and expressive face gives life to the works of art in ways I’m certain the artists never ever imagined. For instance…

The Kitchen Maid and the Cat

The Kitchen Maid and the Cat

Whistler's Mother and the Cat

Whistler’s Mother and the Cat



Cats are true Angels.

Cats are true Angels.

This book would make a fabulous gift to the cat lovers in your life. Want more? I know you do. So please visit Petrova’s amazing website to enjoy her massive body of work, and her shop to purchase your very own Fat Cat Art.

208 glossy pages
ISBN 978-0-399-17478-0
$16.95 USA
VISIT THE FAT CAT ART SHOP for prints and more!





Disclaimer: We have received the reviewed product free-of-charge. Our claims and/or opinions regarding this product are not in any way influenced by the provider of the product, nor the product manufacturer.

Herman Gets Help from #NaturVet to Keep Up with Dori

Nature Vet Senior Vitamins - 1

HERMAN: I just got a box from Chewy.com. Inside I found a bag of NaturVet Senior Vitamins PLUS Glucosamine. Purrrs! I really need this stuff.

DORI: What’s Glu–  Glu– cozy mine?

HERMAN: I have no idea. But it’s supposed to help my joints feel better.

DORI: *soft paw* I’m sad for your joints… What’s joints?

HERMAN: *sigh!* My knees. My hips. My elbows… They ache.  Glucosamine is like … um. It’s like special medicine to make my joints move without being cranky. Cranky joints are no fun.

DORI: I wouldn’t like cranky joints either. So, open the bag. Let’s see how they taste.

HERMAN: These are SENIOR vitamins. You’re only 3. You won’t be a senior for another 8 years.

Cry Dori

DORI: I will be a senior in only 8 years? Life is so short!

HERMAN: Yes, it truly is. And that’s why I’m thankful for NaturVet making vitamins to keep Seniors like me feeling my best for as long as I can.

Nature Vet - 2

NaturVet Senior Vitamins PLUS Glucosamine has a 2-IN-1 Support of Essential Daily Vitamins and Minerals, coupled with 50 mg of Glucosamine HCL for Joint Support.

They’re tasty soft chews, easy to digest. 2 chews are suggested per day.

NaturVet makes vitamins for both cats and dogs in all kinds of ways, so you can be sure you get your necessary nutrients just the way you like them.

Nature Vet 4
Disclaimer: We have received the reviewed product free-of-charge. Our claims and/or opinions regarding this product are not in any way influenced by the provider of the product, nor the product manufacturer.

A Beautifully Written Tribute: Purr Prints of the Heart

Purr-Prints-of-the-HeartPurr Prints of the Heart is a poignant story about love, life and death…and life after death as told through the viewpoint of Mr. Jazz, but from the heart of Deborah Barnes, award-winning author and blogger of The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey.

This beautifully written tribute to Jazz, an ordinary yet extraordinary Ragdoll, was written with hope that by sharing his story, Ms. Barnes would finally come to greater terms with his death. What happened instead was, she opened the door for others to view the loss of their precious fur kids with a comfortable realism in knowing life goes on, even for our pets after they travel Over the Rainbow Bridge.

I never met Mr. Jazz, yet his story left an indelible paw print on my heart, just as Deborah Barnes hoped it would. I plan to give his book as a gift. It’s definitely a keeper.

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