Sherlock Herms – What Lies Beyond The Doggy Door?

Previously on Sherlock Herms in Down the Rabbit Hole

I asked the pretty ghost who didn’t realize she was dead, “Would you be interested in traveling to Urbana, Ohio to see the route Abraham Lincoln’s funeral train took in 1865?”

Dottie’s blue eyes sparkled. “My goodness! That sounds like fun. How many days should I pack for?”

“No need for luggage. We’ll be gone just the one day.” My plan was to transport Dottie into the past to witness Abraham Lincoln’s actual funeral.

“But how are you going to explain it to her?” my tabby brother Jack asked later when I mentioned my plans to help Dottie realize she was no longer breathing.

“See, that’s the idea. I don’t explain it. I let her figure it out for herself. How is it possible for her to be in the past when she was born 108 years after the dood died?”

“What if she freaks out?” Opie wondered.

“I wouldn’t want a ghost freaking out on me,” Jack added, and Opie asked, “Why can’t you just tell her she’s dead?”

“Because that would upset her,” Candy explained. “How will you get Dottie there?” she then asked me.

“I’m thinking we will use Mosey.” My Gen7Pets Regal stroller rolled to my side, trembling with excitement. Mosey hadn’t been used for an investigation since we time-traveled to the 1940’s to investigate Mrs. Shallowford’s Ghost.

Dori and Candy exchanged glances. “That would fweak her out,” they said in unison.

With my purranormal investigators doubting my plan, I consulted my Guardian Angel, Charley Feeble, who agreed that using Mosey might upset Dottie. That’s when Opie and Jack –  my W.I.D.G.E.T. Wizards (Wild Ideas, Doohickey Gizmos and Experimental Thingamabobs) – went into action by mounting the Catipilla climbing frame to the mysterious stairs that lead to the rooftop terrace with the treads positioned at alternate angles.

When I told them Dottie could take the stairs to the roof, Jack said, “Not the roof. We found an Energy Gate. A Trans Portal.” He pointed up the spiraling stairs. “See that window? Not the outside window. The inside window. Looks like a doggy door.”

Just then I heard a low growl accompanied by a startled shriek. I scampered into my office in time to see Dottie leap onto my desk while my pet stroller snarled and tried to bite her ankles.

“Mosey!” I yowled. “Down! Heel!” Mosey looked like he wanted to ignore me, but then his hood sagged with shame, and he rolled to my side, whimpering. As I stroked his hood, I said to Dottie, “I’m sorry. He’s upset that he can’t go on our trip. He didn’t hurt you, did he?”

Her eyes wide with confusion, she carefully stepped down from my desk. “No. He just startled me. Is he… Alive?”

I mulled over a few answers before I said, “Dottie, I’m a purranormal detective. I investigate supernatural stuff.”

That’s when Dori pawed aside the drape over the hidden door. “Like ghosts! Are yoo weady to go?”

Dottie leaped onto my desk while my snarling pet stroller tried to bite her ankles. Click To Tweet

I saw hesitation in Dottie’s eyes. Before she could change her mind I said, “You sure look pretty today.” She wore a perky hat with her favorite pink polka dotted dress. “This is going to be fun, Dottie. I just want you to know you’re the first hoomon I’ve ever invited to go on a special trip.”

“It’s a honor,” Dori added, instinctively assessing the situation. My little sister then scampered to the top of the first Catipilla. “Follow me, Dottie. This is so much fun!”

Dottie put her foot on the first tread, then grasped the tread above them. “Is this a prank?” she asked me. “Did my sister, Patty, put you up to this?” But before I could answer she said, “No. Patty doesn’t play pranks.” She climbed a few treads with me close behind. “Maybe this is a dream,” I heard her murmur. “What did I eat for dinner? Was I watching Doctor Who before I went to bed? Why can I not remember?”

“Don’t be scared, Dottie,” Dori called down to her. “We’re gonna have fun!”

Dottie nodded, and resumed climbing. Once she reached the top, she hesitated only a second before she swung herself onto the window sill with Dori. Her gasp echoed down the spiraling stairs into my ears.

“Is there something wrong?” I asked.

“No!” Dottie cried happily. “It’s… It’s beautiful!”


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  • We hopes the stress of your busy schedule relaxes a lot for you, I have a peep who is up to the neck with it and it is not nice. Hope to see you soon. Purrs, ERin

    • Erin, I sympathize. When our peeps get stressed out they think all about themselves and not all about us…like they’re supposed to. Tell your peep to chill out. It’s all good.

  • Herms dude, we love your catipilla climber it’s pawesome, almost as pawesome as this adventure! Poor Dottie not realising she’s actually a ghost, we can’t wait to see what happens when she finds out!!!

    Have a great weekend and we hope my clone doesn’t cause mew any trouble! MOL

    Bestest purrs

    Basil & Co xox

    • Basil, so far your clone has been quiet in his box. But we have plans to wake him up later. Dori the PawPawrazzi will have her camera ready to capture the moment.

  • We is standing on our tippy claws just waiting fur the nex epy-sode! Hurry up Furriday!

  • Oh, me & Mom love a good mystery & you make the bestest detective ever! I wonder if my stroller can come alive like Mosey. He hasn’t been around too long, so I don’t know all of his capabilities yet. You go to so many fascinating places in your stories! Hugs!

    • Hi Valentine. I have a team of W.I.D.G.E.T. Wizards who turned my Gen7Pets Regal stroller into a time machine. Let me send Opie and Jack over to do the same for your Ride. Tell Jack to come back after he’s finished. You can keep Opie.

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