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I mentioned on Twitter that I was tired of chiseling Herman’s cement-like pee from his litter box and was looking for something that wouldn’t stick to the bottom. I’ve been using Tidy Cat clumping litter because it’s 99.9% dust free. Plus the Glade scent isn’t obnoxious.

Anyway, I purchased Arm & Hammer SLIDE cat litter. It was on sale! Now I know why. This stuff is dangerous. My first impression was that it looked like it would damage Herman’s sight if he got it in his eyes. It’s a gray, baby-fine powder comparable to silt. I used it sparingly in his box and yes, it slid right out. However I saw Dori using the box and she came out coughing violently. She must have coughed for five minutes straight. Clearly she’d inhaled it.

So this morning the Arm & Hammer SLIDE slid into the trash, and I bought Arm & Hammer Naturals on the recommendation of a guy in the cat food asile at Target. He was buying two bags. Said it didn’t stick to the bottom of the litter boxes. But … gads! It’s got a powerful scent.

Here’s a tip, Arm & Hammer. Go easy on the purrrr-fume. If I’m gagging on the scent, my cats will likely pass out.


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  • I stopped using this 3 or so months ago. I didn’t like the silt (good word) feature either. It just smelled off. Perfume is not a good thing in cat litter. Some cats have a reaction to the ingredients that give it the smell. and can cause health issues.

    • Hi Momma Karen! It’s a mystery for Sherlock Herms to solve as to why companies want to junk up the litter with scent. Just have the stuff absorb our pee. If hoomons don’t like the smell of pee and… um… other stuff… then have them light a candle. In Frank’s case… a big candle.

  • How frustrating! Bear likes to pee in the rounded corners of the box – which are nearly impossible to scoop without them breaking up. I used the original A & H clumping for YEARS – but I was never satisfied with the clumping. On a whim (and a sale), I tried another brand – much better clumping – but it tracks EVERYWHERE. I don’t like strong perfumes either – most give me a headache!

    • I’m like Bear. I aim for the corners. Actually I use a covered box cuz… I aim up the wall. Tidy Cat is good, aside from Mom needs a chisel to get my pee out of the corners. Prefer the unscented.

  • Oh my word that sounds as bad as it smelled! I don’t think we have that brand in the UK, thank goodness and I don’t use litter myself. But when they did in the palace it was always clay, and there was no issues.
    Toodle pip and purrs

  • I agree. We usually buy unscented but had read reviews that said it had a very light scent. It’s overwhelming. Pop says the lavender smells like bug spray. Pwwww.

    • Ugh. We don’t do lavender in our house. Mom sez it puts us all to sleep. Unscented is the best.

  • We will not use anything with a scent. And we find Tidy Cats and Arm & Hammer too dusty despite the claim of being 99% dust free. Though we do like the idea of this litter sliding out easily.

    • Hey Island Cats… Mom sez the Tidy Cats with Glade has much less dust than the other Tidy Cats. We have wood floors. Fun Fact: I like to skate through the dust if it isn’t mopped up every day.

  • Oh my! Mom was thinking about trying that Slide litter out with me. I’m glad she didn’t now that I read your thoughts on it! I have seasonal allergies and asthma so Mom doesn’t want anything that will ’cause more dust & flair ups. I have been using “Arm & Hammer with Baking Soda – Fragrance Free” for years and it produces some dust. For the last several months Mom has been gradually incorporating it with “Weruva Cat Litter.” The Weruva doesn’t produce dust. You might want to try the Weruva, too. Mew Mew!

    • Thanks, Valentine. The dust. The purrrfume. In the Old Days us kitties used to pee in the yard. Plants grew. No one heard of pets having asthma. Sure do miss the Old Days…even though I wasn’t borned yet.

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