Sherlock Herms Reviews Case Notes from The Dancing Ghosts – Part 5

Hi Pals! It’s been an exciting week, getting ready for Santa Paws to slide down the chimbly on Christmas Eve and bring me stuff. This will be Candy’s first Christmas, and already Dori is filling her in on what to expect.

Speaking of what to expect… I hope you are enjoying the Case Notes from my first case, The Dancing Ghosts. In this episode, Dori got starvy cuz our client, Roland Blunden, refused to feed us and Dori forgot to bring her bag of Smittens. There was nothing edible in Blunden’s kitchen. What else could I do but approach Broom Lady who lived across the street to see if she would sell me some food?

Being a hardboiled detective with grit in my blood is hard work. I learned a lot from investigating my first case. Mostly I learned to make sure Dori never again left her Smittens behind.

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