Pole Dancing + Spiked Water Bowl Kind of Pawty

The Wonderpurr Gang wanted to shake our tails this weekend, so I donated two huge quarters to send our pawrents out of the house for a few hours. While they were gone, we rocked the house! Check meowt!

The Garage Band…Jesse and Nikolas with Opie on rhythmn and Frank on drums…played a full set of Stray Cat tunes. Stray Cat Strut always brings down the house.

Since joining our gang last year, Candy has gotten quite the reputation as a Party Girl.

See what I mean?

I don’t know what was in that water bowl, but I did a face plant on the couch and don’t remember much more after that.

I felt all fuzzy in the head.

And I had the weirdest dream that I organized a protest over the Twitter Update failure.

I seem to recall Dori looked kinda weird too.

Pretty soon we all got the munchies and threw a Fancy Feast Fest in the kitchen.

By the time our pawrents got home, we were fast asleep, looking like little angels.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our Weekend. Tell me how you spent yours in the Comments below. Until next time…

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