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Previously on Sherlock Herms…Behind the Bookcase.

“I need to show yoo something.” Dori grabbed her favorite cuddle blanket from the living room couch and wrapped it around her before crawling up the stairs to my office.

The minute I opened the door I sensed something was wrong. My Ride was huddled in the corner, whimpering like a scared puppy. When it saw me it ran over my foot with its anxiousness to be comforted. As I rubbed my foot and petted my Ride’s green mint chip dotted hood, my attention zeroed in on my mom’s bookcase in the corner. The shelves are crammed with books about authoring mysteries, books about detecting stuff, and books about ghosts. Behind it is a secret staircase. In 1945 the stairs led down to a yard with a swimmy pool that no longer existed. Seventy some years into the future, the bookcase hid the stairs to nowhere…except now bright light was flowing out from behind it.

Last week I’d been chatting with Charley when the bright light pushed the bookcase away from the stairs to flood my office. Charley had reacted with surprise and defiance. Someone beyond the light had called to him, but he refused to go. “I—I didn’t expect to be summoned so soon,” he’d told me, looking a little shook up. “I thought I had more time.” 

I expected to see Charley sitting on my office couch since the bright light was back, but my attic office felt suffocating and hot instead of bone-chilly cold. Ghosts turn a room to sub-zero temperatures when they’re around.

“He’s not here,” Dori told the light. It abruptly vanished, returning the room to shadows.

“I didn’t know you could talk to it,” I said. “We need to tell it to go away. Leave Charley alone. Thanks for telling me. Has the light been coming around a lot?”

“I don’t know. That’s not what I want to show yoo.” With ears back, she crept to the bookcase and knelt before the third shelf that contained books on the paranormal. With her cuddle blanket wrapped securely around her, she pawed a book entitled Evil Paranormal Stuff from the shelf. “Look!”

I moved to join her with my Ride following on my heels until it realized where I was going. Then it hauled wheels back into the corner where it cowered with fear. What the Friskies?

I squatted to peer into the bookcase. All I saw was pitch black. “I don’t see nuffin’.”


Then I saw something I don’t think I’ll ever forget!


Be sure to come back next Friday for a Special Treat!

We will present a cat-toon featuring me and Dori, followed by a bedtime story. You don’t have to read it at bedtime. You can read it at the brekkie table, or even while on the litter box.

Mom’s creative batteries are running low…

…So I’m taking her on a vacation to the lake where she can sleep and read and create…and wait on me mouth and paw.

A Cat-toon and Not Really A Bedtime Story will be featured every Friday until Octopurr 7th when Sherlock Herms Purranormal Mysteries will begin with a fresh new adventure called Heaven Can Wait.

Until next Friday…Have a Wonderpurr Week.

Purrs! Herman!!!

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  • Oooh I can’t wait, but I just have to. This was a wonderful episode, and finding someone else under the sofa is just too scary… mind you they did say excuse me! Hope your mom has a great break and comes back fully refreshed. purrs ERin (Princess Royal)

    • Hi Princess! I have no idea what (or who) that was under the couch…but yes, it did say Ex-cuse me, so maybe its not all that bad. Mom’s batteries are just about dead. I plan to shed all over her on the way to the lake, just to remind her that while she’s resting…she’s still my staff. See you when we return! Purrs! Herman!!!

  • Friday with Herman and Dori is the very best part of our week! It not only gets us out of bed but smiles come easier the rest of the day!

    • Barley – your mom makes us smile at my house. Give her a wet nose head bonk from us. Thank mew! Purrs!

  • aaaaaaaiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    guyz we dunno whoz under de sofa steelin treetz N knot sayin
    scuze me but we hope itz knot sum thin sooper scaree…..we hope
    yur mom haza grate vacationz, a safe journee; N best fishez on yur
    walk guys…..see ewe soon~~~~~~~~♥️♥️♥️

    • Um…Trout Tabbies… Can you maybe stop by my house and check under my couch to see if the scary eyes are still there? I don’t care if it’s polite or not. It’s scary! Purrs! Herman!!!

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