Sherlock Herms in The Trojan Horse Mystery

Previously on Sherlock Herms Purranormal Mysteries…Org Chart Angst.

As Dori hurled herself at Gidget with claws flailing and teeth chomping, everyone scattered to avoid being caught in the cat fight. We have a No Fighting rule in our house. Wrassling is allowed, but without claws and blood.

“Hisssst!” Peaches ran to break up the fight. “Mom’s coming. Quick! Everyone back to your seats.”

As they flung themselves at their pillows, I scampered back to the podium where I pretended to be winding up my lecture on ghost hunting. “And so…I’d like to end by saying…ghost hunting can be fun and exciting, but it’s also hard detective work.” I turned and pretended to be surprised to see our mom standing in the door with a tray of refreshments. “Look! It’s our Beck and Fetch Grrrl.”

She laughed. “That sums up my position in this house purrrfectly. Everything okay? I thought I heard howling and yowling up here.”

“We were having a lively discussion on…on… Hey! That smells good. Whatcha got on that tray, Mom?”

Wearing angelic expressions on their pusses, my W.A.D. employees formed a single file to retrieve their treats from the tray. Then as Mom closed the door behind her, my investigators stretched out on their pillows to eat and nap for the duration of the afternoon.

I dragged the cushion from the chair in the sunny turret and joined them. “I think we had a rousingly successful first meeting. What do you think?”

They all nodded sleepily, clearly not in the mood for further discussion.

Then Candy said, “We didn’t appoint a secretary. Did anybody write down all those job titles?”


And now…The Trojan Horse Mystery

It was Dad who fed us breakfast. Highly unusual. Typically he’s in charge of cleaning the litter boxes in the morning, but today he also divvied up the kibble and placed the bowls in the wrong spots. I like to eat by myself on the cushy rug in front of the sink, but instead the bowls were lined up like a barnyard feeding trough in front of the kitchen fireplace.

Not realizing there had been an unexpected change of command, I was the last to arrive and almost didn’t get to eat because Jack on the end had wolfed his food like a starving…um, wolf, and then moved on to eat from Opie’s bowl next to him. Opie then moved on to eat from Peaches’ bowl, who was forced to eat from Dori’s bowl, who was forced to eat from Frank’s bowl…etc. etc. I arrived just as Jack finished Opie’s bowl and was heading for mine. I slapped my bowl aside and glared at him before turning my back to eat in semi-peace.

“Where’s Mom?” I asked Dori after I finished and was washing up.

“In her room. Dad says she’s sick.”

I stopped washing my paws. My heart thudded with panic. My mom isn’t a drama mama. She caters to my needs no matter what kind of storm pounds at our door. “What kind of sick?”

She shrugged. “Rabies, maybe?”

I zoomed up the kitchen stairs to my pawrent’s room where I saw Mom lying in bed. My heart pounded so hard, I felt faint. What if she was dying? Who would feed me? Who would brush me? Who would…tweet for me? “Dori says you have rabies.”

She spoke without opening her eyes. “I think I have a virus. I feel puny.”

“What does puny feel like?”

“I have chills, a sore throat, and I’m achy all over.”

What if Mom was dying? Who would tweet for me? Click To Tweet

“Where did you find a virus?”

“No idea. It’s a mystery.”

My ears perked up. “A mystery? Can I solve it for you? My phone hasn’t rung since we’ve been here. I need a job.”

She sighed. “Then sleuth away.”

I excused myself to scamper back to my office where I grabbed a notebook and a purrple crayon. Then I headed back to my client. She didn’t move when I perched on her chest, but she made a soft moany sound.

“I need to interrogate you,” I told her. “What time did you first notice you were feeling puny?”

She swallowed hard. “Last night around nine-thirty.”

“What were the symptoms?”

“I felt tired. And queasy.”

I wrote in my notebook. “Where were you prior to feeling puny?”

She reached for her water bottle and drank before answering. “I went to a book signing and then out to dinner.”

“Did you go alone?”

“No. I went with friends.”

“We’ve been here only a couple days. When did you have time to make friends?”

“You sound like your father. I’m a writer. I’m a blogger. I tweet. I have friends everywhere. It so happened three of them live in the area. They arranged for me to do a book signing to introduce me to the town, and then took me out to dinner.”

“Are these writer friends?”

“Yes.” She drank more water.

“Have they published books?”


“How many?”

She coughed to the side, and drank more water. “I don’t know. Why?”

“Try to think, Mom. This could be important.”

She closed her eyes. For a moment I thought maybe she’d fallen asleep. Then she said, “Jennifer two books. Mark two books. Laura three books.”

I wrote in my notebook. “Are they nice writers?”

“Very nice.”

“Appearances can be deceiving.”

She opened her eyes. “What is your point?”

“What kind of books do they write?”



“What a-ha?”

“Please answer the questions, Mom. I’m the hardboiled detective with grit in my blood. Where did you go for the book signing?”

“The library.”

“What time did you arrive?”


“Were you the first to arrive?”

“No. They were already there.”

“Waiting for you.”

“I suppose.”

Please answer the questions, Mom. I'm the hardboiled detective with grit in my blood. Click To Tweet

“Did they greet you when you walked in, or were they huddled together, talking in whispurrs?”

The corner’s of Mom’s mouth quirked. “Are you suggesting one of them poisoned me?”

I hugged my notebook. “It’s possible. You’re new in town. You’re competition! Maybe they want to do you in before you usurp their local fame.”

She smiled. “Usurp?”

“Santa Paws brung me a Word of the Day calendar.”

“My friends didn’t poison me.” She put a hand over her brow. “I’ve got a fever. This is definitely a virus. But how did I catch a virus?”

“Did you eat at some back alley greasy spoon? Maybe it’s food poisoning.”

“I’ve had food poisoning three times and this isn’t it. It’s a virus. But where did I pick up a virus?”

“From germs?”

“Yeah. People don’t wash their hands. It’s disgusting. I scrub down my grocery cart and everything I buy from the store before putting the items in the cupboards. I use my elbow to open doors. I kick the commode levers on public toilets to flush. I never go anywhere without hand gel sanitizer. I’m a walking germaphobe, so I’m conscious of what I touch. I can’t imagine where I picked up this bug.”

I scanned my notes. “You book signed at the library. Did you sign in the entry hall, or someplace else?”

She grabbed her water bottle. “They set me up in a room with a small stage.”

“What else was there?”

She thought about it as she drank. “They had a giant book on the floor. And a giant pink eraser. And a rack of hand puppets.” She frowned.

I gasped. “You were in the—”

“Kid’s library!” we said in unison.

She groaned. “I should have known. The library’s a Trojan horse for kiddie crud.”

I patted her arm. “I’ll ask Dad to bring you chicken soup and aspurrin.”

“And hot tea. And…a hot water bottle. I’m cold.”

“I’m glad I was able to solve your mystery for you.” I held out my paws.

“Treats are in the kitchen, Herms. Ask your dad.”

“No, Mom. Not treats. Huge quarters. I solved your case.”

She looked at me through feverish eyes. “You want me to pay you for figuring out I got slimed by kiddie library crud?”

I lowered my paws. “I solved your case.”

“Yes, you did. Thank you. But I’m not paying you huge quarters.”

“Why not?”

“Because you get free room and board with three meals a day, seven days a week. Plus free medical and a generous 401K. You owe me.”

I nodded as I stuffed my paws into my pockets. “You’re right. I’m sorry, Mom. I wasn’t thinking clearly. It’s just that my phone hasn’t rung since we moved here, and I’m feeling like a washed-up has-been.”

“Herms, your phone hasn’t rung because it’s not hooked up. You aren’t washed-up. Don’t worry. You’ll get a case soon. But in the meantime…” She pulled the covers around her. “Do you suppose I could hire you to be my hot water bottle? I’m freezing!”

I scampered under the covers and wrapped my paws and floofy tail around her. “No charge, Mom. I’m here for you. Always will be.”

“Hey, Herms!”

I peeked over Mom to see Frank at the door, looking glum as usual. “I’m busy. Whatcha need?”

“Sorry to bother you, but… I need you to adjust the color of my box on the org chart. It looks more pink than salmon.”

I ducked back under the covers. I may not be a washed-up has-been detective, but I was definitely doomed.

“And where’s the fweakin tartar sauce, Herms? You agreed to add tartar sauce to my box on the org chart.”

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  • OMC Herms dude, your poor mom, how dreadful fur her. But we did laugh and laugh about – I scrub down my grocery cart and everything I buy from the store before putting the items in the cupboards. I use my elbow to open doors. I kick the commode levers on public toilets to flush. I never go anywhere without hand gel sanitizer. I’m a walking germaphobe – are mew sure your mom and our P.A. aren’t related, because dude they sound like twins!!! MOL MOL

    Did mew get your phone connected yet, as we can just feel that your services are needed in that town? It looks like a hotbed of purranormal activity is about to erupt dude, actually don’t connect the phone!!! MOL MOL

    Can’t wait till next week, and in the meantime we hope your mom is fully recovered.

    Bestest purrs

    Basil & Co xox

    • Hey dood! Gosh…what if our mom’s are twins. Would that mean we are cuzzins? *high paws* Living with a germaphobe is ruff…but living with two is super annoying. Both my pawrents are kinda over the top about germs and stuff. Dad never goes anywhere without a can of Lysol. But then, they rarely get the sickies.

      I feel that hotbed of purranormal activity is about the erupt. I need to get my phone hooked up before I’m caught with my floofy pants down.

      Thanks for stopping by, Basil. Purrrs! Herms

  • Here’s to your mom getting better soon, very soon! I thinks you did an awesome job on the detecting, and all those questions were just what a Hard Boiled Detective with grit in their blood would ask, which of course you are and did! Great Job! Hmm, I wouldn’t count them kids out of the frame, so to speak, they might not actually be kids but small peeps possessed by evil forces to right the wrongs in some of those other writers books! Here’s to your next week being salmon and tartar sauce problem free!
    Purrs, Erin

  • frank…dood !!!! we R total lee with ya on de tartar sauze on salmon buddy…glad thiz iz gettin fixed and pron toe !!!!


    we iz bee yond sorree to lurn yur mom haz rabeez…..her treet mint iz
    gonna sux werse than …well, werst than see in that head comin down
    de starez at de ole place……

    her prob a blee told ya itz kiz crud coz …ya noe momz never wanna say “bad stuff” in front oh de familee… sew they make up $#!(

    heerz de low down…..herz gonna hafta haz shotz… 58 oh em and in

    well, now we iz freekin R selves out; thinkin bout it


    heerz two a slender snipe eel kinda week oh end ! ♥♥♥☺☺☺ and mewsical bowlz ♫♫♪♪

    • Oh no! I growl at the thought of getting just one rabies shot…not 58. You guyz have got to be rong rong rong! Yeah, momz never say bad stuff in front of us fur kids…except when she trips over Dori lying in the dark hall. Then our ears turn bright pink. So pink they burn like on fire. Have a wonderpurr weekend you guyz. Loves ya! Herman!!!

  • Aw Herman, I’m super sorry to hear your mum is feelin’ puny but still.. I still think you should get paid your quarters for solvin’ the case. AT LEAST ONE. You could give her the family discount. PURRS.

    • Hi Momma and Bear. Mom sez she’s feeling better cuz spring is in the air. *sniffs hard* I smell pot roast. I’m excited about Season Two of my purranormal mysteries. It’s gonna be a little different from last year. Stay tuned.

  • Thank heavens you solved the case and your mom can now get on with getting well. Give her lots of snuggles and keep her warm. Loved your mystery, and we’re looking forward to the next one.

    • Hiya Mario! I’m very proud to have solved the Trojan Horse mystery. Troothfully getting a case in my new home is kinda hard. We’re still unpacking. I can’t find my purrple crayons!

  • Oh Herms, we’re so sorry your mommy caught a virus. We hear those things are just pawful. Fankfully our mommy rarely gets those kinda of things. She usually gets somethin’ called mew-meownia. A nice little antibiotic clears her right up. She’s got other purroblems right now, but we’re on da job, so no worries. We hope ya’ get your fone connexted soon. We’re sure peeps in your mew place will be linin’ up to take advantage of your services in no time. Big hugs and purrayers fur all. And a few extra fur your mommy.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

    • Oh no! Mew-meownia sounds awful. I hope she no get that stuff ever again. My mom is feeling much better, especially when I mentioned I was taking her to the beach this weekend. She perked right up. I hope I get my phone hooked up too. I’m worried cuz now I have staff to pay and my piggy bank is looking pretty starvy. Loves ya, Herms

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